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I don't play the game but I have to say of the screenshots that people post it sure is an attractive game.
Player housing in Lord of the Rings Online is much less complex than in EQ2 or SWG, but that’s probably to be expected, as it was added in a patch rather than being a launch feature. I’ve settled in the human-styled area to the south-east of Bree, near the entrance to the Lonelands. The best aspect of LOTRO housing is that instead of each home being individually instanced, like in EQ2, you’re part of a neighbourhood of about 20 houses. I picked that one mostly for location, but I did not spend too much time exploring the different possibilities as I do not intend to be living there very long.
Because your house is shared between all the characters on your account, and they all gain the power to teleport home once an hour, it is a great way to transfer items between characters if you have not yet bought the shared banking (which costs a hefty 1295 points for 20 shared bank slots.). In particular, it is terribly difficult to end up in the same neighbourhood instance as your friends.

In the middle of the neighbourhood are a few useful facilities such as a vault, and a furniture vendor. I will be upgrading to a larger home as soon as I can afford the seven gold, mostly because it has double the chest storage lots. Player housing, and the housing chests, are bought purely with good old-fashioned in-game gold. As they have a finite amount of space they fill up quite quickly, and there is no way to move between neighbourhood instances without having to give up your current home and buy another one at full price. So far, so good, and after about a week of getting bossed about by Rangers while doing all three of the prologues, I’ve managed to scrape together enough cash to buy my first home. It creates a sense of place, without bringing about the sort of urban sprawl we saw in Ultima Online and SWG, I hope it is copied and improved upon by the upcoming crop of MMOs. That the ratio of small, middle, and guild-houses is set in stone also makes things tricky logistically if you want to get everyone you know in the same instance.

I WAS going to write about the Autumn event, but unsurprisingly EVERYBODY has already done that, so I’m going to talk about my new house instead!
Even if you’re lucky enough to have everybody online when a fresh neighbourhood comes into being, if you have more than 9 friends, someone is going to be stuck with a starter house.
Still, with the newly F2P-nourished pace of development, I expect that housing will be getting looked at and improved.

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