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If you dream of owning a new home but worry about the cost, check out these catalogs of building plans for affordable houses. Any home can be a low-cost-home-building project if you compare the finished price of a contractor built home to an owner built home. 8 hours agoHow to Find Low Cost Individual Health Insurance – Save Money On to leave home just to find these great deals of insurance plans. Build a solar pool heater a kids electric go kart an electric supercharger, garden sheds, clocks and much more. The plans contain floor plans, elevations and cross sections required for building a house.

You have to familiarize with the state and local ordinances to make sure the home plans you are using suit your local area building codes. Luckily, it is easy today to have low cost home plans because several building plan publications both in print and online, stock plan services, drafting services, consumer home building software and design-build companies are available to help you keep the cost down.To build a house, having low cost home plans only is not enough. Also, you may need to work with an architect or engineer to modify the plans you have found to meet the local codes of your area. The easiest way to find some kinds of home plans is to check out some plan publications and stock plan services. If you are visiting special plan publications, they are may be dedicated to one style of home such as colonial or a ranch, or to country houses, vacation houses or even narrow-lot houses.

Then cost might up to $3,000 with a full set of building plans including the foundation plan and specifications. If you visit stock plan services, they usually provide catalogs with a full package of ready-made architectural drawings including the material list, floor plan, foundation plan, elevations and detailed specifications for electrical, plumbing and heating.
The package starts at a cost about $1,000, but you can also get slight modifications for the plan to work with your lot.So, it is easy to get low cost home plans because there are many sources of home plans you can visit to find your desired floor plan.

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