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Affordable Garage doors specialise in chromadek garage doors, and roll up garage door services in Gauteng.
We install chromadek garage doors in Gauteng from Springs to Randfontein and from Vereeniging to Pretoria. Contact Affordable Garage Doors today if you would like to find out more about our chromadek roll up garage doors, sectional garage doors or our industrial roller shutter doors.
We recently got a call from one of our customers that had brand new mechanical shop with concrete walls and they needed to get a door installed. The best thing about the roll-up type of garage door is that it has such a small footprint when open. If you own a commercial building, new or old, and need to get new commercial garage doors installed call us today for help. Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.
I recommend PSR Garage Doors, Rafael installed a garage door and painted it turned out the best work. I was extremely pleased with the service and the products I received from PSR Garage Doors. I woke up one morning and freaked out when I went to my garage and the door was completely open.
I greatly recommend PSR Garage Doors, they are so efficient, trust worthy, affordable and best customer service, which now is hard to find. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I thought I was "Out of luck" with the garage door until at least mid week. I call PSR garage doors on Saturday afternoon RAFAEL answer the phone he is friendly i call because i have my door manually for long time.he install my new garage door opener and make an tune-up for free he is awesome, and quickly.
My garage door would not go down due to a kink in the metal, it was stuck in the open position. I got my garage door springs broken I call severals companies that title say "free estimate"when guys answer the phone and asking for a quote all time try to charge me $30-45 dlls.for service call. I had many of my past house garage doors been repair and service before but I never had a Service like this one, firsthand at the free inspeccion and estimated was easy and with out pressure and after a few estimates this Guys ( Rafael ) was the one on time and courteous manner So I don't know what else to say affordable.
After having a few garage door companies come out and tell me that I had to have my lower panel replaced due to a small dent that popped a few rivets (a large expense), Rafael came out and changed some of the hinges for better ones, realigned some stuff (as you can tell, I'm not a garage door expert!), and gave the door and opener a mini-tuneup for a VERY reasonable price! It's nice to know that there are companies that won't try to take advantage of you just to support their marketing budget! Rafael from this company came to service my garage door which was not opening and I didn't know why. Got my garage door spring snapped in the middle of the night, next morning I look for service providers at the internet reviews & call PSR, told him what the problem was, Rafael show up at the agreed time & not only replaced the spring, he make some great suggestions about how to make the life of the springs get longer. GOLD Series commercial sectional garage doors offer a 3-layer insulated steel construction while delivering maximum performance and superior insulation. Available with high R-value Intellicore® polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, these models offer the ultimate performance in durability, strength and energy efficiency. These heavy-duty 24 gauge steel insulated, deep ribbed commercial sectional garage doors offer long-lasting quality with added energy efficiency. These 24 or 25 gauge non-insulated steel, deep ribbed, commercial sectional garage doors are a great alternative option that is durable and economical. This economical alternative to our sectional doors offers a great choice when minimum backroom is available. Holmes Garage Door Company® offers a complete line of top quality garage doors including traditional raised panel doors, carriage house style doors and contemporary styles. Built to withstand opening and closing up to 25 times or more a day, high cycle doors use durable workings and heavy duty springs. High cycle doors are designed to cycle 50,000 or more times before needing springs replaced, but occasional hiccups can happen to any door assembly. Rolling steel fire doors were invented to stop or slow down the spread of fire from one area or room to the next. Height and width can be customized to fit different sized openings throughout any building or warehouse space as required by the local fire jurisdiction. Many cities require that fire doors be tested on an annual basis by a certified door technician. Vortex Doors prides themselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have been trained at a proprietary state-of-the-art training center. The fact that you are reading this means you recognize that keeping up to fire code standards is an integral part of protecting lives. At Vortex Doors, we provide a Fire Door Service Program which insures that your rolling steel fire doors are tested annually. As a successful business owner, you know that the appearance of your building is important to your customers. My neighbors suggested this blog post because several of them have the same recurring issue. You can hear from the video that the main sources for noise were the rollers, roller hinges, and chain.
After cleaning all the rollers with a rag I then sprayed them with Blaster garage door spray lubricant. Because it’s tack-free you can spray this product on the roller and not worry about it getting on the garage door track. Inspect the garage door support arm that connects the garage door opener to the door itself.
