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Second, you can consider several materials for the construction, such as concrete blocks, wood, poured concrete, or brick.
Retaining Wall Blocks Design Ideas for Safety and BeautyRetaining wall is the outer wall which has a function as a barrier as well as retaining the land, so the condition of the land remained stable, and protected from erosion. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Retaining wall blocks is widely used in land that has a different contour or which do not have the same level of elevation. Whether you want to create playground area, veggie beds, flower beds, or barbeque spots, this wall will help you a lot. Not to mention that it allows drainage as well as holding the soil back.Before you have such wall, remember that not all retaining wall ideas can work well for all kinds of landscape. You need to consider drainage, construction, and also strength of the material as well as the structure and condition of your surrounding and soil.

First of all, the wall should be durable and strong, especially if you are going to hold off the soil on sloped position. Adding the wood retaining wall will give you a significant help in reinforcing particular areas. That’s why you need to come with proper foundation from concrete that won’t easily sink or collapse. Like I have written above, having this wood retaining wall can support your hills, garden bed as well as hills. You also need to include drainage pipes so water can escape from the soil and it will relieve the pressure against the wall.
Different from the concrete or block type, this wood retaining wall gives you 3 different wood types to be chosen.
These 3 different types of wood are: timber type, standard wood type and the railroad ties.

The finished came from softer wood such as pine, fir as well as cedar while the raw one came from the natural hardwood which will stay stronger against the elements. These ties are considered as very strong materials which are able to deal with heavy weight. It is great material but you will need to treat it more carefully so that it will be stronger against the elements.

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