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Conveniently located at the intersection of Route 85, Route 395 and Douglas Lane in Waterford, CT.
Self Storage Units - Self Storage Units covers several topics you need to know when it comes to protect your personal or business belongings, check different types of units, self storage for rent, for sale, Associations, even auctions. Storage Units for Rent - Storage Units for Rent has useful tips about self storing, storage warehouses and facilities and how the process works, also links to several online directories for storage units in US, Canada, UK, Australia and Asia. Probably the most obvious consideration that is made when considering the profitability of a storage unit is the average rental vacancies available. DKS has complete turn-key self storage solutions to help manage your property – from gate operators to access control to management software.
DKS gate operators and access control can intergrate with all major self storage management softwares on the market today.
Not ready to contact an Authorized Dealer, or you just want to know your options before getting started?
The unique design of these operators allows the gate arm to be attached to the bottom rail of the gate. The unique design of this operator allows for easy access to the electronics and mechanical areas of the operator without ever having to remove the gate arm. The DKS series of keypads provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and are available for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller. Provides the highest level of security with transmitter codes that cannot be duplicated or copied assuring that only the intended transmitter gains access. This is an economical single door stand-alone access controller designed in a small compact package with outstanding features typically not found in a single door access control system. Allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at a front door or gate without needing an additional telephone line.
An information telephone suited for applications that require only a single phone number to be called. The Access Plus line combines essential features of DKS's most versatile solutions with the ease and accessibility of computer programming and control. DKS models 1802, 1803, and 1808 are small compact telephone entry systems that are loaded with features. Ideal accessories to help prevent mishaps when automated vehicular gate systems are employed to control traffic. Designed to provide backup power for your vehicular gate and access control system when primary (AC) power fails, and convert DC battery power to AC power to keep your system operable at all times.
A modular system allowing for easy flexibility in different applications with easy installation. Family-owned Storage Solutions Winnipeg self-storage and self-storage buildings of West Winnipeg feature a wide variety of different sized storage units in both climate-controlled and non-climate controlled environments. Our self storage facility features gap seals around all four sides of the roll up door ensuring that your valuables will be protected from dust, severe thunder storms and winter blizzards, which are common in Manitoba.
For our Boat and RV Storage, our driveways are asphalted and 30 feet wide for easy access and proper drainage during severe weather.
Our public storage is state of the art featuring geothermal technology which allows us to heat and cool the building while minimizing our impact on the environment.

The office is open 6 days a week and our expert storage staff can assist you with your questions and concerns making your move as easy as possible. Complete the form below or CALL (204)888-7867to let us know your storage needs, we'llcontact you with a free quote.
Locally and family owned, Storage Solutions is a technologically advanced self storage facility with geothermal heated and cooled climate controlled units. We operate high tech HVAC systems which control humidity levels throughout the climate controlled units.
Our keypad entry and gate systems allow you access to your unit 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Storage Solutions’ climate controlled facility is protected from fire by a state of the art monitored fire alarm system and individual dry sprinklers in each unit. Check with your home owners insurance to verify whether or not you are fully covered by your existing policy. Our team has the knowledge to deal with all your storage needs, no matter how big or small. Shelving:If you haven’t taken a look at the shelving options available at home stores, take some time to consider the vast variety of choices that are out there. Creative Shelving: If you have a flair for creativity or love the chance to re-purpose things, lots of household items can turn into shelves. Hanging: Aside from shelving, objects themselves could be hung from walls, either permanently affixed or on hooks.
Height: When hanging item, especially shelves, you don’t need to be tied to a small height range, just at or above eye level. Vertical space can be your best friend if you are looking for budget self storage solutions, so don’t forget to make use of it. But there is strategic phone selling as well, and it is imperative that site managers recognize opportunities to use it. Just browse through our recommended Residential Products to start choosing the best Access Solutions for your property. These readers output the card data to the access controller (1833, 1835, 1837 or 1838) where the decision to grant or deny access is made.
We utilize large air handling HVAC systems to ensure that the humidity is controlled, so mould or mildew will never be a problem in any of our climate controlled units.
Our facility is on the border between Charleswood and Headingley, on the west side of, and adjacent to Winnipeg's west Perimeter Highway between Roblin Boulevard and Wilkes Avenue. Doing business with us keeps your dollars working in the local community and strengthens our local economy while helping protect our environment. As with general self-storage, it's important to check out the facility before you opt to use it. An individually assigned pass code is used to drive onto the site and enter storage buildings. Payment options are flexible: Visa, Master Card, Interac, Pre-authorized account debit, E-Money Transfers, and post dated cheques. They are here to answer all your questions and assist you in choosing the size you’ll need and answer question such as whether you need climate controlled or not.

Many of the things we keep tucked away would actually add interest to our rooms on shelves: cute mugs, spices, perfume and lotion bottles, and rolled up towels, for example. Baskets turned on their side can make great bathroom shelves, while an old drawer turned sideways could also make a sturdy kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom unit. Kitchen utensils, measuring cups, knives, potholders, and mugs can all be hung on walls via hooks or magnets.
You could probably find countless items on your floors and in your drawers that could be on your wall right now.
Along with electronic self setting limits these operators can be configured for front, center or rear drive applications. The surface mount spikes are easy to install and do not require any trenching or excavating. The self-storage facility is situated on 7-acre property with plenty of room for your Boat and RV Storage. We carry moving supplies and even offer you a free rental truck to move your items into our facility! If you are approaching on the Perimeter from the north you can access us right off of the perimeter highway, otherwise take Roblin Boulevard to the west side of the Perimeter Highway and turn south on Caron Road off of Roblin Boulevard and follow Caron Road back around parallel to the perimeter highway - you can't miss us. A badly maintained or poorly secured site will simply lose you money if damage is caused to the items you store. Storage Solutions offers climate and humidity controlled units, plus a sincere effort toward rodent protection. While on the property and in the facility a state of the art surveillance system and computer monitors the premises and tracks activities. Decorative boxes could adorn a living room or dining room, and wooden crates could add a unique shelving option to an entry way or any rustic decor. As long as a shelf is part of one unit or a large pattern, it doesn’t necessarily look odd to be too high or too low.
We strive to keep our operating cost down with the latest technology and pass the savings on to you. These things are very important and should be considered when choosing your storage facility and type of unit. Snow removal around doors and units is just one example of things we always focus on to help make your experience with us as convenient and stress free as possible. Right in front of you is probably an untapped wealth of budget self storage space, if only you’re willing to see it as such. Ask to see our pest control monthly report to ensure we are doing our best to protect your assets.
Especially if you live in a small home or simply feel cluttered, take a moment to consider how your walls can help you get and stay organized. To hang smaller objects, such as jewelry, consider a decorative board with pegs, hooks, loops, or compartments.

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