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Cork storage Centre have been providing self storage in Cork for 20 years. We have a number of locations that might suit your needs. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs want to encourage their kids to develop their own business someday or help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. My First Startup is an educational comic book that teaches kids about creating their very first startup business. The comic strips in My First Startup demonstrate entrepreneurial scenarios that are relevant to children, helping to form an entrepreneurial state of mind at a younger age in a fun and creative way. The Kickstarter project for My First Startup runs through September 24, 2015 and then the book is expected to be available for purchase in October 2015. Personally I love that there is a new kid-friendly way to teach kids about business – nurturing their ideas and giving them the tools to help them become a reality. With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Diane is author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn.

In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume.
Don’t you wish someone shared with you everything you know now when you were a kid with your first business idea? It presents typical obstacles faced by startup founders in a easy-to-understand, engaging, and practical way.
So whether you have a kid already looking to develop a startup business, or you simply want to inspire a kid to one day become an entrepreneur, My First Startup is worth checking out!
Diane also serves as the marketing director for SureShade, a growing small business that has become the new standard for shade on boats, and runs Marine Marketing Tools, a site that bridges her passion for boating and small business marketing.
They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired.

Here on this 3.5 acre site we lease 20 ft storage containers that can be used for storage or as mini start up workshops. Yards can be split into small sizes if you require extra storage such as plant or truck for your business. We consulted with economists, child psychologists, and successful entrepreneurs to make sure our comic book is accessible to kids, teaches sound principles, and is based on the real issues faced by startup founders.

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