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This mercury free ornamental metal thermometer conveniently measures temperature in both fahrenheit and celsius. Combining eighteen years as the architect of Endless Boundaries Jam Radio and over fourteen years of commercial radio experience in the Philadelphia market to deliver you a professional and unique live music broadcast. Stream Z889 Live Now!Listen to Endless Boundaries live on Z889 every Saturday night from 6pm-10pmEST! EB On Demand (Podcasts)If you have iTunes and would like to subscribe to the podcast, click the banner below or click here to get the feed URL. So I got back on Wednesday and everything was working so we parked ourselves at 29 Ronald Walker St. This is the fourth consecutive Eid al-Adha [traditional feast following the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca] now, since the steel and fire machinery of war started to consume the country, spewing death and destruction.

Abu Waheed, shop owner in al-Hamidia market in central Damascus says he is trying very hard to evoke joy for himself and his children. When comparing the holiday atmosphere between this year and the last year, Abu Waheed notices a slight relative improvement to the security situation. Abdul Qadir is also noting sadness in the eyes of his customers, and one can actually almost touch a note of dejection and despondency in his voice.
George adds that the suffering of the Syrians was "compounded this feast after the decision to raise fuel prices, which negatively affects all service aspects of life". Abu Jafar paints a better picture of the situation in Damascus, and finds that the conditions have improved dramatically this holiday.
Eid al-Adha returned to the country carrying with it the burden of four past years of grief.

Endless Boundaries features a weekly music of new studio release, live concerts, artist interviews, and ticket giveaways. Yet many Syrians opted to go out and enjoy whatever meager festivities existed rather than stay in and face the safe, but dull, daily familiarity of despondency and dejection. He recounts to Rozana how he declined, this feast, to purchase new clothes for his wife, or any additional gifts for the Eid al-Adha, as he is customarily used to.
Yet you can still see a smile on the faces of passers-by, some of whom may wave their hand at you and wish you a happy Eid, filling you with hope for the next day.

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