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Take both your pieces of wood and wrap a layer of masking tape around each end like shown in this picture then use your saw or pocket knife to make a notch in the ends. Now lay your frame right on the plastic and cut the plastic to about the same shape and size as the frame. Cut yourself a piece of string about six feet in length and tie one end of it to the bottom of your kite. When you go flying your kite bring yourself some extra string and some extra strips of cloth so you can add more cloth as needed to keep the kite flying nice and straight. Now tie your kite string right here at the point where the two pieces of wood meet and you are ready to go!
Thorough, expert guide with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions for creating more than 50 awesome, airborne objects - everything from simple bag kites to Vietnamese, Snake, Dutch, Dragon, Bullet, Delta, and Flowform flyers. We designed this kite for the flyer who wants zero percent frustration and one hundred percent fun! This colorful Sparky the dog kite was designed for the flyer who wants zero percent frustration and one hundred percent fun. Traditional Box Kite, 20" x 40" True classics never go out of style and few designs have withstood the test of time like traditional Box and Cellular kites.
I used my homemade geography stamps for my students passports for each civilization we studied.
When building the sail it is very important that you make it very strong so securely tie the pieces together and then put a liberal amount of glue on them.
In the picture here you can see I tied it with wire and then applied hot glue to secure it. To add the sail (I recommend you actually do this before you glue the whole thing to the boat). This picture shows the sail in place so you can get an idea of what the finished sail should look like.
If your boat mast and sail are built very strongly you probably don't need these guide wires but I recommend you do them any way.
Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices Want to get a little more creative?
Even though I made my paper globe ornaments with Valentine’s colors, you could easily make these for any holiday or occasion. If you do not have access to a Silhouette machine, you’ll need to make an equilateral triangle template to match your circle punch. Punch a hole through one set of glued petals and cut an 8-10″ length of ribbon or floss. You know – these could make a good project for those cards you can’t bear to toss out! Join The Artisan Life and immediately receive your 31 day Daily Gratitude Challenge printable gratitude journal! The Artisan Life is where I share my passion for creating and living a fulfilling, adventurous life with tutorials, recipes, and travel tips centered around Hawaii, our current home, and the great ports around the Pacific we've visited together. Get immediate access to your free printable gratitude journal so you can join the Daily Gratitude Challenge when you decide to live the adventure with The Artisan Life! A few of the perks of this bag have already been mentioned- washable, so simple, and made using recycled clothing that you have no other use for!It is an endlessly customizable  tote bag that can be dressed up even more with a cute little flower pin, and can be made just the right size for whatever adventures your summer has in store!
Cut a circle half circle in the front of your shirt that takes the crew neckline of your t-shirt with it. Now that the top of your tshirt has been transformed into a tote bag, it is time to seal up the bottom with a simple knotted fringe. Continue this across the bottom of your bag until you can no longer see a gap between your knots. Now that you have completed a functional recycled t-shirt tote bag, it is time to embellish it to add a little flair! Assembling this cute floral purse embellishment was as easy as finding a few bright flowers for summer, attaching them to a felt circle with hot glue, then adding a brooch clip and a few cute button embellishments. The challenge of making this volcano is that you want something that really fires off a big stream in a dramatic way. You can do this project with other types of volcano shells just be aware that most shells will get soggy after a single use. With the easy removable bottle you can take it right out, put a new bottle in and fire it off again. Explore the most destructive force on earth and learn all about volcanoes with this hands-on kit.
I found some small silver containers, gathered my other supplies, put them together and had a photo shoot. Here are the inspiration photos I snapped with my iPhone in California and there was a lot: silver cups, creamers, sugar bowls, large tureen-type bowls, and even teapots and coffee pots.
Remove the succulents from their pots, separating gently any that are planted together, place on top of the drainage material in your silver containers and fill any areas with soil. I chose to use single succulents for the containers with smaller openings, but the one in the bowl didn’t seem enough, so I added a couple hens and chicks succulents I had growing elsewhere. To care for your succulents, keep in bright light indoors, out of direct afternoon or hot summer sun.
