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HOMEWOOD HOMESTEAD—Six new houses constructed by Building United of Southwestern Pennsylvania now grace a former vacant lot on Finance Street in Homewood.
The homes are all three-bedroom, 2 ?-bathroom units with front, side and rear yards and detached garages. The project involved additions and alterations to a number of school buildings, including additional car parking, classrooms, drama block, sports hall and library. The Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy (PFF TA) seeks approximately 50 PhD students from cross Johns Hopkins who wish to acquire instructional skills for academic careers that will involve teaching. The program is a supplementary activity that should not detract from doctoral students' research obligations. During the last phase of the PFF Teaching Academy, students work with faculty instructional mentors who will help them to undertake their first teaching assignment. Offer consultation and guidance for a teaching assignment: help your mentee develop teaching goals and implement them in a Hopkins course. Offer an apprenticeship in a course you are teaching: invite a mentee to serve as co-teacher of one of your courses.
In either option, a "live" teaching opportunity should be a part of the student's experience with a minimum of 6 hours teaching a credit course. While there are no funds to support this volunteer faculty mentoring opportunity, formal letters of acknowledgement and appreciation will be sent to the department Chair, division Dean, Provost, and President in addition to formal recognition of the faculty mentors' contributions and the PhD students' work at the annual PFF Teaching Academy recognition event. AM: I teach several interdisciplinary courses within the Global Environmental Change and Sustainability (GECS) program that reflect the diverse range of my own academic background and areas of specialization.
CER: What are your strategies or approaches for engaging or connecting with the students in your course?
In order to encourage and facilitate a continuation of class discussions outside of class, I've also created Facebook group pages for each course. AM: For homework assignments, we start the semester by focusing on foundational readings critical to each course's learning objectives. Throughout the course I also ask students to provide feedback in order to ensure that the course continues to evolve and improve in a positive trajectory. At times, I blend my teaching and coaching roles to foster what the Ancient Greeks referred to as "a healthy mind in a healthy body." All of my classes have participated in at least one weekend outing during the course of the semester, normally a hike. Several weeks ago the Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Teaching and Learning presented a half-day symposium, Peer to Peer: Engaging Students in Learning and Assessment.

Of particular note, critic, writer, and teacher Howard Rheingold delivered the presentation, From Pedagogy to Peeragogy: Social Media as Scaffold for Co-learning.
Now in its thirteenth year, the Technology Fellows Program was created to assist Johns Hopkins faculty in the development of digital course resources. If you use Blackboard-generated tests and assignments, you already know that columns for these assessments are created automatically in the grade center.
Column Statistics This option will display statistics about the column, including: minimum and maximum values, average, median, standard deviation, and variance. Attempts Statistics Available in test and survey columns, this option displays statistics for each question in a test or survey, including the percentage of students who selected each answer as well as the average score for each question (tests only). Grade Questions This option allows instructors and TAs to grade all responses to an individual question at one time. Item Analysis Item analysis provides detailed statistics on test questions such as average score, standard deviation, standard error, etc. Libraries have always made books, journals, newspapers, and other information available for researchers and students. Your liaison librarian can talk with you about the range of issues affecting publishing and funder mandates in your discipline. Set to open this summer as the newest building on the Homewood Campus, Malone Hall has four floors and 40,000 sq. Networking Equipment Malone is equipped with the latest in high speed networking gear to deliver rapid connectivity for each desktop in the building.
Cable Plant Malone Hall has new Category 6A copper cabling, which has the ability to run 10 Gigabit speeds to almost anywhere in the building. But if you actually go there, you’ll find six new homes constructed by Building United of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. This was a challenging phase due to its proximity to the existing refectory and sports hall.
If you know of graduate students who may be interested in this program, please have them apply by going to the Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy website application page.
Faculty who are interested in participating as teaching mentors are requested to co-develop a Mentor-Mentee Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to articulate mutual expectations.

I prefer Facebook because most students are already actively engaged on the site, its interface is far simpler and easier to use, and it allows for interactivity and mass collaboration. Speakers reported on their experiences implementing peer learning strategies in the classroom.
Student assessments are presented in random order without any identifiable student information attached. It also includes grade distribution and status distribution of the assessment (number of assessments in progress, need grading, exempt, etc.).
Survey results are accessed from the Attempts Statistics page, but individual responses remain anonymous.
It also includes statistics related to overall test performance designed to help instructors recognize questions that might be poor indicators of student performance. Malone also has a server room to support several of the Computer Science Department's servers and several research projects that will go into the building.
All of the winning faculty-student teams will be available for hands-on demonstrations of how they used their $5,000 mini-grants to enhance undergraduate instruction.
Grading anonymously may be helpful in preventing bias among TAs or instructors when grading. This information can be used to adjust credit in current tests or help improve the design of future test questions. Two presentations focused on peer assessment that highlighted data on how peer assessment measures up to instructor assessment and gave examples of how peer assessment can be used. The building has the latest high-speed networking equipment and the most robust cable plant on campus. One of the switches will handle any high speed networking requirement and is envisioned to serve as an entry point to get on the high speed research network that is currently being built. Mentors should observe mentees as they are teaching and provide constructive comments afterward.

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