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As I was cleaning my bike I noticed these cracks beginning to form around the rear dropouts. I understand it's going to be difficult to ascertain what the issue might be just by the photos. Since my LBS doesn't make the bikes, I want to make sure it's properly taken care of and the structural integrity of the frame isn't compromised. I believe I read somewhere that frame warranties are 4 years, which would put me within range. I think the bottom line is when the guy my LBS gets back into town, he's going to have to see it and then have the distributer look at it.
The combination of white paint and a CF frame leads me to suspect that these are simple paint cracks.
I've got a white Scott Addict and have exactly the same kind of 'cracking' on the front fork drop outs.
This instructional DVD breaks down advanced concepts into simple ideas that can first be understood, then applied to the drum kit.
The new "Star Trek" film appears to have been directed by Christopher Nolan, as the poster brings back more than a few memories of the one-sheet for this summer's "The Dark Knight Rises" (and the one for Nolan's "Inception," at that) -- the saturated colors of blue, black, grey and white, the lone semi-silhouetted figure standing before some ruined cityscape, the fractured outline of which forms a significant symbol -- in this case, the Starfleet insignia. Even though it looks more like another bad day in Gotham than a new "Trek" adventure, the poster does shed some light on some plot points of the still highly secretive film.
The poster also gives us a look at the man whom it's probably safe to say is responsible for this mess -- we assume that's Benedict Cumberbatchwho's gravely accessing the devastation, his villainous trenchcoat blowing in the dust-filled wind. And ian said, "Let there be lights in the roof of the shed to seperate the day (where he can work in the shed) from the night (when he could not). When a young Regent Square couple sought help renovating their turn-of-the-century home last year, they approached the designers at Typhoon Lighting. Another example of that passion is on display at Point Park University, where Typhoon worked with J.A. The eight staff members at Typhoon Lighting work with contemporary and out-of-the-ordinary designs.
In a city known for world-class care, a life dedicated to health is rewarding, challenging, and innovative at every level — from med school to the board room.
Can McLay reshape the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in his polite, communication-heavy, community-friendly, racially sensitive, 21st-century image?

Marathon weekend can be a challenge for both runners, who are trying to finish the grueling race, and spectators who are simply trying to get around. Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook have picked up two James Beard awards this year, and Solomonov is in the running for one more.
After a decades-long cycle of closing and reopening, Pittsburgh’s oldest single-screen theater continues to enchant visitors. Brown enjoyed a breakout night dancing to “Footloose” Monday night, but not before some drama with partner Sharna Burgess. Kennywood Park opens soon and new this season is the return of the famed whale at the entrance of Noah’s Ark.
The much-anticipated Japanese pub from Tamari's Roger Li and Round Corner Cantina's Derek Burnell will serve food and drink deep into the night. The case against TouchTunes, the streaming music loudspeaker that can't stop screwing up the vibe at local bars.
Want to shade yourself in style at Derby Day and the PNC Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheon?
The movies that are playing in Pittsburgh –– and, more importantly, whether or not they're worth your time.
Reviews of "Everybody Wants Some!!" and "The Huntsman: Winter's War," plus local movie news and updates. Planning your wedding and can’t think of the best favor that will represent you and your big day? Welcome spring at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens with the Great Plant Auction, Party in the Tropics and May Market.
The Tech Savvy program from the American Association of University Women aims to interest middle school girls in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
Dive into the first ever 360A° fiction experience and shed some light on the hidden vices of the unfamous Borgia, the heroes of the new CANAL+ TV show. I do non-destructive testing to look for cracks on a lot of carbon aircraft parts, and those look indicative of cracks to a stressed monolithic structure to me. Because it happened to both dropouts, that would be my guess (it can happen to the point where the hub bearings compress and the wheel no longer spins).
I just don't understand why both sides would be cracking, other than what you said and that's a manufacturing process defect.

Certain parts of the Steve Weiss Music: Percussion Specialists website require JavaScript to properly function.
All it's missing is some ominous yet vaguely nonsensical tagline like "The Legend Ends" (how does a legend "end," exactly?
We now know according to the film's synopsis that some sort of city is going to, well, crumble, and one on Earth, at that. The figure's dark hair and coat seem to match the first set photos spotted in February that showed Cumberbatch fighting Spock and Uhura. The bulbs in the roof gave light to the expanse of shed and Ian saw that it was really cool! Lott Design & Associates on a recent renovation to restore chandeliers and add custom fixtures to complement. Typhoon’s designers drew up plans for how it could be assembled and consulted with an ironworker. In the name of science, PittGirl paid an early visit to test the squishiness quotient of the whale's all-important tongue.
We spoke with three Pittsburgh-area couples to learn more about making the best and most personalized decision possible.
I hope not for the OP's sake, but damage to both dropouts is indicative of some sort of load rather than a manufacturing defect.
DVD Bonus features include a live performance featuring Steve with his trio, Altered, plus multiple camera angles allow you to watch the band or just the drums. That could be London's The Gherkin on the right there, or we could be looking at what remains of a futuristic San Francisco, a familiar "Star Trek" location. The company also was awarded a contract as part of the Pittsburgh City-County Building renovation.

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