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The first step is to look at your land and choose the best place to put a vegetable garden.
While many plants prefer moist soil, you need to be aware that too much water can be a bad thing. One of the advantages of having your own garden is that you can choose to grow vegetables organically. It is important to keep gardening records because it is best to rotate plants in the garden. If you choose to use raised beds, Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” book is a great source.
Most garden plants need sunlight to flourish, so you will need to pick a location that gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Soil that does not drain can cause the roots of your garden plants to rot and this means no vegetables or inferior ones at the very least. You will need to decide whether you are going to plant the vegetables in rows or raised beds. In raised bed gardening, you plant vegetables closer together and usually work off of a layout of squares (you may hear the terms “raised beds” and “square foot gardening” interchanged). If you plant your rows far enough apart, you can use a motorized tiller to control weeds between rows. Once you’ve tasted the bountiful harvest, you’ll be convinced that it’s time to start a real garden. That six-inch tall tomato plant can grow to be several feet tall and it may spread out to cover three to four feet if it is not staked for upright growth.

This is a concept in which you use plants that are known to repel pests instead of chemicals. The good news is that the plants help to shade the ground, making it more difficult for weeds to grow. Planting too close together causes overcrowding and shading, thus yielding fewer vegetables.
For example, interspersing onions around your cabbage plants can help to repel some insects that feed on cabbage.

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