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I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning frenzy for the last few weeks and one of the issues I was having was finding the appropriate storage solution for certain items. I used them for belts and long necklaces inside my wardrobe, which meant, no sticking to walls and they are hidden most of the time! For my other jewellery pieces (because I have so much, no way was I going to able to store all that on my closet door), I went with a tool box and large bull dog clips. You’ll be lucky to find a ready-made floating shelf that fits your alcove perfectly, so try this quirky trick instead. A glass kitchen cabinet built into an alcove offers a place to store and display favourite items. Turn the traditional concept of a feature wall on its head and wallpaper the alcove instead of the fireplace. Bedlinen and cushions take up so much space and it’s a shame to hide your favourite things away. Set aside an alcove in the kitchen or living room where your kids can do their homework and get creative under your watchful eye.
If you don't want your media storage to dominate your living room, then make use of otherwise redundant spaces, such as at the top of walls. If you need help finding a paticular item, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you. Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date with our latest competition, any offers we run and any exciting new products we launch!
If you’re a producer who’d love to expose your fodder to a luxury client base, then get in touch to let us know more about your product, or simply surprise us with a sample! We are a group of RV enthusiasts looking to share the best the internet has to offer when it comes to ideas, products, and tutorials on how to make the most of your RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel and Motorome.
The rest of this article will explore the most well regarded manufacturer’s and the highly rated RV GPS units they offer.
This refers to the amount of time your RV GPS would last while not connected to a power source.
Refers to the ability to update the map data (New roads, road changes, speed limits, etc) on your RV GPS for the as long as you own it. Refers to the RV GPS offering instruction on which lane is appropriate when merging and turning. Refers to the function of your RV GPS to add multiple destinations or way points along your trip.
The RV GPS has a function to speak aloud through speaker on the device the road names to which to turn. Refers to the RV GPS function that takes input on the weight, height and length of your RV and caters the trip plan accordingly. Refers to the RV GPS function that allows the user to input navigation instructions verbally.
Refers to the function on your RV GPS that shows the lanes, streets, and layout of intersections for simple navigation.
Refers to the function that enables the user to choose an alternate route through the use of the detour option. Refers to the RV GPS having hardware that allows for a back up camera to be networked with the RV GPS device screen.
Refers to a feature on the RV GPS that keeps track of the fuel cost, mileage, and other statistics along those lines. Also known as POI’s, these are the different locations that are pre-loaded in the RV GPS for one touch navigation.

Of the other RV GPS units we looked at there were others that have some of the features as the RVND 7720 but the only RV GPS device that is close is the Dēzl 760LMT. We hope that you have just a bit more information for your search to find the best RV GPS device for your needs. The folding process also feels deliberate and controlled as a well built item like this should.
4 Square feet for a large working surface with a drain grove around the island for draining juices. The couple decided to remove the dinette and convert that area into a RV office that would offer more functionality for their workamping lifestyle.
When it was all said and done the couple maintained full use of the dinette area not only for eating but now also for a RV office area equipped with file storage, drawers, and a comfortable place to work.
I was originally storing my necklaces in the box and I found it troublesome, I was considered kitchen hooks for a moment, but I liked the flexibility of these large clips. It makes a feature of shorter shelves, creating areas for storage and display without making the space look cluttered. Because you will only be using a small amount of wallpaper you can afford to splash out on your favourite design. This neat solution lets you store and display at the same time, plus the cubes keep everything organised. A drop-leaf desk can be lowered when not in use and a trolley is ideal for stashing art supplies and tucks away when the desk is down. Build in simple MDF units to fit the space, paint them in a contrasting tone to your wall colour and finish with magnetic closures. Fix a fascia to the front of a floating shelf to create a lip so you can lean display-worthy books against your paperbacks.
HomeIdeasMag was started as a simple blog in June 2012 and today we have almost 600 unique articles with more than 10,000 pictures …so we’re pretty sure that you can find everything you want here. Here, a subtle row of shelving provides the perfect place for CD and DVD storage, and doesn't detract from the quirky scheme.
We will always have more stuff and look for clever ways to store that stuff but still make it accessible. You can earn money just by helping with product development and not necessarily coming up with new ideas. Many of our products include free delivery (indicated by a free delivery icon on these products) Where we do charge delivery the cost is calculated on the combined weight of those products regardless of seller.
GPS navigation technology makes traveling and locating destinations easier for car or truck owners, but RV’ers have been apprehensive about using GPS systems due to an array of RV specific factors. The features and effectiveness vary, yet one thing is for sure, the folks who make RV GPS units are going in the right direction.
The following section will give the best RV GPS pic based on three different buyer profiles. The newest and most talked about feature on the RVND 7720 is the WIFI connection that lets you gather weather data which overlays on the navigation map.
They have engineered a ruggedly built RV kitchen island that folds up to only 5-inches wide for storage. The unique twist on this RV office is that the couple decided to go with IKEA furniture for the renovation.
But since I had just finished cleaning up parts of my room I thought this would be appropriate.
Complete the luxurious look with a shimmering feature wallpaper, show-stopping mirror and comfy stool.

Great textures in a vibrant colour with the added benefit of providing comfort in the form of a rocking chair. Regardless of how organized and efficient we are with space there will always be underutilized areas around the RV. The process of idea inception to engineering, legal issues, manufacturing, and ultimately distribution of a product is fortress with a deep moat for most of us. Unfortunately the RV GPS products as a whole struggle as a result of issues with accuracy, functionality, connection speed, and other ailments.
They both offer a slew of RV related features as well as next exit information and POI alerts. The obvious kitchen uses and outdoor cooking, but more interestingly we have used it for setting our laptop or Ipad up and watching movies, a mobile cart for mods and repairs around the RV, and for a convenient place to process the laundry.
On the plus side IKEA does have some quality furniture but the lower end stuff wouldn’t last in a RV very long. Quirky helps to turn everyday people with unique ideas into full blown inventors and business people. GPS units designed for Cars don’t take any of these factors into account and can leave you in stressful situation to say the least. A group of seasoned RV’ers have made these determinations after using every one of these devices.
Its hardy enough to be used outdoors or indoors as it has a stainless steel frame with high quality casters with a lock. Jacq and Jeremy decided to purchase some of the higher end offerings that offered sturdiness and also the stereotypical lightweight design that matches up perfectly for an RV. Quirky has changed the way products are developed and helped bring ideas to market quicker and more cost effectively for the everyday person.
Having a traditional GPS guide you to take a surface street where your RV is hitting every tree branch on the way or when you get directed into an overpass that is lower than the height of your RV puts even the coolest characters on red alert. Most of us however are not interested in waiting 10 years for the perfect device, we just want the best available TODAY as we set out on that next road trip. The following information is still our collective opinion but its our hope that our time with these devices will help you make a more educated decision.
It lacks many of the newer innovations such as weather data, Fuel Log, Back up camera inputs, etc.
In addition they have also added a drain trough around the top edge (much like a high end cutting board). That’s why time and time again we see examples of RV owners converting their dinettes, bunk beds, and toy garages into functional RV office areas. As you can see from the pictures it’s a very simple design and one that we wish we would have though of ourselves.
The RV kitchen island has 28 hinges on it which is what allows it to open in fold in seconds with ease.
LoopIts are customizable and expandable handy storage straps that stretch between two circular connection disks. One of the clear benefits of using IKEA is most of their furniture is modular which allows more flexibility when integrating it into a RV than traditional RV furniture. If you look through the photo gallery you will see proof of the LoopIts performance to hold shampoo bottles, ketchup, toothbrushes, hair dryers, paint cans, etc.

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