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I just need to put a couple of small pieces over the notch and string so the string doesn't pop out in the wind. For more information on Harrington Harmonies' affiliates, please see my full disclosure policy. To kill two birds with one stone I have created geography passports for the kids in my class. I couldn’t find a stamp for Sumeria or Babylon, who knew? So when I started looking for a way to fulfill my idea I found this possibility and it worked perfectly. Glue it firmly in place both at the wooden surface and at the crevice between the two bottles. You can just slip the whole bag right over the sail structure and poke a little hole so the mast sticks through it. And you can add some fun little details like gluing figures to the surface of the boat or making yourself a little flag for the top. Card stock, scrapbook paper, and even old cards or postcards work equally well for these ornaments!
You can’t see it under my finger, but the bottom end of the first fold is immediately adjacent to the bottom edge of the second fold.
Remove the triangle template and keep folding circles until you have at least 20 folded circles. Just confirm your subscription and you'll get immediate access so you can begin developing your attitude of gratitude. Plus you'll get access to weekly free inspirational printables and inbox aloha, sent Monday Morning, island time, to brighten up your Aloha Monday. It is the season of hauling supplies to the beach and camping, and then hauling those dirty, sandy supplies home. Any shirt that has been outgrown or is no longer useful can be great to repurpose, but we also love using t-shirts with a little bit of sentimental value.
Once these are all tied together, this will have closed off the bottom of your bag but will leave spaces between the knots.
While you could always add buttons or flowers directly to your tote bag, we love the option to swap the embellishment our onto another bag to mix things up. I start the day with oils and end the day with oils, integrated into my life seamlessly. One great part about essential oils is how easy it is to incorporate them into activities with kids. This project doesn't use any paper mache or plaster so it is much less mess, easier and faster to make and it looks great. Mentos and Diet Coke are perfect for this but the typical volcano project pours almost two liters of soda on your volcano! About Great Stuff: This material must be used only by adults and there are safety warnings. You can simply place the bottle right on the board then use the great stuff to form your cone. It only took ten minutes to spray on the great stuff and once it is dried you can put the bottle back in and then fire it off. And after all the terrorist bombings worldwide, many parents are probably reluctant to have their kids messing around in the basement with the test-tubes and chemicals that used to be de-rigeur in adolescent development. When we were in California during the summer, I saw a store selling succulents in vintage silver, loved the idea, and started planning to create a DIY post using thrift store silver for you guys. All planted with succulents – mostly single succulents, but some of the bigger items with three succulents. I just grabbed some gravel from our garden paths, since I needed so little and there was actually enough soil in the pots I bought that I didn’t need any more.
If you have, but haven’t made them for yourself (or for others, ahem), I hope I’ve inspired you to upcycle some vintage silver!
I always see these types of silver at the second hand store, and now a way to put it to good use! I'm Jami and I'm passionate about simple whole food recipes, easy DIY projects, do-able organic gardening, living simply and finding joy in everyday life & its imperfections. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.
Use string to tie them together tight and then wrap over the string with some tape so it is nice and strong. So when assembling the two pieces of wood into the cross shape you should make sure the notches are all running the same way so the string falls into them correctly. With many designs to choose from, you're sure to find just the right Premier Large Easy Flyer to amuse the young and the young at heart. After your day of playing in the wind, just fold up your kite and store it inside the pouch included. You might make the shape of the country for your image or perhaps the design of their flag.
I have also taken this project a bit further than normal and added some remote controls to it.
And you can use two liter plastic bottles which work the best but you can use any size plastic bottle that you want. If I were to ask for any physical gift, I’d prefer something we made together to anything brought home from the store. I used my favorite Neenah cardstock because I love the colors and the high recycled material content (it’s available at most Target stores). Alternatively, you can make the top one solid color and the bottom another color – the choice is yours!

