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Welcome to The Performance Shed, your full service Yamaha Five Star dealer located just north of Kingston in Harrowsmith, Ontario.  Family owned and operated since 1967!
We also have a great selection of helmets, gloves, and apparel, along with motorcycle, ATV, and marine accessories. Please select from the links on the left for further information.  Thanks for stopping by, we hope to hear from you soon! CX500 customs are popping up all over the place at the moment, but the vast majority of them tend to be head down, bum up, cafe racers.
Now, we have no idea if the story behind the origins of this project is true or not, but what the heck we like it, so we’ll tell it. As Honda had built a CX 500 and an XL 500, it was obvious to Dirk that he needed to build a Honda CXL 500 Scrambler. The luxurious looking paintwork was clearly influenced by old Honda Enduro bikes from the seventies. This 8×8 shed is the ideal economical solution for storing your garden and power tools, or just to organize any extra items you have. This DIY 8×8 shed kit is our most affordable storage solution, yet it provides safe and secure storage for your valuable property! The Kingston is the perfect solution to store lawn mowers, gardening equipment and sporting goods. Crafted from tight-knot cedar, the Garden Caddy offers a 48"w x 18"d fold-down work surface with 5 shelves (two are adjustable) and wood peg hanging system. Portable metal ramps provide convenient access for recreational vehicles or large equipment. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site. Do I need to paint my building right away, what type of paint is recommended and should I caulk the joints? Q: Do I need to paint my building right away, what type of paint is recommended and should I caulk the joints? Buildings which are built on a wood floor (Gazebos excluded), should be constructed on 4x4 treated runners which resist damage from ground moisture and insects (treated wood 4x4 runners not included in kit).
Do not stack anything against the exterior of your building, such as firewood, for any period of time. Locking doorknobs or levers should be sprayed with silicone or other lubricant to maintain locking mechanism and prevent freezing in cold climates. Customizing a shed to fit your needs is easier than you think.  Be sure to check out our line of accessories to see our shelves, wall vents and organizers. Kingston Customs are fast garnering a reputation for taking donor bikes that run the risk of over familiarity and turning them into astonishing and unusual machines, whether it be the outstanding Il Sardo Triumph, or their sublime CX500 C. Taking a 1979 R100, they stripped off all the ugly and unnecessary bits and consigned them to ebay. See more from Kingston Customs here on their Bike Shed Page, or on the Kingston Customs Blog.

So Dirk of Kingston Custom in Germany wanted to build a Triumph that reminded him of the King of Cool, ripping it up on the International Six Day Trials of the mid-sixties. Obviously these days you can’t get away with a paint job, knobblies and some fancy welding on the zorst so this bike was taken to the private room at the back, the one with a velour curtain and stripped down, right down. With all that nickel to look at some contrast was required so an aluminium bash plate was fabricated with some jolly neat lightening holes, but this didn’t escape the buffing wheel either. Nothing Kim Kardashian about this derriere, everything is in proportion with humps, bumps and knobs all in exactly the right place.
After all the polishing and fitment of top notch parts ‘il Sardo tips the scales at a positively heroin chic 189kgs, in comparison to the muffin-topped 230kg standard scrambler. So, having conquered the ubiquitous R-Series beemer with a unique machine, Dirk has now taken on the runner-up to the re-imagined ugly duckling donor crown and set to work on this Honda CX500.
A Harley exhaust was modified to fit while the front fender was shortened and converted to act as the rear fender.
So, although Dirk has given us a few details about the upgrades and changes to the basic components, this bike isn’t really about the parts.
Tres belle moto, la couleur est vraiment bien choisie et la selle est sublime, tres beau cuir !
I would replace that spark plug on steering column with a knife blade for more effectiveness though. Featuring LP® SmartSide siding, the Kingston will stand up to the harshest weather year-round.
If engineered drawings are required to obtain a permit unsigned and unstamped drawings can be downloaded from this site under the “Downloads” tab. You can contact our customer service department at 800-221-1849 and we can arrange for the shipment of the product to your home.
The frame was stripped, modified and powder coated, with the in house custom fabricated tank matched in the rich BMW Ocean Blue Metallic. Perhaps not as sincere an endeavour but when standards are as stratospherically high as they are in the custom bike world, wholesome gentlemanliness goes out the window.
The subframe was modified to accept the Komp-Tech seat unit and the tight rear loop is pretty well executed.
K&N offset oval filters keep the desert out and a rather lovely Arrow exhaust system does the barking through an in-house muffler. Is there anything more racy that zorsts held together with springs? So much so that he removed all the spokes and sat for hours rubbing the chrome from the rims to reveal the more handsome coating beneath. The m-Tri unit solves this so one was fitted to Dirk’s scrambler, along with a set of indicators. It was pure class and with superb attention to detail, and it became clear that proprietor Dirk is a man who expresses himself most eloquently through the quality of his builds. The engine has been treated with thermo-sensitive coating and the exhaust manifold is wrapped with thermal tape.

The footrests were taken from an XT 600 Yamaha, the stubby clip-on handlebars are from Fehling and the Stahlflex brake lines are from Spiegler. What it demonstrates is a good sense of proportion and attention to detail that has also made Kingston Customs’ previous builds stand out from the crowd. If you require signed and stamped drawings they can be obtained from our customer service department for a fee – 800-221-1849.
The hydraulic Sachs shock was heavily modified in the workshop and further fabrication work was completed to create the windshield, side stand and battery housing.
There’s no denying it, nearly every man on the planet would sell an organ to walk a day in Steve McQueens shoes.
Buddy and Triumph nut, Uli Bree of Triworx supplied a 900 Scramber last autumn and expected something special in return. It needed to be, as nickel plating is very unflattering if you’re welding looks like a pigeon shit.
The chunky LSL bars are inviting and Nissin RFX levers reassuring, or am I just getting carried away because I want a go!
The fork internals were converted to air, and the bike boasts a handmade fairing, bench-seat, battery box, fenders and foot brake lever. It’s a honest bike, with classy paint and finish in well-chosen tones (and just check out the seat stitching) and with no more modification than was necessary. I wanted to build a bold and a little wicked, a creative, imaginative, headstrong, beautiful, reduced bike. The local electroplater got a workout with this build, the Athena Motocross foot pegs going into the bucket along with the Honda XLV sidestand.
The tank colour is awesome, similar to the Rickman Matisse but bang up to date, especially cool with the polished knee panels. The end result of one of the nicest CX builds we’ve seen to date, which even manages to keep some of the character of the original bike. You could be at 230 MPH down the Mulsanne Straight in a Porsche 917 or wheelying through the desert on a CR250 Elsinore with $1m dollars in your pocket just for turning up. The frame was chemically dipped, then painstakingly ground, sanded and buffed before even joining the other parts for a fizzy chemical bath.
If this sounds like a waste of elbow grease, wait til you hear what he did with the wheels.

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