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Omaha, NE – The decision by the University of Nebraska at Omaha to recommend football and wrestling be eliminated has stirred controversy throughout the campus and community. KVNO News’ exclusive interviews with wrestling Coach Mike Denney and Athletics Director Trev Alberts this week shed new light on the relationship between the two men. When Trev Alberts accepted the position of Athletics Director at UNO in 2009, he stated a clear vision of taking the University to the highest level of NCAA competition: Division 1. Coach Denney said he was given a different explanation as to why the program could no longer be sustained. The decision has roused emotion from the community and the student body, both for and against.
For now, the fate of a wrestling program, and moreover, a University, lies in the hands of the 8 members of the Board of Regents. Do any of you Trev haters even know what it takes to be an AD or the real financial stituation that UNO is facing?
How convenient for the Board to hold public hearings in Lincoln on a Friday when it’s not feasible for most supporters of either program to be able to attend. As far as I am concerned, anyone who can say their operating budget has not increased in 32 years needs to be running the entire University’s finances.
Trev wants to drop wrestling and football to move into a league that has a reputation as being one of the worst leagues in division I. His projections of how the school will raise revenue through ticket sales states that during the 2012 season basketball will make 75,000 dollars in ticket sales and that number will double the next year to 150,000. If it is true to cut teams that aren’t bringing in revenue, you would have to cut hockey and the majority of the other sports at UNO. Couple of things what facts does Marv have to support the rise in attendance of basketball games. The combined one fund idea by Trev sounds like another way to hide transparency within the athletic department. Until the more students and Omaha residents get involved, by attending UNO sports, nothing is going to change!!!! If they cut all sports that did not bring in revenue, then they should be looking at sports at UNL also, such as gymnastics, track, etc, why just UNO. Alberts should be fire and banned from ever stepping foot on a college campus again for this blatantly self serving and personally vindictive move. Trev has done such a great job….Might I suggest an employment opportunity for him at either Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State? Also, I think Steve Pederson sould be considered for athletic director employment at the previously mentioned schools.
Can’t wait to see how much more student body UNO will atract to a school who prides on their Div 1 Golf. This was no real tough choice for him, else he would’ve had the guts to talk to both coaches affected before landing the decision. The original building was vacant and disused when the clients bought the site in May 2012 and was in need of a complete and radical facelift. In addition, as part of the wider site development, the Worsley project also saw the rebranding and reworking of the adjacent hotel, incorporating this into the Hello Hotel chain, also owned by the client.

The new two storey venue comprises the restaurant, bar area and private dining room on the ground floor with a function room and associated bar and external terrace on the first floor. The Client wanted the Worsley restaurant to retain a visual link with the identifiable Albert’s brand and this was reflected in a number of areas across the venue. Internally, the restaurant bar features a slab of highly polished black marble which reflects the distinctive blue neon lighting.
The bar and restaurant opening has proven to be a great success, continuing the popularity of the Albert’s brand and the successful partnership with Fasciato Architects.
Alberts Shed owners, the Ramsbottoms, have been working hard this year on their expansion out of Castlefield. Alberts Shed in castlefield has always been a family friendly place, but it feels like Alberts Didsbury is even more so.
And of course, being between the Didsburys means that Alberts is a great place to go on the way to the other, and a great meeting place in between. Around 20 firefighters were called to the popular Castlefield nightspot on Thursday morning after plumes of black smoke were seen pouring from the building. Around 20 firefighters were called to the popular Castlefield venue this morning after plumes of black smoke were seen pouring from the building. The fire, said to have started in a chip pan, spread into the roof space but firefighters quickly brought the fire under control and managed to stop it spreading into the main bar and restaurant. Four fire engines were at the scene this lunchtime along with an aerial appliance being used to fight the fire from above. All staff and customers are believed to have left the building safely and there are currently no reports of injuries. A huge plume of smoke could be seen over Manchester city centre before fire crews arrived to battle the blaze. Station Manager Phil Nelson, who is in charge of the incident, said: a€?We are dealing with a fire involving the kitchen at Dukes 92 which has spread to the roof through the ducting. The move was not easy for all sports – as the once successful volleyball program found itself at a disadvantage against opponents with more scholarships to offer.
Particularly controversial is the cut to the wrestling program, one of UNO’s most successful athletics teams.
The difference in opinion about the move to a higher level of competition undoubtedly put strain on the relationship, but there were other issues.
Alberts reiterated a point he made at the initial press conference announcing the decision, saying that dropping wrestling better aligns the University with the new conference.
Nobody comes to watch basketball at UNO now, why would they go to watch UNO get handled by other terrible division I schools. The average amount of help that was given to the programs from student fees and other allocations AVERAGED $7.2 million a program. Either we keep wrestling and football and stay Div II, and in 4-5 years we can shut down the whole athletic program. Division II success in basketball has no bearing on future Division I success because they’ll be recruiting completely different players. I can guarantee you that the lack of fan base is not going to get better at D1 for any of the UNO sports!!!!

13 World Herald column, Tom Shatel stated that UNO’s identity is now Division 1 basketball.
The project started on site in April 2013 and was completed February 2014 at a cost of ?1.2 million. The function room with glass balustrading to the terrace is used for corporate as well as private events and if the bar is not required it can be hidden behind a sliding screen. Large expanses of glass and the large, heated, external dining area covered by a frameless glass canopy create a welcoming ambiance, especially at night. The black porcelain floor tiles, highly reflective black Perspex internal doors, black stained oak fixed furniture and banquette seating have become recognisable features of Albert’s Restaurants. They found a spot in between Didsbury Village and West Didsbury, on Barlow Moor Road and have turned a large, detached house into a slab-of-ice-cream castle, with a chess board sun terrace and hanging gardens.
KVNO’s Brandon McDermott spoke to head coach Rose Shires her answer to this lack of depth: recruiting. With that said, the decision to drop wrestling is just plain dumb and I have yet to hear a good explanation for the move.
Denney wanted to do his own thing which is typical of successful programs that haven’t had to make concessions. UNO would also have to invest in new facilities to meet the minimum seating required for division 1 events. Inside is a shock of electric pale blue and glossy piano black, with a skylight exposing a Galley kitchen and Pass which is almost in the restaurant itself.
It is probably the correct one so quit bashing people who make it and take your whining with all the other losers on this forum. You don’t go to watch your home team get embarrassed, you go to see something great happen or see them take their shot at becoming the best. There’s no way soccer and golf (the sports replacing wrestling) will operate on the small amount of money it takes to run the UNO wrestling program.
Trev Alberts is basically saying he is gonna double the amount of support for an intramural basketball team that has absolutely no chance of going to the show or even playing any post season.
So why are we replacing wrestling with soccer and golf if they are on average just as big a money loser as wrestling? This was not a decision for the better of the college, community, or the student population at UNO. Can anyone tell me why Trev is driving a new white mercedes benz with State of Nebraska government plates on it? His article states that many ball players will, “simply call it quits, not even return to their campuses, let alone attend class, the moment their team is eliminated or wins the NCAA Tournament or NIT. They are actually the only National award winning team UNO has produced in the last 15 years.

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