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The company also manufactures plastic products for numerous clients such as The Poppy Factory and RS Components from its production plant in Sunbury-on-Thames, West London. The Crafty Tool Box is ideal for storage of arts and crafts supplies with divided sections specifically arranged for paint brushes, small paint pots, embellishments of all kinds and of course beads! Plastic playing card boxes designed to package, present or store a deck of regular or poker sized playing cards. Plastic promotional business card wallets each designed to hold between 10-15 business cards.
Plastic 12x12 craft storage boxes, perfect for storing and protecting scrapbook paper or card.
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No matter the storage situation, there will be a plastic storage box that will be able to suit your needs.
If you want to get more information about an of the products listed on this page please click on the product name. Comments: This container is the perfect size for sandwiches, kids lunches or even just storing leftover food and salads. Comments: This is more expensive than a standard storage box, but it has wheels and is good value when compared to other storage boxes with wheels. Comments: Extra-large deck box made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, powder-coated steel hinges.

Comments: There are cheaper storage drawers available which you can see on the plastic storage drawers page, but this one is made a lot more sturdier than some of the cheaper ones and should last a lot longer. There are all sorts of plastic storage boxes that are available.  If you have something that you want to store then chances are there is a plastic storage box that will meet your requirements.
By doing this you can ensure that the item you want to store will fit and that the box will be able to be neatly packed away.
Plastic Screw Tray, Plastic Storage Boxes for Screws, View screw tray, Waterun Product Details from Shenzhen Waterun Technology Co., Ltd.
This Extra Small Clear Plastic Storage Box makes it easy to store various items around your home.
Peel off stickers are used by cardmakers and crafters to embellish artwork and come on backing sheets approximately 240 x 100mm in size. Designed for digital printers who offer short runs, this sturdy, durable plastic box is the perfect way to protect open reams of expensive SRA3 paper in the print workshop environment. As there are so many different types of plastic storage boxes available for sale on the internet, I have compiled the following list of the most common types of plastic boxes to help you decide which storage solution is the best for you.
So if you want to store batteries as an example, then you should be able to find a specific battery storage box rather than just a generic storage box. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
With a stackable design to save on space and secure buckle-up latches, this plastic storage tote keeps contents protected while saving space.
Because of the size of this item, the shipping cost for each set is the same as ordering the individual item.

Their range of WestonBoxes vary in size from business card boxes, designed to hold 125 business cards, up to large SRA3 paper boxes which will store a ream of SRA3 paper.
We have our own range of 'WestonBoxes' which vary in size from small business card boxes up to large SRA3 paper sized boxes.
This is due to their wide range of uses and cheap prices when compared to other types of materials.
Choosing a plastic storage box can be a good idea because plastic is so versatile, which means that it can be used in almost any situation.
So it makes sense to buy something that will suit your needs rather than a generic container where everything will get mixed up.
I recommend measuring out the dimensions of what you want to store and where you plan on storing it prior to buying a storage box. A unique pull handle at the bottom allows you to easily retrieve the plastic storage box when stored on a high shelf.
We have also produced a number of bespoke boxes for customers such as Moo Print and RS Components.
So store a pair of shoes, school or craft supplies, or even make a first aid kit with this versatile Clear Plastic Storage Box.
Come and see our full product range, grab samples and tell us about your packaging requirements!

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