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Because I mostly use Firefox, if I happen to be using IE for whatever reason and see something I want to bookmark, I’ll usually just drag the favicon from the IE address bar to the desktop. Create Desktop Shortcuts to Your Favorite Web Pages Create Windows Desktop shortcuts to your favorite web pages by following the steps below. See our Desktop, shortcut, and web page definitions for further information and related links on these terms. Creating a Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut in Windows 10 is somehow different from creating a shortcut with Internet Explorer. A desktop shortcut to launch Microsoft Edge and display your Edge a€?start pagea€?A desktop shortcut to launch Microsoft Edge and display a specific website, which is not your Edge start pageIa€™ll explain both scenarioa€™s below, so youa€™ll have a step-by-step guide for each scenario.
To create a Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut, right-click an empty spot on your desktop and select a€?Newa€? and then select a€?Shortcuta€?. Windows will then open the create shortcut wizard and will prompt you to type the location of the item. Your new Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut will now appear, but it will probably not look like a Microsoft Edge shortcut.
The icon can easily be changed, so right-click your new desktop icon and select properties. Then, after returning to the Microsoft Edge properties window, click ok to complete your icon.
You will now have a Microsoft Edge desktop icon that will launch your Edge browser when double-clicked upon.Double-clicking the icon will indeed open Microsoft Edge with your current setting for the start page in Microsoft Edge. This is a slightly different scenario from above, because now you will create a Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut to launch Microsoft Edge with a specific web page. Now, with Microsoft Edge, if you right-click on a page, all you get is a€?Select all, Inspect element and View Sourcea€?, which is not going to be very helpful in creating your Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut.
Instead, click in Microsoft Edgea€™s address bar while you are on the page that you want to create a shortcut for (one single click).That will get you the web url (address) of the page you are currently looking at, selected and marked in blue.
In the field underneath where it says a€?Type the location of the itema€?, right-click with your mouse and select paste.
In the next screen, enter a recognizable name for your shortcut and click finish to complete the creation of your new shortcut. Youa€™ll now have a new shortcut on your desktop that you can use to open Microsoft Edge at the web page you want. In some cases you might notice that your new shortcut does not open with Microsoft Edge, but with another browser. In Control Panel, make sure that a€?View by categorya€? is selected and then select a€?Programsa€?. In the programs list, select Microsoft Edge and then click the a€?Set this program as defaulta€? setting. From then on, your desktop internet shortcuts will open with the default browser of your choice.
Some people have commented that the method to create a new web shortcut is a bit cumbersome, so here is an alternative method for creating a shortcut that will open on the page of your preference.If you are on the specific page for which you want to create a shortcut and you are looking at that page with your Microsoft Edge browser, click in the three dots in the upper-right corner of your Edge window and select a€?Open with Internet Explorera€?. Now the page will also open in Internet Explorer and from there you can simply right-click anywhere in the page and select a€?Create shortcuta€?. How To Download Google Chrome - Beginner's Guide Apr 25, 16 11:53 AMNot sure how to download Google Chrome? Windows 10 Play And Explore Secrets Apr 11, 16 08:45 AMWhat is the Windows 10 play and explore section in your start menu? How setup text shortcuts iphone ipad imore, I used to love keyboard shortcuts on my iphone 6, until i realized i had way too many, they were getting annoying, and there's no way to truly get rid of them.. 12 tricks typing faster iphone ipad’ keyboard, If you’d like to more easily type with your thumbs on your ipad, you can place two fingers on your ipad’s keyboard and spread them apart.. Amazonbasics bluetooth keyboard apple devices (ipad, Amazonbasics bluetooth keyboard apple ipad, iphone (black) quick quiet bluetooth keyboard compatible ipad 1, ipad 2, iphone, bluetooth. Top iphone ipad keyboard tips tricks, Top iphone ipad keyboard tips tricks [video] posted jason oct 05, 2013 comments (6). Now paste the location that you just copied from the address bar into the box that pops up.

