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A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox: please read the instruction inside it to complete the subscription. Exe files are blocked in gmail for security reasons and even if it is compressed using a software such as winzip or winrar they get detected. The contemporary virtual commerce zone offers enormous possibilities for businesses with their own domains online and business blogs plays a vital role here. Hello all!It has not been a long time since we celebrated Pi day this year, and today I am going to be making a Pi themed loader screen.
When you migrate from one country to another, you may like to have a Payapl account for the local currency, but having two emails just makes life more complicated. Loading time of your website or blog is one of the critical factors influencing search engine optimization, which whilst is too sluggish could take the reader far from your internet site and pass onto the following, as a consequence circuitously affecting your web page ranking as nicely. One of the most important steps in publishing a blog on Wordpress is to optimize the blog for search engines using a tool such as Yoast. A blog is a regularly updated website or webpage usually run by an individual, that is written in an informal style. Its basically an experiment by Google called Chrome Music Lab for music lovers and others to learn music. This is a way to screw around with the internet, It is not permanent so nothing gets ruined. Ad blocking extensions are great for individual browsers but leave out other devices and applications. In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to use the address bar at the top of your browser to find information much quicker.
As a creative entrepreneur in the early stages of establishing your online presence, you have realized that having a website is fundamental to success. Here is a simple method using which you can easily download music from YouTube :)Do it at your own risk.
What's common between Instructables, Google, Facebook and most other websites on the internet? Today the need for a Email address is booming in most websites or job applications it requires an email to sign up or receive newsletters and now more than ever you need an email.
Today, I am going to show you a very free of charge way to enlarge your Google Account especially for Google Drive, Gmail, and any of Google Services. These 8 Twittering Thingamajigs allow you to control your projects through Twitter, Tweet Data from your Projects and even analyse Tweets to suit your own needs. This is a super quick and simple instructable that explains how i read my instructable pages easier. Responsive Web Design, sometimes just called RWD, is definitely one of the most important aspects of web design today. While many developers are actively working on an Android app for their client or business, others are going the web app route by creating websites that look and act like apps when viewed on mobile clients.
Mobile Joomla is a free extension that works like this: if you visit a Mobile Joomla-ready website using your desktop web browser, you will see the site like you always do--a normal, standard Joomla! You can see it in action by checking out my own test site which I created as I wrote this article, AndroidWho.
Since I am not the type of person who can just leave things in their default status, I looked around and found a Joomla! While Mobile Joomla works on most web hosts, GoDaddy is known to have issues, so be forewarned. Once you've downloaded the Mobile Joomla file itself, you just need to un-compress it (the actual file you'll be using is a .tar file), and Joomla!

There are too many options to list in this article, but suffice it to say, you can style the display for each device however you want, and completely customize your website's appearance by changing the settings. Having black background, fish-like header image and unconventional menu, it will make your Joomla-driven website noticeable and remarkable among others. Then I thought others might benefit.If your custom Facebook page needs regular updates and management, granting privileges to others will help you share the burden. I have the answer and solution for you right here….Start your own website here!Hi there!
All those aspiring for a dominant presence across the business zone online, a business blog is the most imperative. By adding Facebook friends' birthday calendars to Google calendar, we can sync it to our mobile phones and get reminders promptly. This video shows you as to how you can create multiple paypal accounts with just one Gmail Id. Basically, we're turning the address bar into a command line for the web.Why?A few keystrokes will cut down on repetitive tasks. Whether your goal is to provide freelance work, catch the eye of a future employer, or even open your own shop, a website can get you there.
But, in fact, internet is a computer that works as a server which will save our file or data. In this Instructable, I'll show you how to create your own login interface using Adobe Dreamweaver.
This collection contains some of the best Twitter powered IoT Instructables to help you get started in the field of Social Media & IoT. It simply takes advantage of the fact that every instructable has TWO websites, rather than one. View it in as many devices as you have access to, and you will see an immediate difference (or, if you are using an Android device running the Dolphin HD browser, you can change the user agent to Android, Desktop, iPhone or iPad, and check it out that way).
1.6, rather than the 1.7 release candidate, because the folks at Mobile Joomla are still working out the issues of upgrading to support the new Joomla! TeraWURFL is where the information (the user agent data from just about every mobile device out there) is stored, and it's required for Mobile Joomla to function. By default it works very, very well, and I am looking forward to seeing the next version of Mobile Joomla!, as it promises to support the Joomla! Well, a glance at the latest trends and online behaviors reveals quite an up-close camaraderie between these two.
This tutorial will work fairly well for all versions of Dreamweaver, but I'm using the CC edition.
And yes, when i found this out i, like you, was made to think that i have been living my life a lie. This became abundantly clear one recent Saturday afternoon when the lawnmower stopped lawn mowing. CMS, the Mobile Joomla extension will do most of the work for you, as we will show you in this tutorial.
If, however, you are using an Android or WAP device, iPhone or iPad, you will see the same website appropriately displayed for your device.
Suffice it to say, once you have created the MySQL database, it's pretty much plug and play (or fill in the blanks, more precisely). Along with tastefully picked beige color grades and interesting fonts, coffee beans make the whole design look stylish and unusual. It allows you to redirect mobile users to a specific subdomain, or it can use a specific theme for each device.

They have their own release candidate coming out with support for 1.7, but we'll leave that for a future article.
That allows Android users to see one thing, iPhone users another, and Windows Phone 7 users to see something altogether.
Fortunately, where putting spooled files into Web pages is concerned, both are reasonable and viable options, and I'll show you both ways. With the Industrial Revolution and the papermaking machine, papermaking became a major industry that provides countless products, from books and newspapers to packaging and note pads. This will not only save you paper, it will make your printout accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and a browser. To create an HTML document from a spooled file, you must first copy the spooled file to a database file, then copy the database file to a document library file. From there, you can edit the file, move it to your Web server, and publish it on the Web.If you do this a lot, it would be useful to have a toolbox of standard-issue components to build your HTML document. There will be some items that always go into your HTML documents, so it would help to create a database of those items.
It would also help to be able to add some entries, such as a title, as you create the document.
With a simple CL and RPG program, you can make creating HTML documents from spooled files relatively painless. However, there is a caveat: In the example, I assume that the spooled file you wish to serve to the Web was created by your current interactive job.
Adapting the example so that it works with any spooled file is left as an exercise for the reader. Evolving the example so that it does more is also left as an exercise for the reader.Baby StepsThe first step in moving a spooled file to a Web page is to copy the spooled file to a database file.
The database file must exist, but it can exist in QTEMP, so the job can clean up after itself. If you break that step down, it becomes clear that you need to create a standard file containing some HTML lines. Using DFU, add the following three records:You may want to modify the above HTML to provide different colors or perhaps a background image.
Having standard entries that you can combine with a spooled file to create an HTML document saves you from having to edit that document to add the same entries every time you create a Web page from a spooled file.
Now that you have set up your repetitive entries, you can put them into a database and append your spooled file to that database. The result will be a database that contains standard HTML entries and the entries from your spooled file. When you've done this, you'll almost be ready to move the file to the document library system. Take a look at the CL in Figure 1 (the CL presents a prompt screen, whose DDS is in Figure 2, with a sample in Figure 3). If it finds a record meeting those criteria, it adds a line break marker to the end of the record.

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