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Share this post:36040As the man of the household, you can decide to use your garden shed for whatever purpose you like.
If you have a pool in your garden, then it may turn out to be a good idea to convert your garden shed into a beautiful pool cabana, where you and your friends or family can relax after a swim. You can either convert your shed yourself, or hire a company that specializes in these types of works. Alternatively, you can use larger sheds to create a small gymnasium for you and your family. In addition to treadmills and other exercise machines, you can also install a small refrigerator in another corner, for quick and easy access to refreshments while you work out.
I do not drink draft beer so keg is not important however I have no ruled it out completely!
I wont tell my wife that she can cut the power from the garage, or she might use that to her advantage! Still have to do some trim at the seams and windows, other than that its ready to host parties!
Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Many of us like to tinker in our sheds, but few get to do it in the company of rock-and-roll royalty.
The term “man cave” first entered our vernacular in 1992, when Toronto columnist Joanne Lovering jokingly suggested an alternative name for the basement, as reported in a humorous historical look at the man cave in the LA Times last year.
Wikipedia defines a man cave — also known as a manland, mantuary or a manspace; as a male sanctuary or room inside or outside of the home that provides men with a place to de-stress, indulge in their hobbies or generally “do as they please” without upsetting the “female sensibilities” of a home. Some guys go all-out when it comes to creating the ultimate retreat from color coordinated bedding, pink bath salts and vases of fresh flowers infiltrating your shared home. When men have the personal space in a man cave to de-stress, women then have the rest of the home to do as they please.

Here at Modern-Shed, we fully believe in having the personal space to nurture creativity and decompress from our hectic lives.
Our clients love lounging about their Modern-Shed man caves, whether it’s to watch this week’s big game or cuddle up with a loved one to steal a private moment away from the kids.
Increasingly often, men are starting to use such spaces as their personal retreats, where they can exercise their hobbies, their passions, work on various items, or simply create an environment where they can relax. These are exquisite options if you run your business from home, or if your employer allows you to work from home. You will need a desk and some filing cabinets to get you started, but adding some shelves on the walls could not hurt either. Being in the water all day can be really tiring, so having access to a space where you can clean yourself and relax might be well worth the investment. All you really need are toiletries, running water, clothes hangers, towels and some shelves to organize everything. A 20-by-10 wooden shed would be perfect for such a conversion, since it has sufficient space to fit in a number of equipment.
Such a setup will end up saving you a lot of money on gym subscriptions, and will help keep you in shape.
It is now up to you to convert the small garden building into the perfect man-cave, by choosing what you would like your shed to look like, and making it happen. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.
Not so Jon Earl, from Clevedon in Surrey, the winner of this year’s Cuprinol Shed of the Year competition.
From “offices” that could double as an Irish pub to state of the art media rooms, the possibilities for his dudes-only enclave are endless. As the LA Times explains in their article, male and female brains are wired to treat stress differently.
Man caves have also allowed couples to work more efficiently and spend more quality time together as a family.

Having the personal space to relax after a busy day at work is invaluable, and building a Modern-Shed Man Cave is a less costly option than adding on to a home. This guide provides you with a few ways you can convert your garden shed into the best man-cave.
Contrary to popular belief, setting up an office in your garden shed is not as complicated as it may seem. In addition to being out in the open, a shed office will allow you to enjoy peace, quiet and natural sunlight while you work.
If you have a larger shed, you can use the extra space to store your sun loungers when they are not in use. You could also consider installing running water, so that you can build a small shower in a corner. Another was inspired by the Second World War, complete with sandbags and an Anderson air-raid shelter.
It is there that he can freely shoot darts next to a life-sized Homer Simpson figure while wearing his old college football helmet. While women may lower stress by talking out their problems, many men need to take time to themselves to cope. They can deck out with creature comforts, such as a big-screen TV, a plush couch or a mini-refrigerator.
Or he can watch an entire season of The West Wing in a recliner held together by duct tape.
Or he can invite his music-loving buddies over for jam sessions (just hope that the walls are sound proofed).

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