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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.
Powerful production planning software allows manufacturing businesses to find the best ways to efficiently acquire, allocate, and utilize production resources and to completely satisfy customers while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. When you use production planning software or shareware, you benefit from optimized task performance, ability to develop realistic production plans and schedules, reduced probability of risk occurrence, shortened delivery times, well-grounded decision making, production transparency and fitting with all your business rules. Some production planning software download solutions allow combining their own planning tools with Microsoft Excel functionality so that you get a powerful solution with possibility to use Excel spreadsheets and Excel diagrams. VIP Task Manager offers work planning solutions that allow dividing any kind of work (including production work) into a combination of tasks and jobs.
If you look for production planning software free download solutions, you can try an evaluation copy of VIP Task Manager that is available for free download and use during 1 month. Eresource ERP Production-Planning-Control Module provides capabilities for planning, execution, quality and plant maintenance.
Production Plan in eresource ERP is determined based on Resource Planning, Sales and Operation Planning and Demand of the Product. The framework of Production Planning and Control in eresource is general, and all the three phases must be performed. Please Note: In eresource ERP, different manufacturing process, resource required for each manufacturing processes, Machines for different product and processes can all be CONFIGURED with ease.
MES stands for Manufacturing Execution System and being a MES Petkafy will help You in all steps of Your operational production management from scheduling the production to manufacturing data analysis and improvement.
If You have a lot of Excel files that are used to plan, report and analyse Your production or Your ERP does not provide a truly flexible and comfortable interface to create the production schedule or to analyze and visualize Your actual performance, it is time for a MES to kick in.
Petkafy can operate as a self-sustained system, but in case You are already using an ERP, Petkafy can be fully integrated to Your existing system during site install, so any master data and databases You might have stay always in sync in both systems. Petkafy has been developed in co-operation with injection moulding companies and is designed to fulfill automotive requirements among all other tasks, so it will definitely excel in planning, reporting, visualization and analysis in case Your company has a similar profile. The core of Petkafy is the Demand Plan that visualizes the actual and undistorted material and products demand based on scheduled deliveries and available stock. You will have clear overview of when You will run out of material and it does not matter if it is manufactured by Your company or purchased, because the demand plan is generated for all parts to the deepest level of the Bill of Material of Your products that You need to deliver.
Based on the Delivery Plan Petkafy can immediately help You to prioritize the production and schedule the items onto Your machines.
In case You decide to follow the default path and recommendations from Petkafy planning could be made by one click.
In the same time Petkafy is also very flexible and You can override almost any default or master data if You would like to do so.
As a result of Your planning activities a visual Production Plan showing the schedule of each machine is created.
Petkafy allows You to report production directly or integrate the system with Your ERP and improve Your reported data so that it really supports Your efforts in improving manufacturing performance and waste reduction. As Petkafy is developed following the Lean principles it visualizes Your production progress in real time while You type the produced quantities and highlights overproduction, so You are able to pull the break immediately.
Your machine schedule (plan) is automatically updated with the latest data and Your production planner can see the the status of production runs next to each machine in the planning view. Comfortable and visual overview reports are automatically generated based on reported data that make it easy and fast to notice deviations in reporting, see significant gaps between actual reported results and planned values and take action immediately to get back on track and achieve best possible production performance.

