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Serving all Upstate South Carolina areas including Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Anderson, Belton, Greenwood, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Easley.
Also serving Western North Carolina areas including Asheville, Hendersonville, Tryon, Saluda, and Rutherfordton. See our model on Wade Hampton at 6101 Wade Hampton Blvd Taylors SC 29617.Model is open by appointment. FREE shipping US and Canada for paper garage plans or buy instant PDF download garage plans for quick local printing. With many years of design development and time tested garage plans you will find a wide range of styles and sizes available in this collection. We offer many original garage plans categories including Colonial, Craftsman, Economy, Heavy Duty, in one story, two story,one, two, three and four car. Since garage plans are now plentiful you can think about needs and potential features  available for anticipated needs. Q: Hello I would like to see the material list for garage plan 1307, also will 84 lumber bundle this design. Q: Dear Jay,  In the case of your non-symetric designs, like 2104-rv1 52' x 48', are you able to print them as mirror image? Q: I am interested in these plans, but want to raise the height of the garage door clearance to 10' and increase the height of the garage interior clearance to 12'. Q: Hi Jay, I am considering building this garage plan and would like to get some material estimates from local suppliers.
Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction. Lots of the garage designs are based on customer suggestions as to what they are looking for in their own garage plans. Garage Plans by Behm Design are available only from Behm Design, on the internet since 1997. Garage plans with apartment combinations and storage or attic garage designs are available as well. For example, a one story basic garage can be built with a steeper roof using attic trusses.
In the past, original drawings were semi-transparent linen or vellum materials on which they drew with ink or lead pencils. If using stemwall foundation they would place it to locallly required depth which may take more concrete than I have allowed, assuming a depth of 18" below grade.

However, I do print mirror image plans as extras for reference in building at no extra cost. However, I can include brick foundation and veneer details if you order the plans, at no extra charge. Behm Design has been providing garage building plans to customers all over the US, parts of Canada and some other countries.
You can narrow your selection by browsing through categories of style, configuration and styles. Browse through our many garage plans categories and huge selection to find design solution matching your wants and needs. You can contact your local jurisdiction (which may be county or city) to get zoning information about your specific property. That adds a small amount of cost since you'll be building that roof anyway, but it could add significant storage space.
Many or our garage plans feature a write-in dimension space so you can indicate an alternate dimension to build. The early technology for reproducing those drawings was to place it over a treated kind of photographic paper and pass it through a certain light source (exposure) and then through an ammonia gas environment (developer). Although being in the middle of FL the prescriptive 100 mph may suffice.You will probably need to have custom garage plans made for that size.
You can call a local concrete contractor for a rough estimate of concrete work for the garage. Also, if buying the PDF, you can have mirror image prints made.Also, if building in Seattle area or region, the building dept.
Because all of my plans are fully sheathed it it easy to substitute the brick per those details. My garage plans use prescriptive compliance with the IRC using standard parameters for snow, wind and earthquake which means that plans can be used in most places in the US. If local snow loads are greater then you would probably need to have a MI engineer resize the rafters and certify. I was at the house the other day and it happened to be one of those perfect coastal New England summer days.
Our garage plans are IRC (International Residential Code) building code compliant and guaranteed usable for building permit in most locations or your money back - usable in most of the US because they are compliant as Conventional Light Frame Construction. You would most likely find legal description and any information which has been filed for record on the property.

Behm Design offers many garage plans with attic space in the roof, as it has become popular feature. The building code changed a bit in recent years making this type of structure less popular unless fully engineered.
The only real change is in the foundation detail - increasing foundation wall thickness to create ledge to support brick above.
It would be best to ask local building inspector or permit agent if they would allow.For either you could simply note on the plans. I don't want to sell plans which require additional engineering unless being built in a place with parameters exceeding the standard, as in areas with earthquake risks.
It is usually allowable to make note of the intent to use brick instead of the specified siding. Materials lists are included to save your time and money and are available free before you buy the garage plans so you can estimate your garage project costs.
Typically, a small scale diagram or plan view of the property is included in the information as well.
That technology was common until recent years when computers were used to produce drawings and the xerographic industry expanded. If you show them what you would like to build they can guide you through the permit process. We also include foundation plans and details which are often left out of ordinary stock garage plans.
At the zoning office (also called "planning") you will be able to find requirements which apply to your specific property, such as building setbacks, lot coverage ratios, height restrictions and any other restrictions applied to that property. With that information you can determine where the garage can be located, accessed and how large of a footprint can be built with new structure.
Additional engineering to check shear walls' capacities and uplift resistance and plan mark-ups would be needed to certify.
We in the industry can now enjoy better and faster production and the customer gets better and lower cost in the products.

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