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The cat tree is nearly finished, just need more carpeting and a coat of paint, but we are calling it quits for the day. Kitties love to climb, so what better way to treat your feline fur-children than to make them a kitty tree? An old blue ladder, a crate and a piece of wood covered with an old blanket (towel?) and hanging cat toys make the most eclectic cat tree ever. If you know anything about Martha Stewart, you know she's a dog and cat lover, so, of course, she'd have a cool cat tree for her furry felines. And, finally, I spotted this idea on Jackson Galaxy's website (he's the My Cat From Hell guy). Not TOTALLy sure but the plant in the first one (blue ladder ) may be dumb cane and is toxic to both dogs and cats. Plenty of great designs here.  I'm sure my cats would appreciate one of these around the house. Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have a not-so-secret DIY and craft (of almost any kind) addiction. If youa€™re handy with tools and like DIY projects, why not learn how to build your own cat tree?

If you are interested in trying your hand at building a cat tree you may find this eBook useful, as it provides step by step instructions to help you achieve success with your cat tree project.
If youa€™re using staples, make sure that none of them are sticking out before you let your cat loose on the tree a€“ the last thing you want is an injured feline with staple injuries all over them! Once your cat tree is finished, you can use L shaped brackets to attach it to the wall, floor or ceiling for added support. Our monthly stroll through items of interest, news and stories, photos, tips, and our cats of the Month.
The instructions are slim, but it seems easy enough to make for the a woodworker with the right tools.
They say a 'beginner' can make one in a day for about $40 IF you have to buy all the materials, which includes a concrete tube. Not only is it a great project for those that are confident about their DIY skills but ita€™s also a nice alternative to buying a cat tree if youa€™re strapped for cash. Look at pictures of the various styles available, and once youa€™ve selected what you want, create a design of it, complete with dimensions. I mean I get why they are expensive, but we built this for like 70 bucks and we have a ton of ply wood left over.

Youa€™ll save money, and end up with a piece of cat furniture thata€™s designed perfectly to fit in with your home and your cat's needs.
You may choose to use plywood, chipboard or any other type of wood that your budget allows for. There are lots of different cat tree styles out there; some have several platforms, poles and even bonus items like toys and tunnels for your cat to hide in.
The base of the cat tree needs to be quite heavy, and large enough for your cat to be able to play on it safely.Putting The Pieces Together - Before you begin piecing your tree together, you need to cut your pieces of wood according to the dimensions you have drawn up. If there are any nails or screws sticking out, make sure that you fix these as well, otherwise your cat could end up injured. You can even use both for a more secure hold.Secure carpeting onto the platform, the columns and onto any ramps youa€™ve made.

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