The statistics based on reported data is provided smartly where You need it for better production planning, but also processed and displayed visually in statistical overviews for further process analysis and improvement.
Petkafy will automatically and in real time visualize Your actual performance and waste on graphical dashboards and help You to make reasoned decisions based on actual manufacturing data while planning as soon as You input first production reports. Share Your ThoughtsHave a question about Petkafy, ideas to make it even better or any other topics to discuss? Without the right production planning and scheduling software, it is near impossible to follow strategic business plans and make operational decisions.
You can use production planning and control software to schedule multiple scenarios of your manufacturing process and develop optimized long-term production plans. By using production planning or shareware you can manage real-time interactions between planning teams, sales force and production units and maintain close collaboration between workers while ensuring realistic delivery dates to keep your customers satisfied. Production planning open source shareware allows creating optimal production schedules and calendars to achieve operational excellence in manufacturing. Production planning with Excel will give you more opportunities to plan and schedule your production tasks and jobs. It acts like a simple production planning software solution for small- and mid-sized manufacturing businesses.
The evaluation kit provides all features and capabilities of VIP Task Manager commercial edition, including production planning software Excel functionality. Simply put, eresource offers you the flexibility to adapt business dynamics and it is range compatible. In both cases you probably lack a lot of IT and software functionality while executing your manufacturing plans and improvements. Petkafy takes Your data and uses it the smart way, so You can have automatic visualization of any manufacturing related indicators and well explained and relevant input wherever You need it for everyday operational management or even for Your regular reporting routines. And if You are using only Excel today or would like to use our web based platform, You will probably find our extensive standard importing module helpful in mass inputing of Your available data. However, as a universal system that uses simple and lean process approach Petkafy has no issues handling almost any manufacturing model. You can create sales orders in Petkafy, sync them with Your ERP in case of site install or import the order lines from an Excel file. You will be made aware of possible alternatives and ways to combine Your production during planning to allow You to minimize set-up costs based on product master data and actual reported results from previous production runs. For example once You introduce a co-product to a tool, Petkafy will know that the co-products are produced in one shot and therefore calculates the manufacturing efficiency and production time always correctly.
For example if You need to use an alternative material for this specific production run (say for testing or similar purposes), but keep it unchanged in the product BOM, You can simply state the alternative material while planning and this changed material will be highlighted in the Production Plan. There are no limitations on reporting scrap and rejects, stoppages or operators per production run and in case Your parts have more than one operation defined, You can report all operations at once to make the job of reporting itself as efficient as possible. The progress of each production order is visualized right next to it in the Production Orders list and in case of questions You can navigate to the actual related production reports with just one click on the progress bar. This way he or she does not have to look and wait for data and can take immediate actions in case of delays and notice overproduction timely too. You will never have to process data in Excel manually again to create charts or to achieve overview of what is going on in Your company.
AS220 Foo(d) and The Bar at AS220 are excited to host… Read Article → CRENCA HONORED BY UNIVERSITIESby David DvorchakUncategorizedAS220 congratulates our Founder Plenipotentiary, Umberto Crenca, who will receive two honorary degrees from two Rhode Island institutions of higher learning this May! It can help you avert common problems, such as poor customer delivery times, poor product quality, low yield, and inefficient usage of production capabilities.

For example, you can use VIP Task Manager software that allows you to combine its own task planning tools with Excel work estimation capabilities.
Following are few screenshots from eresource ERP, which helps identify the resources for MPS. The standard import tool can be used for almost any databases that You would need to run Petkafy with as little effort as possible from product master data to delivery schedules.
The plan can be rendered on weekly or daily basis and You are free to select if You would like to see the demand in delivered pieces, operator or machine hours or even the cost price of Your products.
The Production Plan will incorporate and provide real time feedback about the manufacturing progress based on actual reports, so You can adjust Your planning and notice any delays or even overproduction timely.
Furthermore, the important data is shown to You right where You need it and when You need it to run Your business. In VIP Task Manager you can develop work plans and production todo lists and then export them to MS Excel sheets.
Brief flow chart of eresource ERP, Production Planning and Control algorithm is also given below for your ready reference. Difference between Production Plan and Production Control are given below:Hence, in this chapter, we would not discuss the forecasting details here. To take an example, what should be the degree of automation (semi-automated or fully automated), types of production facilities (assembly line, job-shop or intermittent), etc., can be accessed through aggregate demand analysis. Happening TodayHappening Today Thursday April 28th 7:00 pm Print your own… Music Packaging!!
Similarly, optimum manpower requirement, rate of production, etc., can also be assessed using forecasting technique.
Demand forecasting is also necessary to control the system as it helps to control inventory, production, manpower and total costs.However, demand forecasts alone may not always be effective in planning and controlling operational decisions.
Some organizations also use technological and economic forecasts to combine with their demand forecasts for achieving accuracy in their decisions. Production planning has been discussed in detail in this chapter.Planning involves the decision on how the production is to be carried out. Dispatching gives the authority to start the work by obtaining the required tools, materials and items for production.
This is also a control function, which ensures that plan objectives are met by the production department.In the preceding chapter, we have discussed the basics of the production management function, clearly identifying the production planning and control as a vital element of the entire process.
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It has a surround sound system, Subwoofer, digital projector with 8? X 12?  screen, and full theatrical lighting. The space focuses on theatrical and dramatic works and encourages users to customize the space to suit the needs of their production. The Dimensions of the marley floored room are  28? X 42? and it is equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, an easy to operate sound system and sunlight!Psychic Readings: Psychic Readings is an intimate and mysterious multi-purpose room.

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