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Some say you can make an effective comparison by looking at the total weight of the shed kit. Cladding strength is quite easily compared by examining the base metal thickness and the profile. Use of an apex brace (sometimes called an apex tie) can improve the performance of rafter frames.
There are several types of purlin and girt connection types in common use in the shed industry.
On the positive side, the purlins benefit from the added performance of the structural overlap. Tuff Shed does exactly what you're talking about and builds the entire shed in the shop, then trucks it to the site.
The drawback of you not having your own delivery vehicle is the expense of hiring a truck to do it.

Here's an idea that may help you: I have a tilt deck flat bed trailer manufactured by Econoline that I pull with my pickup.
These guys are just down the road from me and I see them driving by all the time with a shed or a gazebo on a flatbed or a trailer. Sears garden shed sales in prescot - Sheds & storage buildings please input a valid price. Outdoor storage sheds - sears : And garden tools at sears a shed is a great place to store your lawn tools and patio furniture in the off season. With the right client, you can sell heavy duty quality construction, but for a shed there aren't that many you can grab with that.
The profit margins are tight on sheds, so it's going to be a tough sell if you can't keep everything in-house. Call 1-800-944-3118Garden Shed Kathryn T- Customer Gallery Julie R- Customer Gallery M Frye- Customer Gallery Kenneth Miller – OwnerFollow Us!

Even still, there are too many prefab companies and units available at the big box made from crap materials that will blow your best prices out of the water. The gabrels we had a jig table to lay out the framing and attach the siding, the panels would then be trailered to the site. When I've checked, I can't hardly buy the materials to build a shed for what these prefab units are selling for.

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