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For years, Western Digital has fueled this trend by offering its My Book line of book-shaped external hard drives, giving consumers cloud-scale storage capacity of up to 4TB for as low as $180. Some might wonder what a personal cloud is, and why it’s better for storage than a PC.
Among these devices, you may store many multimedia files, such as photos and home movies you’ve shot on your smartphones and video games, collectively consuming large space.
My Cloud improves upon its My Book predecessor by adding more mobile integration, including a USB port for directly transferring digital camera files. To get the best experience, please enable JavaScript or download a modern web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer.
CloudStor® Pro is a high performance 1-drive personal cloud storage solution in a dual bay chassis that lets you freely access and share your data, photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere over the Internet from your computer, tablet and smartphone devices. CloudStor® Pro is a high performance 1-drive personal cloud storage solution in a 2-bay chassis that lets you freely access and share your data, photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. HIGH PERFORMANCE CloudStor Pro features a high performance 1.6 GHz processor with transfer rates up to 72 MBps and 2X multimedia transcode speeds.
SIMPLE SETUP CloudStor Pro takes about 60 seconds to set up - no software installation required.
UNLIMITED FILE SHARING Share unlimited files and folders securely with family, friends, coworkers and clients on your local network and across the Web.
REMOTE ACCESS CloudStor Pro gives you the flexibility to access your content from any Web browser, computer or mobile device. STREAM YOUR FAVORITE MEDIA With CloudStor Pro you can stream your favorite movies, music and shows, and browse photos and view slideshows from any computer or mobile device.
EASY EXPANDABILITY AND DATA PROTECTION CloudStor Pro includes a second open hard drive bay for quick and easy capacity expansion or added data protection. If you would prefer your treasured photos, documents and media under your own control and not located on a remote cloud storage service managed by another company.
The box has been specifically designed to provide users with a powerful mini server and personal cloud storage box that comes complete with embedded media management software. The box system allows you to safely store your files and photographs and provides faster methods of locating that required image or document. The box project is currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $25,000 in pledges and still has 18 days to run on its campaign. Using you will always find the photos and files you are looking for, right when you need them. Using you can share your photos with customers, colleagues and friends – quickly and securely. As part of this shift, personal data storage has shifted to cloud services such as Dropbox, which grew from 100 million to 175 million users between November 2012 and July 2013.
This month, My Book received a major upgrade in the form of My Cloud, which brings personal cloud storage to a new level.
A single movie can run 1 to 2 GB, and Gartner predicts by 2016, the average consumer household will store 3.3 TB. By shifting storage from your PC or other devices to a cloud network, you expand your limits from your individual device to whatever the network’s resources allow. Plus, if even four TB isn’t enough for you, you can sync My Cloud with services such as Dropbox for additional storage. You appear to have JavaScript disabled, or are running a non-JavaScript capable web browser. With apps for mobile devices, you'll always be seconds away from your content.  Whether you're at home, the office or on the road, your user experience remains the same. With the free desktop application, hard drives attached to your CloudStor appear like local drives on your computer. Simply insert a second hard drive into the open bay and use as extra storage capacity or configure your CloudStor in RAID 1 for automatic data mirroring.
Now you’re weighing your options whether it would be a good idea to go for an external hard drive or a cloud storage service. If you’re a heavy gamer or work in a field such as graphic design, you may store even more, but average PCs only provide upwards of 250 GB.
Here, a vendor with large network resources rents digital access to their servers’ storage space for a flat periodic rate or a scalable fee proportionate to usage. If you believe the content on this post violates your copyright, please send us a mail for removal. We provide you with hot technology information, tools, and suggestions that help you to know the ever growing techy world better and better. You can drag and drop files from your desktop to your CloudStor or from your CloudStor to your computer's desktop.
I’ve been promoting cloud services for a very long time and since you’ve somehow found your way to this site, I think you should definitely check out why I prefer and recommend people to use cloud storage services.In this article, I’ve focused on the pros and cons of both external hard drives and cloud storage services.

Additionally, you can filter your media by date, GPS coordinates, size, orientation and many further characteristics. CloudStor Solo can even integrate with Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing to popular online services.
