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The Lifetime Channel, as you all may know,A is an American television channel that is made specifically for women. The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie is another fine show where the host, Jamie Durie, redesigns and rebuilds people’s backyards. With both of these shows, we have covered the how-to’s with indoor and outdoor spaces. I think we could all learn a little something from watching Ripley take on one of the scariest monsters in movie history. When I say these things, I’m not addressing the movies based on true stories, I am only addressing the ones that are pure fiction and meant for entertainment. These movies will be hosted by Michelle RodriguezA because yet again, I would be the Lifetime overlord and I my will shall be done.
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Launched in 1984, Lifetime Television is a channel generally devoted and targeted to women.
I used to like the old logo, it had a good balance between femininity, authenticity, and roughness.
Brand language that establishes tone voice and also serves to help the viewer navigate show information, i.e. The identity has a more interesting take on language, making it as much a part of the on-air package as the logo and type choice. Without a snazzy edited Vimeo it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with the on-air look, but everything seems pretty straightforward. Pre-sale ticket prices for the Brand New Conference in Nashville on September 15 a€“ 16 available until early May.
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They get kidnapped, stalked, abused, conned, brutalized, and occasionally murdered after all of the above. Replace Supernanny and Dance Moms with Income Property and The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie. If you are interested in the fine art of horticulture and repurposing your backyard, I think you would find this program most helpful.
In order to feel empowered as women, it’s important to be educated on the simple art of home improvement on a daily basis.
There are very important issues concerning violence towards women that do need to be addressed and recognized.
The channel features programming that is geared toward women or features women in lead roles.
Lots of that Museo-like typeface (which starts looking better in the bolder weight) and lots of circles doing things. Its most current positioning is being \"committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families.\" Long an outlet for bad, made for TV movies, Lifetime has gathered a little bit of steam in the last year or so with shows like Project Runway, Army Wives, and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Cleavage The Client List, which have yielded actual viewership growth.
Yes, at the end of the story they are often triumphant, at times posthumously, but regardless the constant theme of these movies is bad things happening to women.
A After starting off the day with some badass women, we will then transition to women who are selfish, despicable, hedonistic, and utterly hilarious (hey, it’s better than women who are constantly being victimized). I don’t particularly care for reality tv, but I make an exception for home improvement shows. HIMYM is a delightful show that talks about the trials and tribulations of dating and is very funny. If I were the Lifetime overlord, I would make this show happen and I would A make Angela Bassett host it. A wonderful way to do this is watching historical dramas, even if they are more fiction than fact and have stylized violence. For the ladies out there who don’t play for that team, Spartacus and 300 also have some fine looking chicas.
These were great shows that were funny, sweet, and addressed issues that come up in daily life. There are so many incredible women directors and writers out there, so I think it’s important that their work is featured and recognized. The new logo, with a prominent icon certainly solves that with a very visible, bold, and graphic presence. Lifetime last redesigned their logo in 2008, covered here, which replaced a short-lived logo designed in 2006, so it's evident that they haven't landed in a place worth staying a long time for.

Lifetime Solutions Financial Planning Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority no. These are all fun and well, but what truly defines and separates this channel from the celluloid crowd is its Lifetime Original Movies. What better way to start off the day than see Xena kicking some ancient derriere, or Starbuck busting some balls?
Unlike Dance Moms, home improvement shows are useful and don’t make me want to punch the television. I’ve always had a special admiration for this character, which is rather cosmic because my mom almost named me Ripley in her honor. Also, the formula: Snarky Lady + Endearing Ditz + Fabulous Slut + Friendship = Fun fun entertainment. Last week, Lifetime introduced a completely new look led by Tim Nolan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Lifetime Networks in collaboration with New York, NY-based Leroy + Clarkson. Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Sacajawea,A Marie Curie, and Margaret Mead are just few of the wonderful women that would be featured in this show. Wells-Barnett’s activism, or Sarojini Naidu work with Ghandi and become the first woman president of the Indian National Congress.
I have to wonder, though, is this really what I consider to be the best entertainment for women?
It’s about a man named Scott McGillivray who helps people convert and improve parts of their houses so that they may rent them out. Aliens also features another amazing female character, Vasquez, who has the second greatest line in the movie. The series would explain how these women have contributed to modern day society and why they should not be forgotten. There’s one where the main character gets kidnapped, falls in love with her kidnapper, and then they live happily ever after.
When they’re fictional, they ought to have female characters that make the audience proud and hopeful, not filled with sympathy. I think it’s important that the younger female demographic has a character they can relate and look up to and Buffy is perfect for this.
These movies should address sexism, racism, and classism because these are very important issues.
Also, it would be a crime to have a female-centric channel and not showcase the work of Joss Whedon. By the way, Battlestar Galactica addresses all these issues, so don’t think discussing these issues will automatically make a show or movie unwatchable.

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