You can adjust the travel of the garage door down or up by turning the limit screws on the garage door opener.
Take a look at the garage door weather strip that rests between the door and the garage floor when the door is in the closed position .
Nobody would ever want their kids or grandchildren to get hurt because of a faulty garage door. Thanks Merrie for your story-replacing one garage door is expensive and having to buy two isn’t any fun! Having experience with mechanical engineering and garage doors, I can greatly endorse all these tips except one.
It shows homeowners that with a little elbow grease they can transform a kitchen into a unique space that radiates their own style. Great info on garage doors EXCEPT how often do you need to lubricate roll up garage doors???

Last but not least, I have been in the house 15 yrs and have had to replace the shaft spring three times. One thing I will say is that if your door has a torsion spring make sure to consult a professional garage door installer. I can certainly sympathize with those who are woken up by a squeaky garage door early in the morning, as you alluded to. The tip about lubricating the garage door rollers with spray is a very clever way to maintain your door. Awesome site for some of the customers that we come across that end up wanting to DIY after our quotes. Below is the before and after pictures for the commercial roll up garage door installation we did for them in Austin Texas.
We have tons of options so we are sure to have something that will fit the needs of your commercial property. They provided me with a very competitive bid and my new doors and garage door openers were installed within two days of my meeting with Rafael, the company owner.
I called PSR Garage Doors, and Rafael answered my call, he was in the area and came within an hour after finishing another job.
He also told me about the importance of maintenance on garage doors, things I did not know about. Someone tried to open the garage door while the lock bolt was engaged, and the door broke with a horrible noise. If I have another issue or want to upgrade the door later I will certainly give them a call.
Very professional,Rafael installed two garage door opener, everything is working the way it should be.
The response time was incredible and of course they always diagnosed the actual problem and don't try to sell you parts you don't need. I called PSR and Raphael answered, discussed options and within 2 hours he was here with a new door. Unlike another companies, PSR didn't charge me tons of fees "just to look" what was wrong with my door. See our extensive support library for all common topics regarding a garage door installation. Understanding your door and performing proper maintenance are the keys to getting the most out of your investment. A door that wobbles as it moves or has a motor that will turn on but not lift the door likely has an issue with its springs.
Vortex has been family-owned since 1937 and prides themselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have been trained at a proprietary state-of-the-art training center. In case of fire, these doors, which operate from ceiling to floor, work by sealing off an area where there is smoke and fire, thus preventing it from spreading quickly throughout the building. When the threat of fire is eminent, these doors close to prevent a fire from moving to other parts of your building. In addition to controlling smoke and fire situations, many customers use rolling steel fire doors for employee entry and exit on a daily basis.
Rolling steel fire doors are UL approved and Regulation 4 certified to meet building and fire code requirements. For more information on getting your rolling steel fire doors inspected, maintained, or repaired so it stays up-to-code, contact Vortex Doors online or give us a call at 800-698-6783. Most Fire Authorities suggest that you have your roll up doors tested annually to ensure they are working properly in the event of an emergency. To reward your commendable actions here’s a checklist of things that inspections should include. We perform all of the items in the checklist above and even simulate an emergency to see if the doors perform up to fire code standards in the event of a real emergency. We do, in fact, provide service and warehouse doors in a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. It is not enough to make the interior look attractive and inviting; the exterior is equally or more important. Garage door maintenance isn’t sexy but it can save you from hearing that screeching sound every time you hit the door opener. I sprayed it on both the left and right sides of the roller where the pin meets the wheel then wiped off any excess spray. Make sure not to spray any nylon roller wheels with lubricant and if you get any on the track remove it as this may cause the garage door to slip. Do this to eliminate any injury from someone else unknowingly opening the door while you’re working on it. Slide it back and forth to verify A it won’t accidentally engage and lock you out of your house. Specifically make sure the cotter pins that hold the arm to the door and opener are in good shape. Run the garage door through a cycle and adjust the limit screws as necessary to get the door to close or open properly. Any loose bolts need to be tightened if the brackets are moving when the garage door is operating. Springs hold so much tension that they’re perhaps the most dangerous component of the door.
Hubs and I kept saying we needed to run a check every time our door screeched but never got around to it and one day the spring snapped. Your comments will hopefully encourage us all to diligently check our garage doors for wear and tear. But now after reading your post i can say i will try and surely maintain my garage door by myself.. These are all pretty simple and quick things to do and just keeping an eye out will make your door last a very long time.
