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Quick turn brackets are the perfect solution for installing a garage door opener when there is inadequate room above the door. I am renting a basement apartment right now, but the owners have a space for our car in their garage. When I got home, the first thing I did was move everything out of the way and sweep out the dirt and trash.
It was an easy fix though--I just used some drywall anchors for the 32" hole and they are holding great. I don't have to do yard work where I'm at right now, so I just used the Rubbermaid FastTrack to hang up some of my kids' stuff--stroller, bike pump, small bicycle.
From the time Miller's began building barns, the barn style has been the key player in offering quality storage solutions.

Gable buildings are built with the same quality components that are used in our barn styles, with the exception of the 2x10 top wall plate.
2x6 T&G treated floor, 8' Tall sidewalls, 2x12 Top wall plate, 2x6 Roof trusses, 2x6 Fascia, One steel entry door, One set double doors, Full loft with stairway, Full ridge vent. Our Hi-Loft Porch Barns employ all the quality components of the Hi- Loft Barns, with the addition of an 8' wide porch along one side.
The Hi-Wall Barn has the same quality features as the Miller's Barn Style, but with 7' sidewalls (78" wall studs) allowing door placement in the sidewalls, as well as in the end. An attractive outdoor playhouse to entertain your children all summer long and provide winter storage in the off-season. The Miller Quick Garage was developed to be just what the name implies, a quick yet efficient way to house your truck, boat, cycle or whatever needs a dry place.

Salt Box buildings are built with the same quality components as our Gables, but with an offset peak, creating an elegant look. In addition to the quality components of our Gable Buildings, the Ultimate Gable sports a 6-12 roof pitch, 30-year dimensional shingles, a full ridge vent. We are very proud of our selection and are very happy with the whole process--from ordering to delivery and set-up. It is functional yet very attractive, adding beauty and value in a wide variety of applications.

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