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Another Ticketmaster fan (Jimmy) stopped in for a closer look, then wandered off looking confused. Still working getting those rafters pairs nailed up.For scale - that yellow ladder is 8 feet tall!
The SUNOR metal storage sheds are great choice to our garden These mini size metal sheds are made from hot dipped galvanised steel throughout. Assembly: Simple to follow step by step assembly instructions come with every metal building, shed or workshop. Zhejiang NUOPU Trade Industrial Company specializes in manufacturing greenhouses, garden sheds and other garden tools.
Established in 1978, Handy Home Products is the leading manufacturer of easy to assemble shed kits and recreational building kits. We understand that not everyone has the time and or skill level to figure out hard to read instructions and cut and measure lumber so that they can complete a wood storage building kit.
Our Shade Sails feature high quality 180gsm grade knitted fabric specially designed to breathe. The Box Shed is designed for maximum strength and manufactured from low maintance ribbed steel sheeting. The Sliding Door Storage Shed fits under eaves and is large enough to store tools and gardening equipment.
Colorful 8X8 Medium Apex Metal Shed , Waterproof Gable Roof Garden Shed 8 ' x 8 ' Description 1. Small Colorful Waterproof Apex Metal Shed , Easy Assemble Arrow Storage Sheds Description 1. 6x4 Mini Apex Metal Garden Shed , Sunor Prefabricated Double Doors Storage Sheds Description 1.

This guide will take you through the assembly of a Rite 3, perfect for tools and garden equipment.
Fix the channels to the top and bottom of the front wall and rivet each corner from the outside. Use the door spacer to determine the correct opening size by placing it on the bottom flange of the doorjambs and  x it in place with a rivet in the centre.
On the underside place one rivet at each end of the doorjamb up through the channel, doorjamb and spacer.
The use of power tools makes the completion of projects much easier, but appropriate safety equipment when using power tools is highly recommended. Ear protection, eyewear and sturdy footwear should be considered the minimum requirement when using power tools and always use a residual current device when using electric power tools.
Lay out the sheets so the last ribs are overlapping (the number of sheets will be determined by the size of the shed you are assembling). You also need to  x at least one rivet up through the underside of the channel in each sheet.
Now you can rivet the corners and then place one more rivet between each corner and the centre.
Give each panel a shake to get rid of  llings that could rust and reduce the lifespan of your shed.
Stand up the back wall then bring in the left wall and x from the outside about 100mm down from the top and 100mm up from the bottom. Do the same with the right hand wall, checking to make sure the walls are sitting  at on the bottom. If your shed is going onto a concrete pad use the concrete floor clamps to fasten the shed to the floor using an electric drill and masonry bit.

On the roof add rivets at every second rib down into the top channel of the front and back. Also featuring ventilated gables to ensure air flow through the shed to help control condensation. Can be customized to fit your needs. Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes and accessories. Exceptional value and heavy duty construction. Our high-quality products are made to fit most budgets. This state of the art material blocks up to 90% of the suns harmful rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. Make sure the ends are flush and attach two equally spaced rivets through the overlapping ribs. Our architecture design specialists have focused on building sheds that have easy to read instructions and high quality lumber and hardware. Fix the centre rivet of each hinge first and remember to leave a small gap between the wall and door to allow for the hinge.
You may need to cut or bend the  ange at the top or bottom if it catches on the doorjamb when opened.

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