After you download and save the file, go to your desktop and right-click on your Gmail shortcut, then left-click on Properties.
Now you will see the same icon box you just saw a few minutes ago, only this time it has your Gmail icon in it. I move my icons by clicking them and drag them off the desktop, it will go blank and I can put it where I want it.
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Windows 10 brought us a new browser called Microsoft Edge and for the most part, users are quite pleased with it. Usually, when Microsoft Edge is hijacked, you’ll see the same page every time you open Edge.
To fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge, you can also just turn your internet connection off. In the Open with section choose A specific page or page, select Custom from the menu and enter the address of that page.
In order to fix this problem, users are advising to quickly open a new tab before the error message appears. Microsoft Edge will display you the same message every time you open it, but you can fix this error by opening one of your favorites.
If you don’t have any favorites, you can just open any other file in Edge, an image or a PDF for example, and close the problematic tab. Select Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data, Cached data and files and click Clear. If Microsoft Edge is hijacked by a malicious website, you could just open a new website from a shortcut.
After you’ve created the shortcut, just double-click it and it should open Microsoft Edge in a new window and allow you to close the problematic tab. To fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge, you can also create a .html file on your Desktop and run it. When the save dialog opens, make sure to set Save as type as All files and enter file.html as the File name. A Cortana search can also do the trick: after searching for anything on the web with Cortana, open the search results in Edge.
Some users also suggest pressing the Esc key for about 15-30 seconds before the notification window disappears completely.
If the problem with a hijacked Microsoft Edge persists, you might want to delete Microsoft Edge data from AppData folder. Few users suggest that you can fix the problem with hijacked Microsoft Edge by closing it using Command Prompt. To complete your solution, you’ll need to memorize the name of the website that hijacks Microsoft Edge. As you can see, this isn’t as serious problem as you first thought and in most cases, you can fix it just by turning off your internet connection and closing the problematic website.
But before I continue, I should point out that there are 2 distinct interpretations of creating a Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop. For instance, if you are surfing the web and you visit a certain page or website quite frequently, you might want to create a desktop icon that you can click and that will immediately take you to the desired page.With Internet Explorer this used to be pretty simple. If you want it to open with Edge, then you need to check your default programs.To do so, press the Windows key + x on your keyboard to open the Windows 10 Quick Access menu.
Of course you can use this method to define any other browser in your programs list as your default browser.

I've written this guide to take you through the steps with precise instructions and clear screenshots. I usually choose my desktop because it’s easy to get to and I can just delete the file afterwards. None of the icons have your Gmail icon in it, though, so left-click on Browse to browse to where you saved your icon.
In fact, you can even right-click in an empty area of the Gmail web page and go down the menu until you see Create Shortcut and left-click on that.
Many of these deals are exclusively for our Daily Deals newsletter subscribers and can't be found with our regular specials. Unfortunately, some users reported that Microsoft Edge has been hijacked by a malicious website.
That page usually comes with an error message that asks you to call a certain number in order to fix the security problem. To turn airplane mode on, click the network icon in the Taskbar and choose Airplane mode from the menu. If you have more than one page on this list, you might have to drag your recently added website to the top of the list or remove all other websites. To do that, make sure to press New Tab button as fast as you can when Microsoft Edge starts.
A new tab should be open with your search results and allow you to close the problematic tab. In order to do this, you’ll have to quickly press Enter to close down the notification and then press Ctrl + W to close the malicious tab.
Remember, 9436 is just an example, so make sure to use the correct PID that corresponds to MicrosoftEdge process on your computer. These scams aren’t uncommon and we’ve already covered how to fix system32.exe failure error, so if you need more information feel free to check that article out.
For example, because my netbook has limited CPU and RAM, I usually close Firefox (and its 6-15 open tabs) when I’m not using it. I can click on the shortcut later to open the link in Firefox, or drag the shortcut to my Dropbox folder so I can use it on my desktop machine or Android phone.
But what if you want to create a good, old-fashioned shortcut that opens in the default browser?
On any given page, you can simply right-click with your mouse in the page, select a€?Create shortcuta€? from the menu and voilA , your desktop shortcut to that page was ready. The problem with that (for me) is that I use my G-mail shortcut in my quick task toolbar, and when you drag and drop a shortcut of this nature to the toolbar, you come up with a blank page when you click on it. Plus, if you decided you don't like our newsletters (don't worry, you'll love them), unsubscribing is fast and easy.
This is just a scam — your computer isn’t infected by a virus or malware despite what the error message says.
If you manage to open a new tab, you can easily close the malicious tab that is giving you the error message. In our example, the PID was 9436, but we have to mention that you’ll most likely get a different number.
If I want a web browser to check one thing really quickly, I’ll typically just use Internet Explorer rather than wait for Firefox to open and load all those tabs.
This image has an .ico extension, which means that Windows will automatically recognize it as an icon. This message appears because you’re stuck on a scam website but you can easily fix this problem by following one of our solutions.

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