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Protect your Christmas ornaments when the holidays are over with the Christmas Ornament Storage. Integrated handles let you easily carry this storage box to and from the garage, basement, or attic.
This Ornament Keeper Christmas Ornament Storage Box from TreeKeeper provides a convenient way to safely store and protect up to 72 Christmas ornaments in one compact storage box. Keep your holiday ornaments safely stored and protected all year with this Holiday Ornament Storage Box. Easily and safely store your Christmas tree ornaments in this Christmas Ornament Storage Chest. Capable of storing up to 75 round ornaments, the Christmas Ornament Storage includes dividers that provide each ornament with its own individual space.

It's made of festively printed cardboard and available in two sizes: 56-capacity with 2 compartments or 64-capacity with 4 compartments.
Featuring three removable trays with handles which are lined with fabric to protect delicate Christmas ornaments, this Christmas ornament storage box also includes a large zippered pouch on the front sized perfectly to fit your tree skirt. Just received the two I ordered, haven't even used them yet and I'm ready to place an order for three more.
The interlocking lid and integrated handles make ornaments easy to store and carry in this Christmas Ornament Storage container, and the design allows for easy stacking in a garage, attic, or basement. Side-slotted handles make the boxes easy to carry and the boxes knock down when not in use.
You can remove a tray at a time and carry it to the tree for ease of decorating, and each drawer is labeled so you can sort bulbs by size or color.

The holiday storage container has individual slots so you won't have to worry about your ornaments breaking while in storage. The reinforced carrying handles make toting and storing this Christmas ornament storage container easy. This holiday storage container is easy to assemble and it all folds flat to about 2 inches thick when you're not using it.

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