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Two lanes of the Garden State are still shuttered near Exit 135 in Clark, the scene of the accident.  The accident has been cleared, but traffic is still backed up till Exit 147.
I saw the traffic on the way home- luckily we avoided it though since we took 78 instead of 1 to get to the GSP after we heard this on the radio.
We were also wondering what kind of car he was driving- the way the top sheared off was crazy. State police have identified the body found in Raritan River Saturday as missing High Bridge man. WOODBRIDGE – State police say the body discovered floating in the Raritan River Saturday has been identified as Michael Beadle, the High Bridge man suspected of jumping from the Driscoll Bridge in April.

Beadle was reported missing on April 7, after a van registered to him was spotted that afternoon sitting on the shoulder of the bridge with its hazard lights turned on.
State police arriving at the scene that day found the vehicle empty with its engine running.
Investigators later initiated a search of the waters surrounding the Driscoll Bridge, but Beadle's body was not recovered until Saturday after civilian boaters reported seeing his remains floating near the base of the Driscoll Bridge.
That was at 7:15 though and the southbound lanes were still at a standstill all the way up to 280 in the Oranges. No foul play is suspected, said New Jersey State Police spokesman Sergeant Jeff Flynn Monday.

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