I find it easiest to work one petal at a time instead of putting glue on the entire ring and trying to work quickly before the hot glue hardens. Another option is to fold your tshirt in half down the middle, then draw a crescent quarter circle. Since we used a boutineer hair clip combo, it could even be worn clipped into a cute hairstyle! With this method you won't be able to get the bottle out so for reuse you will have to fill it again with soda from the top.
Comes with quick dry plaster gauze for simple shaping and red and brown paints for a realistic look! But here's a delightful book of simple chemistry experiments that any kid can do with household compounds like baking soda, vinegar, and whatnot -- perfectly safe, and highly educational as well (and the volcano seems like it would be very cool).
Helens help show how volcanoes are created, different kinds of eruptions and cone formations, and why tsunamis often follow. For me, I don’t buy silver because of the tarnishing issue, which is why I like these – the more tarnished they are, the better! It only takes a few materials and you can improvise and use a variety of things depending on what you have. After you have wrapped it and tied it add pieces of tape over the notches so the string doesn't pop out with the force of the wind.
I use homemade stamps, one for each ancient civilization we cover, to stamp each child’s passport once they complete each project for the time period.
I chose symbols of each ancient civilization, things the children would recognize from their lessons. Once you have drawn the design and it’s finished just glue the each foam sheet design to a block. Below is a picture of the same boat that I added a remote controlled rudder to so it could be steerable. If you want a better looking sail you can also lay your bag flat down on a table then use masking tape to make an eight inch square and cut it out. Actually, just making something together would be a fun way to celebrate – we’ve been working on making wood boxes lately and have been doing some great teamwork! I chose to use 10 of one color and 10 of a second color, but you can use as many or few colors as you’d like! Sometimes a little tote bag that you don’t have to worry too much about comes in handy though!
If you are starting with a very large t-shirt or are looking for a shorter t shirt tote bag, you can make your fringe extra long! I think they would make great gifts (hostess, teacher, or birthday come to mind) and of course are perfect for so many styles of decor, since they bridge the gap between traditional (the silver) and modern (the succulents).
So I concentrated on the smaller silver containers, which turned out to be super cute – especially grouped together. I made mine extra large to fit several stamps on the one sheet or page but you may decide a booklet or portfolio insert works better for your homeschool setting.
I really do prefer handmade presents and decorations to factory-produced ones so even though I’m not big on Valentine’s Day I had to create something for it! A bag that will look cute, hold a whole lot, and that can be thrown in the wash if it gets dirty or wet! Once you have cut the center of your tote bag out, meet the side seams together and line up the handle to be sure you have made all the holes big enough and like how it will hang. They often feature fun and easy activities to do with kids like Moon Sand, Bubbles, and Honey Suckers.Interested in learning more about essential oils?Check out my Doterra website for more information on ordering retail or wholesale by become a wellness advocate.
The trick is pressing hard enough and deep enough while drawing that your image will not get ink on it. Today I’m sharing a paper globe ornament tutorial with everyone because it’s inexpensive, easy to customize, pretty, and cute! That is why we think this No Sew T-shirt Tote Bag  is the best project to whip up if you have an extra t-shirt lying around and a few minutes to spare! If your shirt is quite large to start with, you will want to cut the sleeves off but leave the arm seams intact. This is where a rotary cutter really comes in handy, but again a sharp scissors will also work. Continue the strips along the bottom of your tshir with both halves of the tshirt together so that you cut matching strips in each half. I will refer you to Doterra’s blog on making soap for more details on the process.Soaps make a great gift for any time of year for anyone!
If you are starting with a smaller t-shirt to begin with, you might want to cut the seams off so that the handles stretch out further to make the bag hang lower.
If you have rotary cutters, they make this a bit quicker, but sharp scissors will also work for this. I promise not to spam you because I am awesome (and clearly so are YOU).Congrats on joining over 17,000 of your closest parent and teacher friends! First Name E-Mail Address Popular Reads10 Ways to Absolutely Improve Toddler Communication8 Easy & Inexpensive Leaf Activities5 Rock Star Responses to Get Kids ListeningMLK Jr.

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