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Cold formed metal roof trusses are a remarkably versatile solution for creating complex, architecturally interesting and 100 percent non-combustible roof systems. 24x36 with 12' side shedThis building is an example of the building that we can customize for you. OUR GARAGE AND SHOP BUILDINGS ARE BUILT WITH 2X4 STUDS,2' ON CENTER WITH TREATED BOTTOM PLATE. ALL OUR HAY AND POLE BARNS ARE CONSTRUCTED WITH STRENGTH AND LONGEVITY AS THE BASIS FOR DESIGN.
Cold formed metal trusses, or lightweight metal trusses, are used in commercial and residential construction and have similar profiles, pitches and applications as wood trusses.
Cold formed metal trusses offer several advantages over the use of traditional wooden trusses.
Cold formed metal trusses do require a higher level of site protection and care in handling because they tend to be more flimsy than wood until they are set and braced.
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We will also frame up your cabin or home with doors and windows, allowing you to finish the inside.
Cold formed metal trusses are commonly fabricated from heavier gauge cold formed c-channels and are mechanically fastened to a structure using clips.
The need for specialized skills and equipment is an additional consideration for correctly installing and attaching metal trusses. BEFORE THE METAL GOES ON, THE BASE OF THE WALL HAS METAL BASE GUARD TO KEEP OUT INSECTS, DIRT, ETC.
The use of screw guns or air driven “pin type” fasteners may be required, as well as the possible need for welding skills.
The use of prefabricated trusses can result in shorter construction schedules and a high level of consistency and quality in the components. Due to the metal’s high level of strength, trusses can be designed for clear spans of over 80 feet .
The need for intermediate bearing walls is eliminated or drastically reduced, facilitating the creation of large, open spaces.

Metal trusses can be spaced at larger intervals than wood, ultimately resulting in reduced labor and material costs. One disadvantage to this method is that the wooden posts will still draw moisture from the ground, and even pressure-treated lumber will eventually rot and be prone to insect damage.
This allows you to use gravel or even dirt for the floor, and then a concrete or wood floor can be added later if you wish. Of course, you can also build a pole building kit on top of a conventional slab. Pole barn kits will have horizontal slats, called girts, attached to the outside of the posts.
They are typically spaced every two feet, but the spacing is dictated by wind load and siding type.

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