The garage door at my parents’ house has squeaked loudly for years, and I just came to accept it as normal. You’re right, it’s hard to leave the house early in the morning with the garage making so much noise! The garage door at my house has always been a bit temperamental, and it could be because I’ve never done any of these things to maintain it.

You are right, it’s really important to do regular maintanance of your garage door especially when you have children so you prevent bad accidents. I found so many interesting tips in your blog, especially its discussion about repair and maintenance.
My garage door has been screeching really loudly when I open it and it’s annoying to both my family and the neighbors.
This allows these doors to be installed in building where the standard overhead door is not feasible to use. Mr Rafael is the owner,He is a very humble and profession person that takes careS of the business professionally. It would not open anymore, and it looked like the tension wires were off track as well as some of the door wheels. The garage door had not been working for weeks after a storm and we couldn't figure out the issue on our own.
And to convince me, he opened the system and showed me exactly what was wrong, which was the damaged gear. The barrel holds the rolling mechanism and the springs help ease the burden of the door’s weight on the mechanism. This inspection can often detect spring fatigue, abnormal wear on parts, it includes balancing of the door, and ensures proper tension is on the door for safe operation. For more information on high cycle roll-up doors, or any door for your business, contact Vortex Doors online or call 800-698-6783. In addition to helping save lives, rolling steel fire doors also help protect property, supplies, products, sensitive documents and potential widespread damage.
Your inspection will end with a written report of doors that passed our inspection as well as recommendations of repairs, if needed, to bring doors up to Fire Code and pass inspection.
Your building is probably closed for more hours of the day than it is open, and clients as well as potential customers see it during those hours. Since on average we open and close our garage doors 6 times every day you can only imagine how much wear and tear occurs. Besides, the HomeSmarts app I installed on my iPhone reminded me I should have done this back in June. As you can see from this short video there was a lot of squeaking which could drive anyone nuts, especially if you need to open the door at 5 am without waking anyone else!! If they are not plumb unscrew the track support bracket bolts just enough to move the track to the right or left. As you can see from the picture below my springs have uneven spaces between the coils, indicating they’re worn out. As much as I love my children they always forget to close the basement door that’s in the garage. This keeps uneccesary strain off of the garage door motor and prevents the loud screeching of the motor. I was reading this because I’m looking for a reason and solution to stop or prevent my garage door from buckling. After reading this I think I’ll have to visit them and see if I can follow your advice to get it to stop. Do you have any other suggestions for how to lubricate my door to prevent it from sticking? A lot of people hurt themselves though when they attempt to repair or maintain their garage door simply because they don’t have the necessary experience.
I am very handy and capable with tools, but garage doors and springs can dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for new garage door or has a broken garage door. The price was affordable, Raphael was professional and I will do business with him again in the future.
Because roll-up doors are often made from sturdier materials than other doors, the size of the springs are especially important. Even small issues like damage to the slat or panel can put extra strain on your rolling mechanism and wear it out faster, making prompt service essential for the life of your door. These doors roll up into a coil to save space and avoid interfering with any internal components of the building. Read further if you want to eliminate these annoying sounds and ensure your garage door is safe to use. If you need to move the track out from garage door frame to make it plumb then use a wood shim behind the track bracket before tightening its bolts. If it doesn’t you will need to check the wire connections, sensor alignment and clean the sensor lenses. This cable should be securely fastened to a bracket that holds the track to the joist or the the track itself.
Since I’m the designated mouse catcher I make sure this seal and the the surrounding weather stripping on the garage door frame is in good shape.
We love the new insulated doors but it was an expensive lesson in not procrastinating on maintenance!
The top panel seems to have developed a bow at the center hinge between the top & second panel. But thanks to your easy to follow step by step guide that should make the whole thing a lot easier – and safe. We are so lucky to have found him and recommend this company to anyone that needs a new garage or to have their current one fixed. I’d have to knock out the ceiling to reach the bolts but it would be worth it to fix an unsafe garage door. If the spring breaks the cable will prevent it from hurting someone or something in the garage.
A The following picture is me pointing at the garage door weather strip on the bottom of the door. Cables are susceptible to breakage, so ita€™s good to replace them every few years or so to keep them fresh and strong.

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