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No we are not Revit Genius that can easily make a quintuple-quadruple-inverted-parametric-double-hexagon at the drop of a hat. CAD Training Online ? 2013 - All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Four years in the making, the elements in LIFT, are a product of the great recession, a residential firm in the making and teaching students at CU Boulder. Wouldn't you love to have a system so full of everything you need that you couldn't help but get better at Revit?
Add to your arsenal the only Revit file system that gives you a complete template set, example files, and content all in one place. My business partner and I regularly consult with various architectural design firms in our area.
What do you get when you use our Revit Templates and Family files?Unleash hidden profits inside your practice. Does the idea of automatically having the views, sheets, and families you need sound more freeing and enjoyable than trying to cobble together a system on your own? When it is time to start construction documents, detailing, or just moving further into the design process these items below are essential to getting the job done quickly and correctly. The entire package come in individual Revit files, with rendered views and one large revit file.
Other firms do put full models into large BIM projects, but they do it in such a way that minimizes the the amount of pieces in their model.
Once you find what you are looking for you, often you do know the quality, or worse of all you have hundred of models from all over the  web created with different standards and techniques. One particular firm calls us repeatedly asking for our help during the end of their projects to help them finish up their sets. From our preset print set up, to our sheet layouts, we make delivery easier in order to make you more profitable.

Because of these tools, we have developed, we were able to efficiently supply our clients with multiple options, and deliver completed drawings quicker than our competitors. I was consistently impressed with the quality of their work and very pleased with the end result.
I often find myself asking these questions:  How would the owner like to live in this living room? This package has: schedules, material takeoff, annotations, tags, levels, and sheets all set up and ready to go. We have our own design business and we know what works in the real world, how to build it, and we have translated that to you in these models. Not only would this save them thousands on their fees to us in the end, but the organization and peace of mind during the design and construction documentation phase would be well worth the cost. We will give you the firm training right away and skip the wasted searching around and building your own library from scratch.When designing in Revit you are BUILDING A BUILDING!
If your assignment  was to make a physical model without balsa wood, cardboard, plywood and glue, you would tell me I'm crazy.
Instead of going after larger projects, with large commissions, we thought in a time of such sacristy. Under the stairs storage space glides out keeping in line with the transformer idea of the whole project. To do this we needed to be efficient and fast, all while providing superior quality over the competition. Our students use the template and files from this site, and they just finished their final project. Simply read though the material below, and click on the subscribe button that fits your needs.
If though the template and the families you can create a fairly accurate representation of your design, now you can open any one of the three Construction Sets and bring your model up to the professional grade.

You start out a project without a consistent template, and you'r not sure how to put together a proper set. Don't forget about conversation, if a room will be heavily used to converse with company make sure that the furniture is appropriate for that use.
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Fit the furniture to your clients use, sometimes only one stand alone piece is needed or wanted. Well from time to time I work with larger Architectural companies and give them a little more horse power when they need it.
But because they didn't even have standard views at correct scales, there were no sheets set up, and they didn't have standard components our fee was twice what it should have been. There is no searching around the internet for inconstant content, get everything you need here on this site.
Then you need a demolition view to show what you will be demolishing, and then finally you can start on your new design! If you are in the beginning stages there might be a lot of dimensions, and tags that you don't need to show your clients. One of the first things I see that lets me know this person is a novice, is when they use the out of box Autodesk Revit title blocks for their project.
We know what we can do faster, where we are wasting time, and what sort of things we can do to add value for our clients.

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