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October 17, 2011 by MyNature Apps Leave a Comment Somewhere I read that the greatest invention ever made  was  also the worst.
Military Headstone SymbolsProbably as far off as I'll get from a Nature related topic but certain events in life seem to have brought me here. Shed hunting can be nearly as fun as deer hunting and it gives you an excuse to hit the woods. A trip to Canada shed hunting with Cody and Kelsy Robbins has become an annual tradition for us in the spring, but this year we were going to mix it up a bit. Special thanks to Cody and Kelsy for the hospitality and for one heck of a shed hunting trip!
Next to looking at the wrong times, searching for sheds in the wrong places is a big error among shed hunters. Security – Bucks have been pushed and shoved, shot at, mangled, worn out, and are now completely fed up with hunters. Food- Late season food sources like standing corn, beans, and brassicas are all utilized by deer heavily this time of year. You literally may need glasses…but, assuming you already have them, you might have a complete lack of focus and an absent mind when searching.
On the other hand that clump of grass, that stick in the snow, and that corn stalk may be just that…grass, a stick, and a stalk. Having a lot of friends out shed hunting at once is a great way to find sheds…but the rule applies, finders keepers! When we started going to the competition four years ago there were about 12 dogs competing.
Take a pack or rope. A hunting pack is useful for bringing some lunch if need be and definitely some water to stay hydrated. The last two years, we have gone when there is still snow on the ground, and shed hunted off of snowmobiles. He couldn’t wait to get out there the next morning, but he thought we should make a little wager before the hunt started.
We found a pile of sheds, but more importantly got to spend some time and cut it up with great friends! Sunny days and high temperatures have thawed out the deer woods, literally giving way to spring fever.
Sure “miles= piles”, but you will wear yourself out, need an IV of Sqwincher, and be back on the couch before you stumble upon the right place.
With that said a lot of hunters forget what their main diet consists of this time of year…woody browse. If legal, start introducing some attraction on your property can tempt bucks in front of your trail cameras.
Some properties, at least what you are limited to on property boundaries, simply will not hold deer over the winter. Anytime you find an antler whether it be a spike horn or half a rack, it’s a special moment.

Knowing a good buck, or one with potential made it through the season can raise the excitement for next season.
Having some binoculars with you can help debunk a bone colored branch or a pine cone reflecting the sun 20 yards away. In the winter deer love bedding under pine trees even if it’s one lone pine tree or a small group of them. This is the one time that it should be permitted to check in known bedding areas and deer sanctuaries.
When glassing for deer your eyes are trained to look for a flickering tail, the glare of the sun off an antler, or the white of an ear. Anytime you allow a child to be involved in outdoor activities, it’s a positive experience. The point of getting out and doing some shed hunting is to connect with nature and the outdoors. This year, we waited for all of the snow to melt and headed out solely on foot in search of some big Canadian horns! We all pitched in and there would be a prize for the most sheds, the biggest shed, and the most unique shed over the 3 days.
The warm weather is tempting bored and restless whitetail hunters off the couches and into the woods. Eager hunters bust deer off the property before they drop their antlers and get discouraged early, keeping them out of the woods later, when the sheds are actually there to be found.
This means plenty of side cover, thick vegetation to block wind, but open enough for escape routes and to let the sun in. Bucks will select quality thermal cover and a bedding area close to a food source, but his bedding area is also food.
Placing a bag of Big and J Long Range Attractants in front of a camera will pull bucks in and allow you to see exactly when bucks are dropping, and give you a better idea of where to look.
This can get old fast so grab a pair Bushnell Binoculars and look before wasting your time.
Here in the mountains where White Pine and Balsam branches litter the landscape it can be next to impossible to find an antler on the forest floor.  After awhile all those branches start to look a lot  like antlers. Two: deer are much easier to trail in the snow you can follow their tracks right to their bedding areas  where the probability of finding a shed is the greatest.
Whether you’re an experienced shed hunter or a beginner, there are some shed hunting tips that should make your hunt more successful. But I know going too early could screw up an area and push un-shed bucks to another property. Checking the bucks on your trail cameras will let you know whether it’s time to go shed hunting or not.
This makes things a little easier and may even help you find a few deer sheds that you might not have investigated otherwise. You can also bring some lightweight rope to tie onto the sheds so you can toss them over your shoulder.

It’s good for moving briers out of your way, giving you support on steep ridges, and just makes walking easier. If you are not sure, this is where a little snow can help as well as just doing some glassing in the evening.
Not only can it help the deer survive a harsh winter, but it makes a great place to find sheds. But assuming you know the property pretty well, the gps unit is handy for marking locations where you find sheds. They are prospecting for white gold, priceless trophies to any outdoorsmen or women, but most will not find even a single shed. Blackberry, black raspberry, green briar, saplings, and recently dropped or hinge cut trees are what often constitute a thicket, but are also preferred browse for whitetails this time of year.
As hard as it is to wait, it’s best to make sure the bucks have dropped their antlers first. It can be a honey hole and you don’t want to go in prematurely and spook bucks out still sporting their headgear.
Taking this data with you can give insight to winter travel patterns and a buck’s core area which can be helpful for hunting season. The cause of a buck dropping his headgear is again drop in testosterone, this effects his home range as well. You glanced over that clump of grass, that stick in the snow, or that particular corn stalk…unfortunately they were all sheds! On the other hand too much snow especially several inches of light fluffy snowflakes will make it nearly impossible to find a shed.
By this time bucks will reduce the size of their core area with only three things on their mind. There are several projects you can tackle to increase your chances of finding sheds and ultimately your deer hunting opportunities. I snap a few pictures of a doe and her fawn working their way toward me through the forest. Thinking you are most likely not on the property in the cold weather means a buffet…and it’s not just sheds. Habitat Improvement and planting the right food plots are the two things you should be worried about right now. Waiting to late might also spell some damage on the sheds, as squirrels with gnaw on them within hours of the shed dropping. There is a lot to be considered and learned when it comes to when bucks drop their antlers. If your eager to learn the best time for shed hunting dive into our article on when whitetails shed antlers.

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