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FARQUHAR Projects - Civil LandscapingCivil and Structural Landscaping from Shed Supplies Gold Coast.
Here we answer the most common questions about Civil and Structural Landscaping to serve you smoothly. We choose to be a business partner with our clients rather than engage in the old adversarial contractual relationship. We treat every client with the intention that they will use our services again and hopefully recommend us to their business associates. Clients choose us because they know they can trust us to deliver the results that they desire.
Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals. We have been living in the shed now for just over a month and the house came down last week. I don't know much about this, but maybe call it a bungalow or granny flat or something instead of a shed? I think the main concerns most councils have are the possibility of people living in substandard accommodation that doesn't meet basic health and safety requirements and the potential for the shed to provide illegal dual occupancy down the track.
I am just putting a contract on a 1500m square block in the country and looking at living options if I sell my house. Since then, I have turned my garage in to a room for someone to live in, so I don't have too much spare room for all my tools.
I was going to do the slab myself but thought it may never happen, i googled some prices for slabs and thought I'd get a quote, a fella came around and said $1000 so i thought what the hell just do it. You don't have to be self-sufficient in everything… Just be self-sufficient in something!
I dug a little bit out of the closest corner to get a basic level as the ground slopes a bit there, and I put a peg in each corner as a basic guide for him. He dug a bit more out to get a better level and he used crusher dust to get a flat surface. They're water bill was $200 more than mine as they use a lot of water on their gardens, so I said they might be better off building their capacity instead of using mains water. Good idea, the weather people are saying we might be back into a dry spell after this rain so if you can "cheat" and get the most out of it all the better! Inside I have made a big solid bench and some shelves left where the ladder is, out of view a bit.
I must admit I was wondering last night how your shed was going so I'm glad you updated this thread. Excavation – Bobcat and Tipper Hire, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Demolition, Concrete Removal, Site Leveling, Fill Removal.
Construction – Footings and Piers, Foundation Bedding Material, Concrete Formwork and Concrete Reinforcing, Concrete Pouring, Concrete Pumping, Concrete Finishing and Concrete Expansion Cuts.

The QBCC has now officially replaced the former regulator, the Building Services Authority (BSA). I serve the entire Southern Oregon Rogue Valley Area including: Medford, Ashland, Central Point, White City, Phoenix, Talent, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, Grants Pass, Merlin, Cave Junction, Shady Cove, Gold Hill, Klamath Falls, Rogue River. We do the Civil Landscaping Approach by openly discussing the clients’ needs and or challenges that need to be addressed then offering the best solution within an acceptable budget. I was completely upfront and told them I wanted to build a garage to live in whilst the build was underway. I have found this shed to buy for about $6000 not delivered, but wondering how much for tradies to lay cement and install. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I was just going to put up a 3m x 2m garden shed and use it as a storage shed for my camping and boat gear. I removed a carport that you can just see in the above photo, and extended the area for the new shed.
I'm just going to build it from timber, maybe the rear walls can be covered with roofing tin as they wont be seen. The closest corner is about 70mm out of the ground, and the far corner is maybe 120mm out of the ground, as the ground slopes. He got a small concrete truck to deliver the premixed concrete and he had to barrow it about 20 metres from the driveway in to the backyard. This gives me some ideas for the jobs needed around my place (like some small pathways and the pizza oven).
I had to get a water tank in place before I started building because otherwise I would have to lift it over some plants and probably squash them, so I got a 3000L tank. Is the right side slightly higher than the left for water run off or is that just how the photo was taken? The high side is the front, the low side the back, 200mm difference in height, yeah for water run off, with a gutter at the back and a pvc pipe from the gutter across the back to the water tank. That extra tank is going to come in handy especially if we keep having dry spells like this last summer. My neighbor have 2 x 2000L tanks, so now they're looking for another 2000L tank to beat me. It's a bit of a cheating way to fill the new tank as it may take another month before I get guttering and pipes from the new shed done.
We can advise you on the depth and type of slab depending upon the soil and rock conditions of your property. BUT.How are the Council regarding sheds, and when do they classify a shed as a dual occupancy? We have a bit of a ongoing competition to try out-do each other at everything, all in good fun and over a few drinks each weekend.

I bought some rusty corrugated roofing and am just putting it on the front and side walls so it looks like an old shed, the back walls will just have normal roofing tin. I personally assist clients in literally every step of the construction process, from the initial consultation, planning & permit applications, to project completion. Our covenant says no dual occupancy, as they dont want anyone building Units for the next 15 years or so. I am very attracted to the living in the shed idea and judging by the responses to this post, it doesn't seem too difficult to cope with. The block we are looking to build on is part of the shire where some of the bushfires occurred and there are so many caravans and temp building about the place. I would need to include the intention to live in the garage as part of the permit application process and once the house is complete and ready to move in, the garage will be decommisioned for occupancy.
Not ideal but we open the door while cooking and light an incense stick after and the smell is gone.
As for me personally, as much as it is a nice room (ie this room is way better than the apartment that I used to stay in Adelaide), I am looking forward to have the house built and be able to move in it.
The shed I am planning to build is better than the house I currently live in so hopefully it wont be a problem. Just apply for the permit (for a normal shed) then just trench your services prior to the slab getting placed? It took us 5 months working only on weekends to complete it, just the two of us and neither of us are tradies. I am in Victoria and when I spoke to the council (who were hopeless over the phone by the way) they told me that they do not allow people to live in their shed. She suggested that I complete a pre-application meeting request form so that I can meet with the council onsite to discuss my plans before buying the land. From our house we took the kitchen, power points, skirting boards, windows, TV ariel, curtains. I will also need a land management plan that articulates how I plan to manage the conservation overlay on the block as well as a net gain report concerning the clearing of trees - I guess this basically means how I plan to replace any trees I cut down.Has anyone had any experience with a land management plan or net gain report?
We have our fridges, microwave, pantry, wardrobes in the uninsulated part of the shed (apart from it being our storage). Put an old caravan next to the shedIf I don't tell the council that I am planning on living in the shed, how do I explain the toilet, shower and kitchen? The first door on the left is the way to the rest of the shed, the next door is to the ensuite.

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