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Isolated footings, or “pads”, are isolated from other footings and are typically used for the support of load bearing posts or columns. The length and width of isolated footings varies with the load they are intended to support.
In residential construction, the thickness of an isolated footing generally varies between 12” and 24”. Steel reinforcement is usually provided in isolated footings and varies with the design loads and building code in effect. Formed base trim improves the durability— and appearance— of pre-engineered steel buildings. While RHINO steel buildings can be built on concrete piers or perimeter walls, most customers choose to build on a concrete slab. In ordinary notched concrete foundations, the contractor pours a lip around the outside of the slab, lower than the main floor. Formed base trim creates a barrier between the bottom of the exterior wall panels and the interior floor. To further increase waterproofing, RHINO steel building kits also contain dense foam closure strips.
Formed base trim and foam closure strips are just two ways of the many ways RHINO provides the best prefabricated metal building value at the best possible price. If you have any questions concerning metal building formed base trim or RHINO steel buildings, please now.

They are often placed outside the main structure, such as to support a roof overhang, but are also commonly located at the interior for the support of post or columns point loads. The weight of the supported vertical load combined with the weight of the footing itself is divided by the total area of the footing.
For heavier point loads, a thicker footing may be required to avoid a shear or punching failure of the concrete. The reinforcement typically consists of a grid of reinforcement steel bars placed near the bottom of the footing.
This notch allows the bottom of the steel wall panels to rest in the notch, below floor level.
SAVES TIME: Creating a slab for formed base trim is much faster and easier than pouring a notched foundation. SAVES HASSLES: If the concrete contractor pours the notch imperfectly, installing exterior paneling becomes very challenging. INCREASES EYE APPEAL: Available in colors to match the exterior wall panels, steel building formed base trim helps create a more attractive, professional-looking structure. INCREASES DURABILITY: The lips in notched concrete foundations collect water, causing panels to rust, corrode, and discolor. INCREASES SEALING: Notched concrete foundations leave room for drafts, insects, and rodents to enter the building envelope.
Formed to match the shape of the steel wall panels, foam closer strips tightly seal the structure— supplying additional protection from insulation wicking.

In residential slab on grade construction, they may be placed with the slab (monolithically), or prior to (underneath) the main slab concrete.
This computation approximates an applied pressure, which must be less than the bearing capacity of the soil. If the supported column or post is expected to experience uplift, then the connection of the column to the footing must be adequate.
With heavier point loads or large footings, another steel grid may be required near the top of the footing. The formed base trim attaches to the base angle, forming a ledge below the exterior steel panel.
RHINO’s formed base trim seals tight, creating a barrier stopping cold air, creepy crawlers, and vermin in their tracks. Uplift conditions also require that the footing (and overlying slab) be large and heavy enough to prevent upward movement, if other uplift restraint provisions are not made.
J bolts intended to anchor the column or post base plate to the footing are sometimes pre-set with a template and cast into the concrete, to avoid drilling holes in the concrete later.
Wicking renders the insulation useless, promotes leaks into the structure, and increases the chances of rust and corrosion.

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