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Shedd was ready to help these animals in urgent need, sending our animal care experts to assist at a marine mammal rescue center in San Pedro and providing a home to Laguna. Shedd’s 265-kilowatt solar panel project is a highlight in itself—it is the largest installation at any cultural institution in Illinois—but it’s only the first step of Shedd’s plan to cut energy usage in half by 2020.
When we think of energy savings at home, we consider switching to efficient light bulbs, unplugging appliances and programming the thermostat.
Beyond installing solar panels, Shedd has upgraded to LED lighting, created a building-wide automation system and designed a responsive program to reduce energy use in office areas—turning off lights, dropping the temperature—when staffers aren’t there. With the new solar panels, Shedd is ready to bring new energy to the aquarium—but it wouldn’t have been possible without private and public support of the $1.1 million project.
For now, we can only hope that the sun will continue to shine this fall—despite Chicago’s unpredictable weather—so the panels can keep soaking up the sun. World Oceans Day, June 8, is a time to celebrate the dazzling diversity of that vast body of salt water that covers 70 percent of our planet—and to recommit ourselves to protecting its beauty and bounty. At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference. The pup was found in January, rehabbed and released, only to wash up, once more emaciated and dehydrated, six weeks later.
At Shedd these concepts are similar, but complicated by the habitat requirements of the animals. Other innovative ideas in Shedd’s plan include daylight harvesting and creating a Museum Campus power grid.
Recently, Governor Pat Quinn climbed onto Shedd’s roof to kick off the first phase of the project.
To start, these superhero-like maritime marvels are truly big—measuring 16 feet from arm tip to arm tip and weighing between 50 and 90 pounds. Certainly belugas are among the most endearing of the ocean’s residents.Kimalu’s name means "something or someone special" in the language of the Inuit people of Canada’s northern territories. These dark blue panels stand out before the Chicago skyline, leaving no doubt that the aquarium is now shining a little brighter.
While the belugas cruise in water chilled to 60 degrees, our sea turtle swims in a 90,000-gallon sea maintained at a tropical 80 degrees.
All these energy-efficient changes will save Shedd 10 million kilowatt hours—the equivalent of powering 750 households—but more important, they spotlight Shedd’s commitment to the living world. Other organizations were also involved, including the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Illinois Energy Office, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation and Schneider Electric.

That’s right, these eight-legged hermitlike creatures may prefer creepy crevices and shadowy shoals along the Pacific coast from Southern California to Alaska, but they’re highly evolved and intelligent cephalopods. Cristian Huepe, a physicist, on physics and music as part of the Chicago Cultural Center's Ars Scientia program. Since moving to Christchurch, New Zealand in early 2010, Doug has played and taught all over the country. She’s easy to spot in the Abbott Oceanarium: Look for the smallest and grayest of Shedd’s young whales. Through sustainable practices, Shedd reduces waste and better protects the natural habitats of the animals it cares for.
Cephalopod literally means “head-foot,” an appropriate name for a creature whose body consists of a soft, billowy head surrounded by eight curling arms.
Bearing 280 free-moving suckers on each arm, giant Pacific octopuses can slither through rocky underwater caverns and swoop through dangling kelp.
He regularly performs with the Christchurch Symphony and most recently with the New Zealand Opera. Despite their reputation for being reclusive, they can jet in and out of hiding in a flash with one pulse of the mantle.
He twice competed in the national brass band ?championships (‘outstanding percussion section’ comment), and founded and became musical director of Wontanara, a group dedicated to traditional West African drum and dance.  In addition, he has started community classes in Arabic, African, Cuban, and Indian percussion. He teaches at Christchurch Polytechnic's Jazz School,  Christ's College, Christchurch Boys High, and has many private students at the Christchurch School of Music  and the North Canterbury Academy of Music. And the little whale loves those slippy-slidey fish that the big whales sometimes drop—as toys. They can instantaneously change skin color and texture just by constricting muscles around specialized pigment cells.
He has also taught workshops in many local schools, most recently for a Red Cross funded earthquake relief project at Rolleston school. Talk about the art of disguise.You’re not likely to see one of these masterful magicians on a snorkel or dive trip.
He is a founder and the Artistic Director for the Little River Annual Drum festival, currently heading into it's fourth year. If you eat lobster, crab, shrimp, or fish, you have a role to play in their health and survival.Although typically not targeted for consumption, giant Pacific octopuses are at risk to the side effects of some fishing practices. Along with Gert Killian, he was a featured performer in Pandimonium's 'AfricaAfrica' show in local schools. Pot and trap fishing, which are common ways of catching Pacific cod, work by setting underwater pots baited with fish.

While this is an effective way to catch bottom-dwelling fishes like Pacific cod, or crawling crustaceans like lobsters and crabs, it’s also an easy way to lure in a giant Pacific octopus. This playful trio likes to push on the dividers between pools, trying—unsuccessfully—to open them.
We do know that the giant octopuses were fished for food and halibut bait for centuries on the west coast of Canada and Alaska, however our understanding of the impact of past and ongoing fishing is foggy at best. That’s why scientists are using their own smarts to study giant Pacific octopuses.You can help protect animals like our own Opal by purchasing seafood that is caught using sustainable fishing practices. Kimalu’s favorite new game is what the trainers call "push-downs." Maris explains, "The trainer pushes her down or backward by squishing her melon, then she bobs back up so the trainer can push her down again. If you like Pacific cod, look for deep-water, long-line-caught fish instead of those caught by a pot or trap.
We think it might be a fun variation of experimenting with her buoyancy."While Shedd’s belugas live in an "ocean" that’s completely filtered every three hours and eat restaurant-grade seafood, some wild populations are facing environmental threats from oil-drilling projects in the Arctic and from toxic contaminants, especially in the industrial St. Doug has been internationally published dozens of times in articles he has written for the jazz and blues magazine, Downbeat.As the Sara Lee Chair of Percussion at the Merit School of Music from 2000 until 2009, Doug was involved in the training of talented teenagers from all over the Chicago area, many of whom who have gone on to successful musical careers. Also in Chicago, he taught extensively in inner-city outreach programs for the International Music Foundation and the Ravinia Festival.  In these programs, he performed and lectured to over 100,000 Chicago public school students.
Shedd’s scientists were part of a multiyear collaborative field research program studying the beluga population in Bristol Bay, Alaska. His teaching experience runs the gamut from professional musicians to toddlers, terminally ill patients and retirees looking for a new hobby, to the homeless and socially troubled youth. The discarded pop bottle you pick up on the lakeshore or a riverbank and place in a recycling bin won’t find its way into some animal’s habitat. You can join a concerted effort to clean up our local aquatic environment by taking part in one of Shedd’s Great Lakes Action Days. Watch our website for upcoming summer and fall dates!Belugas are circumpolar, living in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as in Hudson Bay and the St. He is a founder and the Artistic Director for the Little River Annual Drum festival, currently heading into it's fourth year.

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