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Our Verdict: A versatile garden storage box which is maintenance and fade free, and easily assembled. Description: KETER FACTOR 8 X 11 PLASTIC GARDEN SHED Free delivery on this great outdoor storage solution! The new Keter FACTOR range of plastic garden sheds provide a good quality solution to your outdoor storage needs. Another major benefit of the Keter plastic tool sheds is the fact that their design incorporates an integral floor. The KETER range of plastic garden sheds is manufactured from a polypropylene resin specially formulated for long outdoor service life.
To make the FACTOR range even more attractive, Landera is offering as a bonus a FREE RATTAN STYLE STORAGE BOX in ESPRESSO BROWN with every FACTOR plastic shed ordered before 30th June 2014!

Space on the right side can be stored again but not so tall ones too!Assembly quick and easy so please use soon. FACTOR 8 x 11 is a stylish new product featuring modern high arched double doors, window and larger storage capacity.
Sizes range from the FACTOR 6 x 3 which is a compact 1780mm x 1135mm right through to the FACTOR 8 x 11 which is 2565mm across the front gable door panel and 3315mm from front to back. This obviates the necessity for laying a concrete slab or constructing a timber base – all you need is a firm, level surface to install the Keter shed on. It is UV-stabilised and impact resistant, enabling it to handle the wear and tear of the climate as well as ordinary household usage. This outdoor storage box, with a RRP of $159.00, is a sturdy, weatherproof unit with a storage capacity of 265 litres – just another excellent reason for solving your outdoor storage needs with a Keter FACTOR plastic tool shed!

Manufactured from polypropylene resin which is formulated for durabilty and excellent UV resistance, the walls have an attractive wood-grain finish. The FACTOR range shares the features that have made the Keter tool sheds so popular – easy to assemble, maintenance-free and attractive appearance are the benefits that thousands of satisfied customers appreciate. Assembly is straight-forward; very comprehensive, easy-to-understand instructions are provided and no special tools or trades knowledge are required.
And if you need to move the tool shed, it can be disassembled just as easily and reconstructed at a new location.

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