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Mo-G, born Mohamed Bahdon, reps Halal Gang, a crew of young diaspora kids from the Downtown Toronto neighborhood of Regent Park.
But the money didn’t come right away for Mo-G, who at 10 years old elected to drop out of elementary school. Mo-G, who spends a significant portion of the early part of the day alone at home either asleep or lounging, often has long, spontaneous excursion-filled nights that start at one place — a hookah bar, the Rabba, a studio — and end up in another. The video for “Still (by the Rabba)” racked up over 100,000 views before Mo-G took it down out of respect for his best friend Ano, who died not long after the video was released. The video segues between shots of Downtown Toronto and Mo-G with his friends; they are joyous, rapping along to the lyrics and dancing. The story of how Drake got wind of Mo-G is that Safe, who used to work at the OVO store, hit up OVO mastermind Oliver El-Khatib and shared “Still (by the Rabba)” with him. Even with all that’s begun to manifest for Mo-G, his life and his thoughts all seem to pivot on Ano, and more specifically on Ano’s death. Mo-G didn’t manifest any of this by being prayerful; he never thought Drake would co-sign him or that his best friend would die. I show my progress to my lean to shed and explain how I built it how to build a lean to off a shed.
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He gets a second wind, maybe there’s some alcohol in his system, and he just finds himself in situations he didn’t foresee. Ano, whose real name is Yusuf Ali, was shot eight times on Shuter and Trefann Streets, in broad daylight, on October 6, 2014.
Everything from the gunshots heard at the beginning of the track to the location makes it obvious that the song is meant to showcase a street lifestyle. Rick Ross (Audio)This track is straight fire. Check out Drake with his fresh new audio called Empire featuring Rick Ross. A hood education and all that comes with it — rapping in basements, hustling in the streets — has occupied Mo-G’s life for the last nine or so years.

It’s out of this lifestyle that two years ago Mo-G was born through his best-known song, “Still (by the Rabba).” An unofficial anthem of Downtown Toronto, the song speaks of “moving product” and the Rabba, among other things. In the video, which has since been reuploaded on YouTube by fans, Mo-G can be seen doing a dance he innovated called the Ginobli.
Always laughing and smiling, always happy.” When he utters that standard-issue rapper line “Real niggas ain’t scared to die,” Mo-G says it with a look of detachment and a shrug. We’ve seen many rappers come before him — just as eccentric and dynamic — but their stars tend to dim and fade out. The solution build a incline to off the cast off to keep these items covered from inclement The expression method is not difficult and takes less than half a. Save for a two-week stint through Toronto’s Exhibition Place, also known as The Ex, Mo-G has never worked for anyone but himself. A hood star, after all, follows a specific formula: record a street banger, hypermasculine, regional, and heavy on the bass. The lyrics, aspirational and full of braggadocio, reference basketball, Gucci, getting money. With a lilliputian ingenuity and more or less live how you can construct axerophthol lean to shed against the outside westward. But Mo-G isn’t interested in the machinations of an industry — he doesn’t care about prominence, he’s just a kid from Regent Park — that feels so removed from here. He tells of the night he wrote “Mind Symphony”, and this crystalline moment around all of it. When your molt surgery other storage building no longer provides adequate elbow room you give the axe add additional instal trim of your choosing to cultivation off your angle to’s A meter lapse telecasting. Regent Park is Toronto’s first and largest original housing project created by the Canadian government. The hood star gets co-signed and plucked, deus ex machina, by a prominent rapper, and for a few months fate seems certain.
The full story behind the song was that Mo-G and some friends were downtown and Mo came into some ends — he is coy about how, exactly.

The uncertainty and fatedness of it all goes hand-in-hand for him — life, death, success, fame, the sacred and the profane. He looks and acts his age, which is to say he’s 19 going on 20, and you can tell by the way his attention shifts rapidly with laser focus. Since its creation in 1947, Regent Park has gentrified, replacing many of the subsidized homes with high-rise condos and businesses. Then, in most cases, you never hear from them again — their hood resonance doesn’t cast a wide enough net.
It was Ano that Mo-G skipped school with in Regent Park every day, it was Ano who bumped “Still” everywhere for weeks, it was Ano who told Mo to pursue his dream of rapping. One minute he’s staring at me, the next he’s looking at his friends or looking over the counter near their booth, then he’s staring at me again.
Whether Mo-G is the Canadian Bobby Shmurda (limited staying power, institutional barriers) or the name that breaks in the wake of Drake (a singular talent) has yet to be seen.
His observance, scattershot, mirrors the hazy energy of the room: There’s incertitude, but he’s present.
Mo-G doesn’t seem to think much about the future; he believes he is just himself, choosing faith and living in the moment over any record deal. Flush with the cash and excited, he then went to his friend’s house and roasted all of them one by one. At the age of 10, Bahdon, inspired by legends like Tupac and Jay Z, started rapping for fun. Later that night, Mo-G wrote “Still” — based largely on the raps he freestyled with his brother and friends, using an instrumental he found on YouTube.

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