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Instead of a standard backyard tree fort, build a work of art that both kids and parents will love.
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We offer standard treehouse plans and custom treehouse design services to help you build a safe & tree friendly treehouse. Build a 14' x 12' treehouse with a single tree on one side and two post to support the opposite side. The plan comes as three downloadable PDF files - the main treehouse guide and two supports options. Treehouse Guides uses high resolution PDF files which can be read and printed on any modern system with complete clarity of text and diagrams. The San Pedro treehouse fits in a single tree which passes through the middle of the structure.
The Outpost tree fort is a deck for a single tree with access from a ladder and a trapdoor in the floor.
If you don't have a tree suitable for one of the treehouses above, this simple bird hide can be built anywhere with solid ground. Freestanding platform to fit the San Pedro or Zelkova treehouses so they can be converted to be built without trees.
Two tree platform with sliding joints to fit the Kauri or San Pedro treehouses so that they can be built between two trees. To give the walls an oval shape, clamp Pex tubing along the edges as a guideline and trace the curved shape at one corner.

Fit the jigsaw blade into the drilled hole and slowly cut along the drawn line for a smooth, precise circle. Our plans are thorough and are loaded with treehouse construction tips and advice from professional builders with hundreds of treehouse projects in their portfolio.
If none of these treehouse plans are suitable for your treehouse project or to fit in your trees, then please let us know!
The house itself is offset so that it wraps around one side of the trunk, with windows showing the trunk and a small alcove that can be used as a desk area.
Only the supports are fixed to the tree so the house itself rests entirely on the platform without touching the tree.
This gives you instructions to build in a tree, next to a tree, or with no trees at all using posts.
Using flexible joints, this treehouse fits between two trees while still allowing movement in the wind. Two window seats expand the capacity and windows in every direction provide plenty of views.
No bolts are used to fix the platform to the tree so it is easy to move or take down for winter. A transparent roof lets in natural sunlight, and with enough room to lie down and get comfortable inside, parents might find themselves relaxing in this treehouse. Save scrap piece to use as a template for the other corners; this way they’ll all perfectly match. Look to see if one of our standard treehouse plans are close enough to your tree layout for you to use it as is.

Also included are instructions for building on posts if you don't have suitable trees available.
The supports will need an area of cleared space 6' below floor level and branches above floor level may need to be trimmed to make space for the treehouse. Bolts are precisely placed for strength, safety and to reduce restriction to the growth of the tree. Your credit card details are processed on a secure server and both systems use anti-fraud measures. If not, then we can either modify a standard plan to fit your trees or create a unique treehouse design custom tailored to your trees and wishes. We can also modify these tree house plans to fit your trees or to help you change the sizes. There are no complicated techniques to learn, no tricky joints to master and all the materials are readily available.
This treehouse can also be built next to a larger tree using partial post support, or can be built entirely on posts if you have no suitable trees, with an additional guide included free when you order. Using any of the order links below indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions of sale.
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