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Our web sites look and rank amongst the best on the web, often on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing above millions of other results. 70% of website traffic comes direct from the three major Search Engines so having a website that work for Search Engines and SEO is just as important as the look and feel.
We can work with you to design a site that exceeds your visual expectations as well as help drive new visitors to your business. Please view our Web Design Portfolio or use the contact form below for a no obligation quote. We, at Glenman Corporation Ltd., are delighted with the excellent workmanship provided by David and his team at Martec. From the very start and every step along the way, Martec has patiently guided me through the arduous process of building a website from scratch.
Martec are a pleasure to deal with, always helpful when we phone with a problem, which I may say is not very often. Great advice and a friendly, responsive and passionate approach, made every step of the website development intuitive and easy. We have been very happy with the service Martec provided to us and would highly recommend you to any school or educational institution looking to set up a website. Web Site Design Ireland, Ecommerce, Logo Design, Content Management Systems, Hosting and Internet Marketing.
Information and How-to on web site designs, web technologies, blogs and blog setups, website hosting, Wordpress CMS, Wordpress Themes and more. In the last article Website design – wireframes we covered wireframes and how they can help you plan out a design from an idea to something tangible for a web page design. Basically your content will largely determine the navigation methods and linking structure you will use. It is a good idea if at this stage you have any static content (content which will not change) written up and have some idea of the titles of the pages and sub pages you will be adding.
Again, as like for the wireframe, you can use a variety of methods to get the ideas onto paper or screen. Example of a Website Navigation FlowchartNext week – Directory structure and some SEO tips!
This entry was posted in Website Design and tagged Breadcrumb Navigation, Global Navigation, navigation flowchart, web page design, website designs, website navigation flowchart. Just get Villa Diona Website Design Hotel Design Villa Web Page By Mindnever – about design downloaded size Villa Diona Website Design Hotel Design Villa Web Page By Mindnever, . The fictional client I’ve made up for this tutorial project is a small eyewear brand named OPTIK.
The design we’ll be creating as part of this tutorial begins on paper as a sketch along with simple notes. Fill the background with black, then use the zig-zag pattern from my Line25 pixel patterns freebie to fill a new layer. Draw a selection in the centre of the document measuring the full width of the grid and fill it with black on a new layer. Open up the layer styles window and alter the Drop Shadow setting to produce a soft grey glow from behind the content panel. Paste in the OPTIK logo and align it to the grid, spanning three columns and aligning the baseline of the text to the baseline grid.

Give the logo some cool treatment in the form of a subtle grey gradient and very light Bevel and Emboss effects to give a basic metallic style. Use the text tool to type out a navigation menu along the same baseline with each item aligning to a column.
Draw a thin selection across the width of the content panel and fill it with a subtle gradient.
Paste in the first of the so called product shots, which is actually a stock photo of a cool fellow in some sunglasses courtesy of ThinkStock. Draw a selection and create a layer mask to hide the unwanted portions of the image, leaving a letterbox style feature panel. Use the Rounded Rectangle tool to draw the basic shape of a button, then bring it to life with a gradient and fine 1px stroke. Open up the layer style window and give the boxes a subtle grey gradient and 1px stroke to define their outline. Import an image that relates to the Sun product range and clip it to size with a layer mask to fit within the little content box.
Type out a brief descriptive paragraph that relates to the product range, followed by a call to action link in the usual blue anchor colour.
Finish off these little content boxes with images and content relating to the Sport, Tech and Special sections. Underneath the main content panel use the text tool to lay out some typical footer content such as copyright notice, secondary links and a back to top anchor. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Hey Chris I really love your designs and it is really wonderful to learn from positive people like you. The issue I see is that when you put all your text right up against the gutter, if you then add a box with text inside it you have to move the box text off the grid. Images show layouts designed for: homepage, news, article, radio shows and the schedule page.
David completely understood & delivered on our brief and we now have a website that we are very proud of.
We wanted to represent something strong to the market and feel that with the excellent service offered by David we achieved this. Martec’s experience, technical expertise and business acumen has facilitated my transition into cyberspace – whilst simultaneously giving my project a credible web presence.
They posses great knowledge and professionalism and combined with cost effectiveness make them a great company to work with.
The final website was better than we hoped for and has received very positive comments, is doing very well in Google and brings us lot of new business. In this article we will now move onto the next step of planning your website – Content and Navigation.
In the example below we will use a relatively simple website which will have some main 1st level pages, some sub pages and a photo gallery.
Once the main content is written up or at least have a good idea of the pages and and content, you can make up a navigation flowchart which will show how each page links up to make your website user friendly and easy to navigate. I personally like to use presentation software such as Open Office Impress which is like Power Point (only free).

The most used method for providing links to the main pages of your website is the Global Navigation Method which can be on the top or the side of your page and easy to see – (see wireframe for an example), another method which is also widely used is Bread Crumb navigation, this is ideal for sub pages which are not on the Global Navigation. It is important before going any further to have a plan of how your website will be hyperlinked to its content to make it easy for the user to get around and for the search bots to index your pages. Follow this step by step tutorial to create a sleek website design for a fictional eyewear company. It’s always worth listing out the elements that are required on a page so you can make room and order everything in terms of importance.
I have a preset template I use that already contains columns, gutters and a 24px baseline grid. Duplicate and flip this gradient and reposition it to outline a feature area at the top of the homepage design. Here the Hydro-tek logo has been imported from Illustrator using the same Eurostile font, while the body text is added in Photoshop as #9d9d9d 16pt Helvetica.
Colours have been picked from the image to tie everything together while keeping the basic hue as blue in order to provide a recognisable and consistent colour between all clickable elements and links. More photos from ThinkStock were used alongside a creative commons photo from Flickr by Monsalvador. Aligning all the items to the columns and baseline grid helps achieve perfect horizontal and vertical flow, with every page element being neatly aligned. If you’re excited to move onto the next step, check out part two over on my web design blog Line25. There is one thing that I still can’t understand from great experts like you and that is the combination of colors. Navigation is extremely important for visitors to your website and for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However you can use what ever you are comfortable with, even just a hand drawn sketch will do. In part one of the tutorial we’ll build the Photoshop design concept with a dark colour scheme and lay out the content to a solid underlying grid. The whole website is laid out according to a solid grid which helps balance the page elements. It needs to reflect the sleek style of their sports eyewear and direct the user to their four product ranges.
A simple sketch fleshes out the overall layout and gives us a clear direction when we open up Photoshop. We were delighted with the results, and will continue to use Martec on future web developments. A selection of photography has been supplied, which needs to prominently showcase the products, otherwise you, the designer has free reign over the overall layout and design. He made the whole process so stress free and straightforward, resulting in a wonderful user friendly website that we have got so many compliments on.

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