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As the name implies, a mobile-friendly website is a site designed, developed and optimized for users on mobile devices – and this is both more complex and more important than it seems. Well, first of all, the percentage of users that are accessing the internet through some sort of mobile device is increasing consistently while the percentage of desktop users are heading the opposite direction.
If you’re still trying to figure out how to make your website more friendly for mobile devices, here are 10 simple things you can do to tighten up your code and make sure everything functions the way you want it to. Media queries allow you to ask a device what size it is, then direct the browser to display things following the set of CSS that you have set.
There are many frameworks out there that you could use for free such as Foundation 3, Skeleton or TukTuk.
Bootstrap is a front-end framework for your site designed to quickly and automatically scale your web page to any device.
However, you will need to check any framework you’re using for full compatibility with your existing site and goals. In the past, most people thought about pictures in terms of pixels – but the widely different resolutions on mobile devices mean that having a single size for images is an inherently bad idea. Instead, configure things like images to have a certain specific width on the page – typically 100% unless you have a reason to do otherwise.
One major way mobile users differ from desktop users is their preference for simple site designs. One of your main goals here is trying to make your website universally compatible – it should display on practically any device that people would care to view it on, and for the most part, that means using software and coding that are universally accepted. So if you need your users to download a 1MB jpeg file just so they can see a thumbnail-sized image, they’re going to be frustrated and leave your site. And if all else fails, there’s no shame in relying on some professionals to fix your website to make it mobile-friendly.
Subscribe and receive exclusive insider tips and tricks on SEO.Delivered to you right from the industry’s best SEO team. One amongst many methods of SEO Optimization is to rework your web pages to focus more on proper keywords.
Sometimes the choice of a particular search keyword might not be attracting the right traffic volume. With the rising competition it is evident that some people resort to unscrupulous practices to give their clients unfair search engine ranking, which are short lived and often risky.
The main concern here is to optimize your pages in such a manner that are ethical and long lasting.

It is vital to understand the working of a search engine to fully grasp the concept of SEO Optimization. A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system.
We look into the working of a search engine and explain the concept to you in a very simple language that is devoid of any technical high sounding words.
Once you have picked out your most profitable and suitable keywords you are ready to weave them into your content pages. In the articles above you have understood the working of search engines and SEO Optimization of websites.
Here are some valuable SEO Tips and nuggets to follow, so that you can attain higher search engine ranking for your web pages. If you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation. DonateIf you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation. Most VisitedThis Website contains a Rich Resource of more than700 Web Directories(Updated)& Lists ofBest Web Hostsfor all types of web hosting solutions.
Make sure you actually look at the list or have some kind of ongoing subscription that gets the information for you. Trying to prevent repeat submissions is an admirable goal, but the realities of mobile connections mean it’s not good to prevent them in this way.
This helps to provide a consistent viewing experience on many different devices and ensure that each image offers as much impact as possible. This is a practical matter as much as anything else – things that are large and complicated will all but inevitably become slow on a mobile device, and one of their main demands is instant delivery of the content they want. The more specialized something is, the less likely your site will be compatible everywhere. This is because the bandwidth of mobile devices are much smaller compared to desktop’s and causes longer loading time. Shrinking the file sizes uses less of their data (if they’re on a limited plan), helps load the page faster, and generally contributes to a positive image of your site. Even if you think you need to use Flash, you could find other technology that could replace Flash, so to be smart and safe, do not use Flash. He is on a never-ending quest to understand the mysteries of the search engine world, and sometimes, on his way to the ice-cream parlor.

This could involve realignment of web pages, rewriting of coding, strategic placement of targeted keyword, creating more links, or simply adding more keyword focused content. Changing the keyword with minor or major alterations could possibly open or close the floodgate to traffic. Many popular search engines like Google have their technologies getting updated at such a pace that it is becoming difficult even for a mature search engine optimizer to manipulate the optimization process. While only one face is visible to the world it cleverly manages to make invisible to the naked eye its other two faces. Understanding them helps you know what to write about, which in turn leads to more and more business. They are usually cluttered with big bright flashing graphics and a mixture of colours and fonts. Smartphones, on the other hand, are tall and narrow – so the width of your content is an important consideration. Hence it is vital to understand how search engines work and in what ways your web pages can be improved to fulfill those requirements of the search engines. This will make a bad first impression and can result in potential customers navigating away from your website for good.That critical initial impression can hold a business back from reaching out to customers.
Whether you’re creating drop-down menus, adding pictures, or playing a video, remember the direction of the device and how people will view the content. Your products and service might be excellent but if customers cannot find what they are looking for you could be in trouble.To improve your site you need to make it search engine and user friendly.
There is a vast industry catering to this profession of SEO Optimization and the competition is very stiff. This is a process that makes your website easier to crawl and index by Google and easier to use by your customers.  The Search engine optimization tips and site layout template below can improve the usability of your website resulting in better rankings and more traffic.
A great way to build an online shop is using opencart templates for the popular Opencart e-commerse system or even using ecommerce themes designed for web shops.

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