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If you are doing detailed drawings, then a good first step is to purchase computer program. There are many other features to these programs that you may, or may not use, but exterior and interior views can save you from straining your imagination. If you are placing many windows on the south of your house, consider the solar gain, a good thing in winter but not so for summer.
We are going to make the assumption that you already have the land on which to build and are aware of development by-laws for the area. The heat recovery ventilator was very successful at keeping the humidity under 55 percent and at providing fresh air. A nice feature is our hot water circulation system which keeps hot water at our taps almost instantly. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged deck, gutters, landscaping, spring on June 8, 2014 by Rick. These last two may be out-of-order but costs can vary from very little to very much so I have placed them at the last. Number nine. Consider your home orientation to take advantage of natural, passive heating or cooling. You can do your bit to reduce greenhouse gas emission and pollution while padding your pocket at the same time. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged efficiency, GHGs, global warming, insulation, LEDs, pollution, saving the planet, savings on February 8, 2014 by Rick.
If you are a regular reader of this blog you may be confused as to where I stand on climate change, the environment and conservation of resources. A much bigger question is what the results of warming will be and if we can effectively do something about it.
A scientist can safely predict outcomes when they have past observations or positive experimental results for reference. Our climate is so complicated, and the earth so large that no laboratory experiment can have much relevance.
I do not believe quick, effective, action can be taken by governments outside of encouraging less use of products with a large carbon footprint and helping industry to lessen emissions.
Cap and trade policies could be a little more effective, but how do you apply them to the whole world?
This is an article in Forbes magazine about Bakken flaring which uses some identical arguments to many I have heard defending oil sands emissions. The developed nations, with the USA and Canada leading the pack, use by far the most fossil fuels and produce the most carbon emissions per capita. When you are wrestling in a homemade wrestling ring, make sure the ring is built well to hold the weight. You could do a rough drawing only, and hire a draftsman or architect to do the rest, but if you are like me, You will want to be hands on for everything. On a single story house, this can be alleviated by placing the windows a little higher and providing 24 inch or more for eaves. If possible place doors and windows so they are visible from the street or at least from the neighbors.
You may think you will live there forever, and you might, but people’s lives and circumstances change.
There was far more than I needed, so the rest (still a full truckload) was donated to the local legion.
Keep furnaces, air conditioners.refrigeraters and freezers operating at peak efficiency by cleaning heat exchangers and changing filters regularly. This is easier with a new house, but use of awnings, heavy drapes or cross ventilation can be effective with older homes.
Keeping our surroundings clean, healthy and pleasant is essential for our quality of life.This does not mean I am unwilling to accept change, whether natural or caused by human presence. For example it is pretty safe to say the world will end as a charred ball when our sun expands in a few billion years.
Drastic action could have unforseen effects and most certainly would be harmful to economies. It is emerging nations that give direct subsidies (about 480 billion,according to the IMF,) mainly so the poor can afford fuel. It probably would only hasten the depletion of conventional oil and perhaps encourage the development of more harmful sources. It is a personal choice that should not create enemies or even create discomfort for your neighbors.
On the north side of your house the temperature differential is the greatest and therefore subject to the greatest heat loss.

