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You can save money by eating your own lunch, not using your car and not having to splash out on business suits. The enveloped design allows you to take in the ever-changing sights of your garden and the wider environment throughout the working day. The design of the Glass Office lends itself to modular expansion should the need arise, giving you the option to develop a larger structure to meet your changing requirements without losing the stunning visual impact of the original look.
A building like the Glass Office will allow you to feel a part of the natural surroundings, allowing you to complete your tasks without and interruptions. Spacious, secure and comfortably temperate all year round, the Glass Office is the perfect work retreat. Now YOU can have that extra room and the lifestyle benefits it brings without the cost and disruption of moving home, building an extension or converting your loft. If you already work from home, you could free up your current home office space and hand it back to the family, leaving you free to work from home in your own dedicated, purpose – designed space without any domestic distractions. Your Omdeco Garden Office, like all our garden buildings, is finished to the standard of your house, with lighting, power, plastered walls and ceiling, phone point, broadband, house-grade window and door locks, heating and full insulation.
Do you have a creative hobby that requires too much space, creates too much mess or needs you to get out and clear away lots of equipment?
Your Omdeco Garden Studio is a bespoke design to exactly suit your requirements and will allow you to pursue your creative hobby or business in an ideal interruption-free environment.
It gives you the space and peace to let your creativity flow, whether your interest is writing, painting, photography, pottery, making jewellery – the uses are only limited by your imagination. Having a dedicated studio means you are able to walk in, close the door and start – without the need to unpack lots of equipment and without any unwanted distraction.
Perhaps a playroom for the kids, where they can have their friends round, make as much noise as they want, and get all their toys out – while mum and dad have some peace and quiet.
How about a games room – perhaps a pool table, room for the Wii, the X-Box or the Playstation ? If you have musicians in the family, you could have the perfect music room, where they can practice or perform free from distractions or complaints about the noise! And whatever you use it for, you can always put a foldaway bed in it for that unplanned overnight guest. One of our new designs is the Glass Office,providing a secure, quiet, work-orientated benefits with a distinctive contemporary style.
A separate space in a natural environment can increase you work levels and motivation rather than working in your actual home or a communal office.

We don’t have any salesmen, but our director and designer will be happy to show you what’s possible.
Those are still fine solutions but only when you don’t have enough space for a real office.
Developed with three walls of glass and a dramatic tri-fold door system, the Glass Office is a bold design statement that forms the centrepiece of any area it inhabits. Please feel free to contact us for further information on any of the garden buildings shown or arrange a FREE Garden Pod Consultation.Garden Office, HertfordshireThe first ever Vivid Green garden office!
It would be private, without people always passing by distracting you, it would be spacious and you would also get to design it exactly how you want. Located in Harpenden, ita€™s bright and airy in summer, and warm and cosy in winter allowing for year-round productivity. It was designed by Platform 5 Architects in 2012 and it can be found in Westminster, London, UK. If you feel that a garden room on your own property is something that might provide either working space or just a place to relax in, then we urge you to stop in at Vivid Green and discuss your needs, ideas, and budget with our professionals who are experts in designing and building garden rooms all over the UK.Our garden rooms are of the highest quality and are built for year around use with the best windows and insulation available. The Shoffice is a garden pavilion that was added to a 1950’s house and it features a bold contemporary design.
We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your new Vivid Green garden office, lodge or multi-purpose building.
Our triple glazed windows and higher levels of insulation will keep you comfortable year around.If you are undecided about a garden room, consider the additional value that a well-constructed and appealing garden room will add to your property. Also consider the value of additional living space as well as privacy that one of these units can afford you. You will find the environment inside our garden rooms extremely pleasant with large windows and a pyramid skylight providing a bright and open feeling in winter or summer.
You wona€™t have to worry about connectivity either as each of our units comes equipped and fitted out for internet, phone and any amount of electrical appliances you might require.Contemporary Garden Rooms UKWhether you have a garden room design concept in mind or are of the persuasion to research various modern garden rooms, Vivid Green consultants can offer you many options and ideas to consider for your garden room needs.
We have a wide selection of our own designs but are also more than happy to collaborate on a bespoke garden room uniquely suited to you. With our many different shapes and sizes, these buildings can be used for multiple purposes including a garden based office, cabin or studio.One of our more popular designs is our smaller garden studio that is typically situated a distance from the main house, allowing the established or aspiring writing the quiet and solitude required to work uninterrupted. If you are looking for an office away from the office, a bright, open garden office design might be the perfect solution when you need to concentrate on a business issue or just get away from the crowd to think through a particular business problem or opportunity.
We offer a special roofing material called AthyECOSlate on our garden offices that is an unbreakable material made from recycled plastics, creating a cost effective and environmentally friendly building.You may have less serious applications for your garden room and Vivid Green has a wide range of garden playrooms, music studios as well as spare rooms for guests and overnight play pals.

The resulting office is small, with a footprint of 10 square meters and an internal floor area of 8 square meters.
Besides the convenience and added value to your property, these garden cabins can help to ease the clutter and congestion in the main house when office equipment, hobbies such as model trains and musical instruments can be stored and enjoyed in these versatile outposts.Outdoor Garden RoomsVivid Green offers a free initial consultation as our way of demonstrating to you that we have the experience, talent, and focus to provide you with the right garden building at the right cost whether it is a summer garden rooms or wooden garden rooms.
There is no obligation on your part, so there is really no reason to not drop by our offices to learn more about our products and services and how they may fit into your property and facility needs.
Whether you are a commercial business owner or a home owner looking to improve the value and enjoyment of your property, we are committed to finding an affordable and functional garden room that you can use and enjoy for years to come.
It was prefabricated in sections and its interior is equipped with power outlets, data ports, electric heat and natural light and ventilation systems.
You will find that we not only take an aggressive approach to our customera€™s satisfaction, but that we also are very committed to providing environmentally responsible buildings that add to the value of your property as well as the surrounding neighborhood.You wona€™t find any hard sell tactics from Vivid Green as we are a family owned business established in 2006. We believe the secret to our success is providing environmentally responsible structures that elegantly meet the needs of our clientele. As a result of that strategy, you will find us supportive, helpful, and eager to provide our services, but we will never push our product or services on anyone.
This is the Polyhedron and it’s a unique garden office that was designed and built by architect Manuel Villa in collaboration with architect Alberto Gonzalez.
Inside, there’s a built-in banquet, a desk, a small cupboards and lots of additional storage on the shelves.
The OfficePOD was built with high-quality and carefully-chosen materials and it gets its power from a protected connection to the house. But the way everything is neatly organized and the shape of the pile quickly led you to believe that there’s something else hiding there. You would be right to suspect that as this is actually an office.View in galleryView in galleryIf you look closely you will notice a long rectangular line on the top half of the pile. Its exterior design allows it to perfectly blend in and seamlessly integrate into the landscape.{found on site}.

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