Check out which of these suit your needs.Cloud Storage vs External Hard DriveFrom the starting line, external hard drives are clearly ahead by a few steps considering hard drives are very cheap and you can deliberately control anything and everything on this device. Whether you are a hobby snapper, a professional photographer, or working as a marketing & communications manager in a SME. When managing or editing your data, you can use the batch bulk processing function of
Furthermore you need just one click to integrate a watermark in all the pictures, no matter if you are sharing five or 500 files.
Nope, that’s not what we want.Advantages of External Hard DrivesCheap PriceThe price of external hard drives is decreasing day by day. In case you need more storage space, you can always buy another external hard drive or replace the one you’re using with a higher capacity model. Just in a couple of hours, all your HD videos and photo collections will be backed up on the external hard drive.
That’s really handy.One-time investmentBuying an external hard drive is just a one-time investment.
You don’t have to sign up and calculating the total cost is just a piece of cake.File SecurityIf security is your highest concern, an external hard drive can keep your data absolutely safe considering that it never crashes, suffers no physical damage and is never attacked by viruses or malware. Experts consider external hard drives to be safe because you are the only one who can access the data stored on the device.Disadvantages of External Hard DrivesCan be stolen or lostLosing something so precious like an external hard drive is a very common problem.
People have reported losing their hard drives and hard drives have been stolen in many cases, too. These drives break easily and data loss might be inevitable.ConnectivityFor using an external hard drive, you have to keep it connected to your device all the time. This becomes very impractical at times when you urgently need an important file and you don’t have the time or the chance to connect your hard drive to your computer.Advantages of Cloud Storage ServicesAccess your files anytime from anywhereJust like a patch of cloud above your head, you can access your data from anywhere using a cloud storage service.
You can check out or edit your files using your computer or mobile phone, at the office or chilling at the beach.
This is the beauty of cloud storage.Secured EncryptionMost of the cloud storage services available nowadays offer high grade encryption technology and all your files are secured safely on the cloud.
This is an excellent feature which is not available if you’re using an external hard drive.
So basically a cloud storage is not only storage, it also offers cloud sharing.Cheap PriceWhen cloud storage services came out for the first time in the market, the cost was an issue.
Now the prices have decreased by a great extent and you can have unlimited data storage at a very cheap rate from many cloud services. Here’s a comparison chart showing some of the best cloud services we recommend to new and old users alike.Disadvantages of Cloud StorageSlow Transfer SpeedOne of the main problems faced by people while using a cloud storage system is the slow transfer speed. When you’re on a slow internet connection, it can take ages to upload or backup your contents.Sign Up and Regular PaymentFor using a cloud storage service, you must sign up and create an account for that particular cloud provider. For this reason, it’s wise to check out the user reviews and choose the most reputed cloud service in the field. That way, I get to access my files on the go and also share them with anyone I want.The best option is probably to use both.
There is no absolute guarantee that your cloud server will never crash and your data will be protected forever.
I think everyone should use cloud storage, but also have an external hard drive in their drawers to make sure that life is smooth and an issue like data loss never shows up! Leave your comment below!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. You can specify various syncing folders and share your links privately with friends and family. Definitely worth checking out.Why Do You Need a Cloud Storage Service?Although the concept of cloud storage is still relatively new to the common people, one this is for sure – within just a few decades, the physical hard drives will vanish from the face of the earth. And for now, it’s already the time we started relying more on cloud storage services.How Does Cloud Storage Work?How much do you know about cloud storage system? With the development of technology, the traditional data storage is walking on a completely new road opening a wide range of possibilities. Check out this article on how a cloud storage works and blend in with the crowd!How to Backup Your Data in the CloudA cloud storage system is the most modern form of data storage.
It’s actually a data server on the internet and companies own these servers offering different services to the users – mostly data storage and sharing directly on and from the internet. You'll get incredible performance for your money and benefit from unlimited cloud storage space. We warmly invite you to our Top 10 Chart that we've crafted carefully for our friends and we thought: hey, why not publish our finding on the web!ComparisonStop looking for the right cloud storage service - Use our comparison chart!

With its one plug and one click installation, you can start to share music, photos, movies and files with family and friends and access it from anywhere on any devices over the Internet.
A secure cloud service by Lacie called Wuala with 5GB of storage to start you off can be used to share files securely.For backup, it supports Time Machine, Windows backup, NAS-to-NAS and backup to cloud.
Once connected to the WiFi router, you can start to load it up with photos, videos, music, files and backup.
