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Actually, it can also detect speed cameras; it has access to the Snooper Aura speed camera database, so using the GPS can also alert you to whether there is a speed camera in the area, but the ability to tell you the speed limit of normal roads would give you confidence over whether you were speeding or not to being with. Even better, Snooper have recently updated the software inside the device, and any new devices bought this year have a new trick up their sleeve; you can specify what type of vehicle you have (car, truck, car towing) and it will adjust the speed to reflect your speed on the road, which I think makes the device even more useful, especially for those who occasionally tow, or have caravans, motorhomes etc.
On the screen above you can see it’s displaying a speed camera alert (you can turn off the smiley face if you want a more professional looking device!), when there are no speed cameras around that circle displays the current road speed instead. Overall, a clever little device that concentrates on doing one thing, and seems to do it quite well. Ping domain tester displays details, that includes the time it takes to get a control packet from the remote host.

It is expected that if a webpage doesn't load within 6-9 seconds you will lose a third of your visitors. In fact, you can buy it without the speed camera database (but the Halfords price with the camera support is still cheaper). Also, when speed limits change the device may not know about the change, so you should always used devices like this as a secondary aide, and still pay attention to the road signs! My only problem with it is the price; for the same price (actually slightly less), you could buy a device such as the Garmin Nuvi 30, with full European navigation as well as the facility for displaying the road speed limit (a function of most recent models from both Garmin and TomTom).
High values of packet loss and reaction time indicate low connection performances, while low response time means faster connection and more reliable.

So if your site speed is slower than that probably you should improve your design, website configuration or just move to a faster server. By utilising the Navteq road speed database and a GPS signal, it is able to tell you what it thinks is the normal speed for the road for your car (**), and that, to me, is a clever trick.

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