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The different types of garden shed showed in your blog are definitely good quality and would serve a variety of purposes as required.
Dimensions: 7' x 3'The Tiger Overlap Double Masterstore is ideal for all your garden storage needs.
I thought I might bring it back to the front of the cue as autumn is quite a common time where people update their sheds, mostly because when the rain falls, they discover their old sheds have some serious leaks! This month I am going to review a pretty important garden product that can significantly improve your garden and that is the humble garden shed.
An upside to buying a bigger shed like this is that is is much easier to fit a worthwhile bench inside the shed and also allows for a more organised shed to be set up, with board for tools to be hung from.
The biggest bonus to this garden shed, other than the size, is that it comes with 2 doors which means moving equipment in and out is a breeze.
Going along with what you were saying, you also want to make sure the shed you are buying is safeshed accredited.

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The Masterstore Garden Shed is perfect for gardener with only a few tools or who are not particularly worried about being able to lay out your tools in a particular order. A garden bench helps to increase space use because equipment like lawnmowers and Brush Cutters can be placed underneath it and the bench itself can be used for planning or storing other tools. This accreditation insures that the shed is built with quality and structural soundness in mind. Obviously the larger size afford more space for more tools to be stored and also means that this size is the best shed to double as a work space for various gardening tasks like putting together wooden supports or building garden bed frames etc.
While shed safety might not be the most important thing on your list when looking for a shed, it should definitely be considered in the buying process. A good, solid, water-proof garden shed will keep your gardening tools better for longer, enabling you to better care for and maintain your garden.

It is made from slightly stronger materials than the Masterstore, has a solid hinged door and a gable roof.
Another upside to the size is if you put in shelving units and the like, they don’t have to go right up against the walls (because you have extra space) which reduces the effect of condensation and any possible leaks in the shed, which will help preserve your tools for longer. One big upside to this shed is that because it is small, you have many options to place it. Plenty of people buy a small garden shed like this to position under an existing carport or patio area.

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