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When I built my first few treehouses, I didn’t have the option of using steel brackets attached to the tree. It is quite cool that people can make a living out of building treehouses, and in many way I envy Dan for building treehouses all day long. Here are a few great pictures from Dan that I’d like to share with anyone who happens to read my blog.
Well, a few weeks ago we got a lot of rain and wind; that was probably the pushing factor that made it fall out. It wraps around the trees, and I may or may not include the left triangle piece that looks separate from the rest of the drawing. Most of my family lives in Hawaii, but they still have a house over here in Corralitos, Santa Cruz County, California. I’ve always loved treehouses, and eventually I hope to build a few more on my property. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The kids were agitating for a treehouse for a while, so last summer we finally decided it was time to do something about it. I wanted something far enough out in front of the trees to suffice as a proper area to stand for the ceremony, and the typical umbrella treehouse design seemed like a good idea, so I went with it. Dan has been building some amazing treehouses for quite some time and is well experienced in the art of treehouse building.
It is quite interesting how people are now using steel brackets into pipe to hold the lower knee braces; it gives some space to the tree to allow for growth. Unfortunately, most of that stuff got damaged when it took a 40′ fall and had the floor fall on top of the stuff to boot.

We worked on clearing some of the brush off our land where we want the ceremony to be, and Louise mentioned that I should build a platform for us to stand on so we were level. He wrote several great treehouse books, some of which were the inspiration to make my own treehouse.
Well, my treehouse is on the property, although it is going to not be included in the rental so we have a place to visit and stay at. Dan has a ton of treehouse experience, and I highly recommend anyone who is serious about building a real treehouse to call him (or some other treehouse company) and get them to properly design your treehouse, or even build it for you. I knew the treehouse wouldn’t last forever, and I knew that I did some things wrong when I built it. I initially had put a few 45 degree supports, but my lackluster attachment made them not do much, and they eventually just fell down.
Instead of having some joists that the real floor would be built upon, I just built it directly into the joists. I figured if I was going to go to the trouble of building a temporary platform, that I might as well build it up in some redwood trees as a mini-treehouse. Steve Chmielnicki, of Rosemont, PA, is an excellent treehouse builder who is open for business. Even with lag bolts half way around the tree could potentially get damaged, but, I don’t think anything will happen since redwoods are *very* resilient.
He quickly pointed out how my lower-horizontal brace would easily be over-stressed by the knee braces, and it would need to be really beefy wood (or made of steel) in order to withstand the forces exerted on it. Learning how to weld has opened up a lot of new ideas and possibilities for me, and I figured some treehouse brackets would be something within my skill set. In the end, it lasted for 9-10 years; I started building it when I was 20, and moved in when I was 21.

Now, douglas fir isn’t made to span that huge of a distance, and was prone to have a huge amount of support weight on the edges. Since I didn’t do that, the movement of the trees was slowly pulling the house apart. It will start out as a tree platform, but eventually I may add walls and a ceiling to make a treehouse.
It will be about 10′ up in the trees, using two main redwoods as supports, and possibly connect to a third larger redwood behind the two. These redwoods have survived a fire that happened a long time ago (at least over 35 years ago, since the main house has been there that long.
It was particularly worse when it was really windy out, and it made the whole house creak really bad. I’m definitely more of a a software engineer than an architect, and I wish I had more formal training in architecture and engineering.
Dan suggested using several knee braces coming out from the tree, and some other things that got me re-thinking about my design.
In the end, I decided to scratch my two-tree approach, and design a single-tree knee brace version using custom brackets. The more I thought about the two-tree approach, the more I realized it would simply pull apart like my old treehouse eventually did.

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