Then, stream music and videos from your very own centralised media library to your gaming consoles, media players, DLNA-certified devices and smart TVs (with unique support for Samsung Smart TV app for enhanced media navigation).
The app supports viewing of content by type, size and compatilibility.PDF, Word document, a variety of music, photo and video formats are supported. All Synology NAS can be purchased as enclosure only or with hard disk(s) pre-installed.The DiskStation Manager (DSM) currently at version 5 provides an intuitive web-based operating system that mimics your desktop with drop down menu, pop up windows, task bar and desktop shortcut to all the different apps. So to begin to enjoy the features of DSM you can start with the entry level NAS or go full whack with the top of the range multi-bay enterprise RackStation.Apart from DSM, Synology also developed Mobile Apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
DS video supports DLNA TV, Chromecast and streaming to multiple devices at high definition.DS cloud and DS file allows you to access, sync and share your files easily. It also works with multiple DiskStation (office and home) and sync selected folders from each of them over the cloud. DS file on the other hand, is a file management app that lets you move, rename, download to cache, delete, archive or share links to the files on your DiskStation.Other apps includes the DS download that lets you create download tasks to queue and pull files down from the Internet straight to your NAS and DS cam app that lets you access Surveillance Station, an app that you can install on the DSM operating system to watch up to 6 cameras channels simultaneously on your tablet or smartphone with the ability to take snapshots, play back events and adjust your PTZ cameras. Install and enable only the apps that you need if you have an entry level model as the processor and memory will struggle when you start too many apps.
View and manage your documents, listen to music, view photos and watch movies on your iOS or Android devices over 3G or Wi-Fi.
You can also remotely upload or download media from your smartphone or tablet.There is also a built-in media server that lets you stream digital media to DLNA Certified uPnP AV media servers.
These include QMobile, Qlife, Qmanager, VMobile (iOS only), Qmusic, Qremote, Qphoto Lite and Qget (Android only). Qmusic lets you access and stream your entire music collection remotely, Qget lets you manage your downloads pulling this straight to the NAS without a PC or browser.
Qremote controls the HD Station and play back video, music and photos stored on the NAS on your TV. VMobile monitor the IP cameras managed by Turbo NAS with Surveillance Station Pro or VioStore NVR on the go.
Finally, Qmobile allows you to stream music, videos and view photos on your mobile.QAirplay application on QTS App Center and Qfile for mobile lets you browse and view video and multimedia contents and share this on AirPlay supported products including of course the AppleTV so you can watch videos on the big screen. We recommend installing QAirplay on your NAS then stream media content directly to the Apple TV to alleviate the need for another device. While the ReadyNAS system is gear more towards businesses, there are some feature that home users will appreciate. No accompanying mobile app. Businesses stand to save and benefit from expansion slots with up to 6 bays on some model.
Accounts and Security Groups can be created to control access the different folders and file level access.
The high models support Active Directory Users and Groups import to ease of setting up with a limit of 1000 users or groups.LinkStation OS lets you manage your disks for models with two or more disks so you can decide if you want a configuration that gives you additional performance (RAID 0 stripped) or data protection (RAID 1 mirror) or both (RAID5 and 10). RAID 5 requires 3 or more disks to stripe data across all disks and intersperse parity data for fault tolerance giving you both performance and data protection. RAID 10 requires 4 or more disks where two sets of hard disks are mirrored and combined into a single array, then data is stripped across all mirrored sets again for fault tolerance and increased performance.For backup, Buffalo offers NovaBACKUP Professional for PC users while Mac users can use the LinkStation as Time Machine to schedule backups from one or multiple Mac computers on the network. Direct Copy function lets you back up the content of your USB drive without using a computer.What we are interested is what is available for those looking to setup their own cloud. LinkStation Cloud services includes Flickr Synchronisation (on some models) to automatically download photos from your Flickr account or upload photos from a designated folder to the Flickr account. Your data will remain in the NAS while you access it via a browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Those looking to keep it simple, look no further.Lenovo IomegaUsing the LenovoEMC Personal Cloud feature you can access your NAS from over the Internet, invite guests to read and write to files and folders and share files with friends and family.
Accompanying iOS and Android mobile applications called the LenovoEMC Link lets you access, upload, download, browse and stream content on your NAS over the Internet.There is a built-in photo slideshow sharing feature that lets you share photos online. No accompanying mobile app. Businesses stand to benefit from solid build, dependability and low starting cost.

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