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Barn Owl nest boxes in the UK should be placed in open countryside (avoid urban, suburban, heavily forested and high mountain areas). Pole boxes are usually erected where there are no suitable buildings or trees, like here on The Fens. An ideal nest box for Barn Owls would be much bigger than the one described on this page: a full 1 metre from the bottom of the entrance hole to the bottom of the box and with a floor area of at least 1 metre x 1 metre. Our deep nest box design is very safe for owlets due to a 60cm drop from the entrance hole to the bottom and an exercise platform with a raised edge. If you wish to vary from this owl box diagram, please check our essential criteria for interior Barn Owl boxes. Where tanalised plywood is not available any type of preservative may be used provided that the box is dry before erection. Alternatively, if you have no machine available, see our photoguide to erecting a Barn Owl pole-mounted nest box by hand.
The front of the box should have an access panel to enable nest debris to be cleared out periodically. The internal depth of the box is important as it reduces the chances of a nestling Barn Owl falling from the box and dying as a result of neglect or predation. Before erecting a box, please ensure that you have properly assessed the risks involved, particularly with regard to working at height. Old barns for sale - the best barn designs and ideas, Enter your barn for sale title include your nearest town.
Old barns with barn siding and recycled building materials., Looking for barn siding and recycled building materials? Engineered in high-tensile steel, our lightweight Pole Barn, Hay Barn and Dutch Barns are a fusion of practical, low cost traditional building designs, modern materials, and cutting-edge manufacturing.

When speed, convenience, assembly time and service life are factored in, our barn kits are much better value than even a home made telegraph pole barn, but our prefabricated barns can easily withstand even the most brutal storms, and are guaranteed to remain watertight and corrosion free for at least 40 years. Of course you don’t have to own a farm to enjoy the advantages of a steel barn building, and we can provide expert barn designs, customised for any purpose, and of any size. Cost effective and easy to erect without lifting equipment, our steel framed barn buildings are available as DIY steel barn kits, or fully erected with a range of services to suit you. A Pole Barn or Dutch Barn can found on most farms and smallholdings throughout the UK, and usually takes the form of a large building with at least one open side, where its roof is supported by widely spaced columns. Although there are many types of agriculutural barns for sale today, many older farm barns in existence tend to be of brick construction with timber trusses and slate roofs. Whether you require our fully managed turnkey service including planning application, a supply only kit building or anything in between, you are assured of the same commitment to service and attention to detail.
The quality of our buildings is matched only by their versatility, and we thrive on finding ways to fit the building you want, in to the budget you’re working with, whilst never compromising on quality. Sites within 1 km of a motorway or other fast unscreened main roads should be avoided due to the risk of road deaths. The Barn Owl Trust uses 12 mm tanalised softwood ply, 25 x 50mm and 50 x 50mm tanalised batten with 40mm and 50mm rust-resistant screws. A waterproof sealant (such as Ever-Build Weather-Mate) should be used in all the wood joints to prevent water seeping in. Therefore it is important that the box depth is maintained by clearing out the box once it has more than roughly 75mm of nest debris. Poleboxes are generally too heavy to lift single-handed and using a ladder is potentially dangerous.

Our buildings are usually much less costly than  timber frame barn kits, and provide a much  wider choice of finishes and colours.  Where the timber barn look is required, they can be over-clad in a range of finshes such as feather edged boarding or shiplap cladding. Thanks to its lack of sides or doors, this agricultural barn design provides a very low cost building, and allows unlimited access for virtually anything you can fit under the roof, from bales of hay or straw, to a tractor or horsebox. Very few examples of period timber barns  survive today due to the durability of timber and our soggy climate.
If you need proof that this is necessary, try leaving your pole box under a sprinkler for a few hours.
Today bricks and mortar are very expensive and not viable as a method of agricultural barn construction. Boxes only used by breeding Barn Owls will need clearing out every 2 or 3 years at most. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to disturb breeding Barn Owls so November to January is usually the best time. The Barn Owl Trust has used an erection method requiring three people and three ladders but this cannot be unreservedly recommended.
The most important thing when erecting the box is your own safety (for which you are responsible). The position in relation to habitat features is not critical but ensure that the main entrance hole is not screened by a building or tree(s).

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