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Complete game with all pieces and instructions…everything individually counted & as new! The BMW R1200R is a sweet motorcycle when you get it stock, boasting serious cornering chops, classic looks, and a supremely comfortable riding experience.  Ludovic Lazareth's latest custom build, though, turns the BMW R1200R into an entirely new beast.
You can check out a whole load of pictures of the Lazareth BMW R1200R from Custom Auto Moto's official website.  While there, you may want to explore the crew's other projects, some of which definitely up the ante on wild and crazy compared to this custom build.
I agree with you charley how ever some times I like my woman to wear her leather booty shorts while she rides on the back of my bike … and this one would be great for that. Good looking bit of kit but going off road without intake air-filters would result in a very short engine life. Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.
Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day. Gio Militano points out this brilliant hack, "I love using baking pans because they are so cheap. The amp is built around a $16 printed circuit board from Spare Time Gizmos and features a pair of General Electric 6T9 compactron tubes that incorporate a triode and pentode in a single envelope. How build raspberry pi retro game console $35, Since release, $35 raspberry pi mini-computer hailed perfect -- retro game console. How build raspberry pi retro gaming centre, We guide process turning raspberry pi retro gaming centre. Build raspberry pi computer scratch 5 minutes, How long build raspberry pi computer scratch kids? Raspberry pi emulator - ultimate retro gaming machine, A raspberry pi emulator can provide you with hundreds of hours of fun and remembering those good times playing those great retro games.

Raspberry pi : $5 computer - raspberry pi, Of all the things we do at raspberry pi, driving down the cost of computer hardware remains one of the most important.
Build mini arcade cabinet raspberry pi, Intro: build your own mini arcade cabinet with raspberry pi. Madisound offers everything a reasonably sane do-it-yourselfer could ever need, including dozens of different speakers, crossovers, capacitors and inductors.
After a year of building bikes for a few customers through his solo workshop, V Motor Cycles, Claudio had a few interesting parts left lying around, so he decided to use them to build something for himself.
The donor is a 1992 model, and the build started with a complete engine overhaul, replacing the piston, valve & springs,  main bearings, con-rod, etc. While the running gear propels this early nineties bike into the future the tank whisks it back to the past as this comes from a 1970 CB500 Four which has been stripped back to the bare metal and left to corrode before being varnished over to preserve the patina, and finished off with a burgundy stripe.
Claudio is a musician who plays bass, and it was this that inspired the nickname of the bike. True, I was inspired, in addition to other bikes, even the beautiful KT600 of Classified Moto.
The bike runs fine, the exhaust crafted, completely open with the K & N kit, racing camshaft and piston, give it a lot of power on the low and mid range. I am customazing my own NX and i was just wondering if you could tell me wich KN filter is used on this bike, i just cant figeur out wich filter i have to buy. He cautions, "Drilling thin metal can be more problematic than drilling a heavy chassis, so be patient with drilling.
For those (like me) who don't know the first thing about speaker design, they offer ready-to-build kits.
The nx650 is a fairly modern platform in the new wave custom scene, and it’s the combination of its reliable punchy 650cc single and the simple spine-frame and monoshock setup that is attracting builders to give them retro-looks to belie their up-to-date road manners… They look great if you simply dump the original plastic bodywork and fit a retro tank, but how about this single-sided swinger and USD forks?

A cheap NX650 presented itself and as Claudio was a big fan of the engine it became the base for his personal project. The frame has been modified to accommodate the scooped and tilted cafe seat from a 1970s racer, giving the bike an aggressive looking forward tilt but what you probably notice first is the chunky front-end and single-sided swingarm.  The swinger was pinched from a 1992 Honda VFR750 while the front end comes from a 2006 Yamaha R1 which also donated the front rim and the rear shock. Houston estimates you should be able to put together a similar amp for about $250 in the USA.
In the 1960s, wannabe NASA scientist-types built their own Heathkit amps and radio receivers.
I was quite taken with the $340 Audio Review speakers, available in clear, black or red oak finish. Claudio’s next project is a scrambler based on a 1980 BMW R100, which we expect to be something equally special, and we look forward to sharing it on The Bike Shed soon.
This was done to reduce the potential for transformer vibrations reaching the tubes which can be microphonic. These days, soldering together your own THX Certified Digital Home Theater System just isn't feasible. The list of donated parts continues with a 5.5 ich rear rim from a 2000 VFR VTEC while the rear braking system is Nissin using a 220mm disc from a 2011 CBR1000. The thin chassis is mounted on thick lacquered pine and silicon feet to also help absorb vibration.An Alps blue velvet 50k stereo potentiometer with an audio taper was used for signal attenuation.
The great thing about building from a kit is that you have the freedom to spend a little extra on gold-plated mounting posts, snazzy metal oxide resistors, and a Kenny G album to suck up to your significant other.

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