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Certainly we do believe with all the pictures of outdoor patio with fire pit above you might can not find what your need. Concrete Patio Designs are today best choice for low cost patio, you can use it to make a new longing area on your backyard or around your pool in a unique way, less expensive and beautiful result.
Its most advantage is that concrete can be mold into any form, regular or irregular, patio or walkways. There are four popular methods to create concrete patio designs, they are stamped concrete, poured concrete, exposed aggregate and acid stain. Stamped concrete or some called imprinting is used to duplicate various texture and pattern designs.
You can get these patterns below for your stamped or imprinting concrete patio designs in the market. Stamped concrete patio designs do cost cheaper than the real patio paver stone, they can cost just half the price of natural stones as marble or granite, and you get their look.
After the stamped or poured job done you can polish the concrete with acid stain to make it appear like real polished stones. If you like pebbles, coarse surface from sprinkle little stones, or even mosaic appearance for your patio, you may go with this method.  You can mix the wet concrete with colored broken tile or glass or color pebbles and make an amazing patio texture and color. These various ranges of colors, acid stains and dyes are the new products that help you emit your creativity.
Together with the given landscape, concrete patio designs can be an appealing yet highly economic project. Concrete always cracks that’s the reality but you don’t have to avoid this beautiful concrete patio designs. First, prepare the ground, level it and check it clearly so there are no soft spot, and then harden them with compactors.
Second, reinforce your concrete with steel bars that laid out in a checkerboard pattern or panel wiremesh.
At last, control joints, since concrete always cracks, you must check up wherever it is done.
Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips and Planning - Decorative Landscapes Inc.Decorative Landscapes Inc. What features do you want in your kitchen?  For example, grill, sink, cabinet or storage space, warmers, refrigerator, wine chiller, ice maker? Do you want a bar to be able to sit at?  If you answer yes to this question, how high do you want the bar to be?  Do you want it the same height as the other counters or do you want a higher bar level. Do you have a focal point in your backyard living space?  Is there a pool, lush landscape, space for a tv?  Think about what you want to be looking at as your are cooking.  What do you want your guests to be looking at if you have a bar area.
What style of counter top do you want?  Whether you want to pay more for a custom top or use stone pieces in smaller manageable sizes may weigh on the size or scale of your kitchen area. How big is the grill that you want to install?  Will it be freestanding in between stone or is it built in? What are the lighting conditions in your backyard space.  Do you want your kitchen in full sun, do you have a shady spot or do you want to add in a pergola of some type or roof structure overhead to shade you as you cook? Gazebo kits , pergola roofing and patio roofing can all benefit from an asphalt shingle system.
Gazebo Kits & Pergola Roofing Materials Australia specialise in the supply and installation of American shingle roofing materials.

We send out gazebo kits for new roof’s and as a replacement product throughout Australia.
Do-it-yourself installation is becoming increasingly popular, both for new homes and all sorts of backyard roof’s.
One of the best parts of summer is being outside to enjoy a garden party or barbecue.  Make your patio more enjoyable with the right design for your space.
Whether you want a small deck for enjoying a dinner outside or you need a large area for having parties, it all starts with a level surface. If your property has a slope, then you may be concerned that a patio design is out of reach. An experienced patio designer can create a patio shape that looks great and makes the most of your available space.
This article was written by Marcus Fulker, owner of Great Aussie Patios, based in Perth, Western Australia.
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More in Renos5 Ways to Manage Your Indoor Kitchen GardenNothing beats fresh herbs and vegetables when cooking any meal. So it gives you more possibilities to create your own design and fit to any space you decided.
You can duplicate natural paver stones surface and patterns as flagstone, cobblestone, brick, and sandstone or other natural surface as wood, bamboo and even sea shells. You can experiment with two or three different concrete mixture colors, and then pour them in pattern mold.
The acid is poured over the concrete while it still wet, then the chemical reaction will result mingles and bled color that imitates the natural stone color or bring colorful and vibrant look to the concrete.
Technically, you have to raise them up slightly with some rocks or plastic ‘seat’ so when you pour the concrete they will stand in the middle of the concrete.
You can use a tool called joiner or concrete saw and sawed in after the concrete established. We are the proud Australian distributors for IKO Corporation, the largest exporter of shingle roofing materials Worldwide. Using simple tools found in most homes a gazebo kit roof, shed roof or pergola roofing project can be built in a weekend with no prior experience. In addition to a flat surface for your furniture and accessories, it’s also wise to add patio covers to create shade from the sun and shelter your gathering from the rain.
The gentle arch replaces a sharp peak in the roof, and many people prefer the graceful angles. However, there are several options for levelling out the ground and installing a beautiful deck.
A professional will also offer a good warranty, quality craftsmanship and will take care of the necessary municipal approval applications to make the project less stressful for you. It increases your property value and ensures you and your family many hours of enjoyment during the warmer months.

The method is just pressed the stamp to the wet concrete and make patterns and designs as you like. When this job is ready, you can call the concrete truck and call some friends to help you fill your ‘patio’ with concrete mixture. Experts say ten by ten concrete patio designs is the best size for concrete pad and don’t need a control joint, but you don’t have to make exactly this size to make it easy for you and disregard your design. Here are the patio design options that are available for you, and how you can have them added to your home. If you have a reasonably flat yard, then you can choose a concrete deck or even paving stones. Placed directly next to another structure or set away from your home, it can provide you with shelter and shade for your new outdoor kitchen or a seating area. Raised on the open side and angling down towards an existing structure, it keeps an area dry and creates shelter while maintaining an open feeling. Placed out in an open area, it will shelter your hot tub, fire pit or gathering area from summer storms and the hot sun. When you decide to decorate your outdoor patio with fire pit, you will need some awesome ideas. But if you still hard to do that, just simply discuss it with your landscape contractor and give them your own point of view. Pine Interlocking Planks, resembles a wood floor with texture like sandblasted pine planks. Keep maintain this concrete, cover it so it won’t dry too quickly or it will slightly make random cracking. You can cover your in-ground pool, shade your dining table and protect your outdoor kitchen.
You will find those ideas from the pictures below that already filtered based on decent design. English Yorkstone, it has a fractured stone surface with different irregular shapes and size but they are fit one another.
In addition to placing this structure out in the open, it can also be attached to another structure.
So now that you know how to build a pergola, it’s time to think of the little things that can make yours special. These designs were popular in the late 19th and easy 20th centuries and they have a strong architectural presence. Still, usually the focus is on creating a comfortable environment so the furniture is chosen to subscribe to this concept. You can have a sofa and several armchairs on the pergola but typical wicker furniture is also very popular.

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