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The Ashville Dock Boxes for sale online represent a baseline of what Planters Unlimited can do. Decorative outdoor storage boxes are an asset to commercial and residential properties alike. To become a Hooks and Lattice email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. To become a Sign Bracket Store email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. Is storage a problem at your house?  Do you want to put your cars in the garage and move the lawn mower, snow blower and bikes into its own home?  Look no further then The Carriage Sheds Green Garden Collection.  These Amish made structures bring style and grace to your storage. Weather and other delays often occur in the Amish and our community, thus we are completely unable to GUARANTEE any delivery. We and they will do our best, but we are not liable in any way for delays, regardless of the cause! Because hardwood is a natural product, created by nature and then finished by skilled Amish craftsmen, you can expect the usual variations in wood color, stain color, some degree of cherry pits, even in so-called clear cherry (Filled for regular cherry, normally open for Rustic Cherry). Now Visit our Retail Location - OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11am-7pmKids and Teens, 16163 Lake Forest Parkway, Suite J, Irvine, Ca. The Vinyl Sheridan's spacious roof design combines with a deluxe vinyl-coated exterior finish for superior storage space and durability.

The Ashville Fiberglass Dock Boxes are multi-purpose, decorative outdoor storage well-suited to residential or commercial settings.
This adept deck box is attractive, yet unassuming - the ideal combination for keeping exteriors streamlined. As a manufacturer of fiberglass products, we are able to create deck boxes in various sizes, styles and most any custom color that are perfect for your floating dock.
The visible part of the container features attractive paneling that lends interesting dimension, rather than a cumbersome, boxy look.
We live next to the Amish to visit them to expedite your orders. Google Search of Our Site!
Knots vary from minor to major for the Rustic versions of the hardwoods, QSWO, OAK, CHERRY and HICKORY.
If a given dimension is critical, please call to let us know that and to confirm the dimensions.
And decorative outdoor storage that slides easily on hydraulics keeps the presentation cleaner without the inconvenience of removing and replacing a heavy lid.
Slide the lid open on our easy system of hydraulic hardware, stow items inside, and just as simply slip the cover back to its seamless closed position.

And the inside of each deck box is fitted with rust resistant, stainless steel hydraulic hardware to mobilize the lid without having to fully remove it.
Differences of an inch or so are not errors, but just the result of the hand made process as practiced by the Amish builders. Thanks! Choose from standard deck and dock box sizes for sale online or call toll free for a price quote on custom design, size or color. This smart system allows the user to pop items in and out as needed with minimal effort.Interested in creating custom outdoor storage for a home or business? Even near the coast where salt content is high, fiberglass storage boxes remain virtually impervious to the elements.
Also ask about fiberglass deck and dock boxes with locking latches for a secure storage solution.

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