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Sanding with pneumatic (inflatable) drum sanders is the smoothest and most flexible form of sanding (next to hand sanding which isn't so much fun). The KIRJES Sanding system was developed in the 1990′s at Umea in Sweden and is now sold extensively throughout the world as a invaluable sanding system for many woodworkers and craftsmen. We have great enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it and believe that this is the key to the success of our business.

It’s patented inflatable bulb design allows you to and to fit the contours of your work and as such there are a multitude of applications. Make sure you watch the amusing video which clearer demonstrates the value of this dust extraction sleeve. It is available by mail order through these retailers and they all hold stock in their shops should you wish to pop in for a demo.
The 4 bulbs and the different sleeve grits give you further flexibility to sand your work to a silky smooth finish.

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