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Lifestyle blog about everything from being a Mum to Albert and 'the bump', my recent 6 st 9 lb weight loss, to my love of vintage, baking, ALL cake, crafts, tea, cooking, interior design and fashion. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I'm due to give birth to my first baby in just over 5 weeks time.
Because we are an organised pair, I don't feel too worried about the prospect of the baby coming early as I know we are ready for him. One of the jobs I wanted sorted before our little Mr makes his appearance was some titivating in our garden. We have a lovely brick-built shed in our garden which is hubby's domain - full of all that 'man stuff' they love to keep.
Our shed is a DIY pine arrangement, very easy to assemble with a little practical knowledge. First they were used as somewhere to store tools, and as refuges for generations of fathers; then they became offices.
Multipurpose: Ian Bishop built a shed in his Guildford garden to use both as a music studio, and as somewhere to play pool But we're not talking about spider-infested huts. Ian Stringer playing pool in his garden shed In terms of value, they are generally a good investment, says Tony Gambril. Party people: Anthony Goh holds regular shindigs in his shed, which he uses at other times as a workshop to build bikes 'When I first bought the house it already had a small, grotty, ordinary shed,' he says.
My husband and I are very organised, and have pretty much all the baby-related stuff organised and ready for our little bundle.

With this lush weather we've been having hubby and I have been spending loads more time in our lovely garden, and the more time I spend out there the more ideas I have about how we can improve it.
For a while now I've been wondering how to decorate the outside of the shed so it becomes a feature of the garden. Those extra rooms at the bottom of our gardens are being utilised in increasingly innovative ways: as spas, cinema rooms, gyms, gaming rooms and even discos. Both beautiful and functional, they come equipped with electricity and heating, and are furnished with sofas and armchairs. Office sheds have become reasonably commonplace, but more recently we've seen people using them for lifestyle purposes, such as playrooms and gaming rooms. We have a property on the market with a very upmarket shed used as a playroom, and I'd say that has added between A?15,000 and A?20,000, so it creates a small profit and helps sell the property quicker.'Ian Bishop and his partner Michelle live in a three-bedroom cottage just outside Guildford with their daughters Louise, 20, and Imogen, 13. The credit crunch has ruled out relocation for many of us, so instead we are adding space to our homes and the easiest, cheapest and most fun way to increase square footage is to install a shed.
Prices start at A?600 for a standard pine shed from B&Q and can go up to A?20,000 for a top-of-the-range, glass-fronted room with electricity. The shed has been used over the years as a bedroom, office and workshop, but the best use for it is as a disco shed. Ian says: 'After first weighing up the options of moving home, we decided to make the most of the space we already had.
I intended it as a workshop, as I like making things, like fancy-dress clothes, jewellery and bikes, but it is a great place to have parties and I still use it as a workshop by day.'When we first moved in, we had a few parties in the house, but the neighbours complained about the noise.

It's brilliant for a dinner party as when the party is over, you can shut the doors, leave it as a mess and deal with it the next day. It's five by five and a half metres and was designed and built specifically for our requirements. Whenever there are more than five people in a room I embarrassingly get my disco lights out.
It is made from Scandinavian pine, fully insulated and double-glazed throughout with power, lighting and heating, which means it is warm and cosy enough to use all year round.'Another bonus is that sheds don't usually need planning permission, as councils classify them as temporary structures. I can fit 20 people into my shed easily, though our parties are large and generally spill out into the garden.'Every few months we have a party where as many as 100 people turn up. We started using the shed as a disco shed almost as soon as it was built.'We decided to have an opening party, and it looked like a barn so we had a barn party.
I like the fact that you have to walk down the garden to get to itA  -A  it makes it feel detached from the house. Michelle and Imogen are both keen musicians, so it works as a great music studio and for me it makes a quiet space to watch sport or play pool.'So some sheds, while high-spec, still also function as a retreat for dads. A shed has much more personality than just a room in a house and feels just that little bit more special.' 'We dine out here'Phil Woods, 42, and his wife Zoe, 36, have a shed at the bottom of the garden of their three-bedroom house in Hampton Court, which they use for entertaining.

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