They should be at least 32 inches wide. One door 36 inches wide, or more, is a good idea for ease of moving furniture and appliances in and out. Siting, capital cost, usefulness, environmental issues, operating cost and maintenance are the main issues dealt with. An attached garage would have been nice, but I couldn’t warrant the cost with a garage already on the property. The contractor was an old friend and installed gutters on the house and garage, including leaf screens on the garage. We have seeded some patches of grass but most will wait till next year We fell that sod would be too expensive, although it would speed things up considerably. Here is a list of things you can do to your home which can cost little and have excellent returns.
Anything that looks like a radiator and has a fan needs to be kept clean as well as any radiating surface.
Replace bulbs as they burn out with lower wattage bulbs or replace high usage bulbs immediately with LED or CFL bulbs. Insulate to at least R20 and pay close attention to sealing against moisture on the inside.
The cost of fossil fuel and thus energy is bound to escalate in the future, perhaps rapidly. Many of the  natural resources we depend on for daily living are from finite, non renewable sources. I definitely do, at least in the short-term (using thousands or millions of years as the terms of reference.) Do I believe human activity is the cause? An astronomer can look back over billions of years and see billions of examples of a star’s life cycle. There are too many assumptions in the data used and even tiny errors can make huge differences over long periods or large scenarios. In fact changes are happening so fast that we have little chace to analyse or even digest them. I do think that markets will effect an answer as more people demand clean power and cleaner transportation.
Profit is the reason for industry, so it follows that industry already has a big incentive to reduce energy usage. If the dire predictions turn out to be wrong, then no harm has been done and less valuable resources will be consumed. Some are easy and intuitive to use. Others are complicated and require considerable study or training. The front of your house, the side facing the street, is the one most seen and deserves the most attention. Turn heating and cooling completely off if there is no possibility of freezing or other damage. There are several different possible methods of insulating this area with wide range of efficiencies and cost. Of course, the assumption still has to be made that no other catastrophe will happen in the meantime, and It really doesn’t matter if the prediction is wrong. It seems that incentives to further reduce consumption would be more effective than taxes and be less damaging to economies.
Sad, since their emissions are more localized and more conducive to carbon sequestration or storage. If enough people followed this route, carbon in our atmosphere may be reduced or at least increase at a slower pace. I don’t buy tickets to see jet setting celebrities who use more than their share of resources to tell us what we are doing wrong.
DOWNLOAD A PDF VERSION OF THIS WEB PAGE (11 page pdf) What are Solitary Bees ?Didn’t get one of our Grow Wild bee houses? I have found these to be of little value because of regional cost differences and construction standards.
A low E coating for your window glass is almost a must, no matter what side the windows are on. The constricted entry is a bit of an annoyance, when several guests arrive, but once again it is not a major issue.
Our rain barrels have been filled with valuable rainwater that we are using liberally for new plantings. This method is fine for a low deck, but a higher deck should have posts securely attached to concrete pilings. Use paintable or clear product that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Fill every crack and space that has even a remote chance of air leakage.

Arrange furniture so that it has a minimal effect on heat distribution and does not block ducts.
You can do this manually or you can purchase programmable thermostats (or smart controls) that will allow you to raise or lower temperature just before you need it to prevent temporary discomfort. A new bath spout with a flex hose and shower head along with a shower curtain may be all you need. However, if you are replacing for appearance or for functionality, use at least a double paned glass with low E coating.
It deserves a post of its own, and I don’t feel qualified to write one, until I have completed a lot more research. Natural causes may be part of it, but our numbers are so great that the impact on our planet is profound. I don’t think low-income individuals are the biggest consumers, it is pretty obvious the wealthy are. I would plant evergreens to the north and west for windbreaks and deciduous trees to the south for summer shade while allowing sun through in winter. Shareholders of energy companies are often pension plans and funds, the beneficiaries of which are usually lower or middle-income people. Gradually move human occupancy away from flood prone areas and away from coastlines at risk from rising sea levels. A house for solitary bees can be made out of recycled materials These bee houses are made from wood and provide solitary bees and bumble bees with ideal sites to lay eggs. A  window 40 inches, or more, wide is easily converted to a hallway entrance and the header is already there if needed. A lot of energy can be saved by doing laundry in cold water and drying you clothes on an outdoor clothes-line when weather permits.
Much of the produced gas from this field is flared due to a lack of infrastructure to collect it.
Perhaps that could be countered by more investment by governments, and industry, in alternative energy sources, and in carbon capture and storage.. Bees are essential for pollination of fruit, vegetables Intro: Make your own little Bee Houses. If you can build your deck within a year or two you may be able to avoid the cost of extra permits by including it in your house plan and site plan. Good maintenance reduces replacement costs.Typical cost for filters is about $25 for a year in colder climates. Planting large trees can be very costly but  some varieties grow rapidly and can be used while waiting for slower growers to mature. Burning it produces carbon emissions and any that escapes unburned contains considerable methane, a much more potent greenhouse gas.
Wasp species guide on hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, potter and pollen wasps.
I have seen a few 3 bedroom homes that have been converted to 1 bedroom when the kids are grown and gone.
With this information you can decide to work with any slope or to spend extra for leveling. It is only an issue because we live rather far from major supermarkets and need to stock up a bit.
Remember that footings should rest on undisturbed soil, with the top-level of organic soil removed. Insurance may cover damages, but it will not alleviate the pain from injuries or loss of life. There is really not a typical cost here but some options cost practically nothing while others can run into the thousands. Ask around the neighborhood about basement water problems which may be the result of a high water table.
The front of your house (the side facing the street) should align fairly closely to the neighbors on either side. You can either design two attractive facades or plan for screening with fences or shrubbery.

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